Erin Jackson’s Winter Olympics

  It was nothing but the blink of an eye. Watching the video, it seems that the signal is momentarily disturbed. However, the televised live commentary said it was a “major mistake”.
  Erin Jackson, the current world champion of women’s 500-meter speed skating and the gold medalist in the Beijing Winter Olympics, lost her right skate after turning on the second lap during the Olympic trials held in Milwaukee in early January. Correction, but the stall is nearly 1 second long, and speed skating results are often seen in milliseconds. Jackson’s final result came in third, and he has missed the Beijing Winter Olympics. At that time, the entire ice rink was stunned by this unexpected situation.
  Jackson was originally an inline skating athlete. Within five months of switching to speed skating, she rushed into the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, becoming the first female African-American Olympic athlete in the history of American speed skating. She finished 24th at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Since then, she has aimed at Beijing, and her grades have continued to climb, but she missed the 2020 season due to her eye injury due to moving.
  At the Poland Skating World Cup in November 2021, she defeated Nao Kodaira, the champion of the 500-meter speed skating at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and broke the world record for the event twice in a row, ranking first in the World Skating Federation. She is the first African-American woman to win the Speed ​​Skating World Cup. Also, the last time the United States won the 500-meter Olympic gold medal was in 1994. The U.S. hasn’t won any speed skating medals since 2002. It can be said that Jackson’s visit to Beijing “is a big deal.”

  ”Why hate us at Inglewood? Aren’t we just playing a ball?”

  But Brittoni Bouu didn’t think so much. She felt that her countryman and long-time friend Jackson was the natural choice for the 500-meter speed skating team. So, she gave up her first place “without hesitation”, and Jackson can finally fulfill her Beijing dream again!
  Of course, Bo Wu won the first place in the 1000m and 1500m speed skating trials and has already got an entry ticket to the Ice Cube. But Bo Wu gave up the 500-meter speed skating ranking this time and voluntarily gave up a chance to win an Olympic medal. It was really not an easy decision. Interestingly, less than two weeks after Bowu made this decision, because other countries withdrew from the competition, the International Olympic Committee gave the United States another place, so Bowu’s 500-meter chance was lost again.
  Bo Wu’s handicap reflects a certain sportsmanship. The author wrote in the last article that after Sacred Heart School defeated an opponent who had no power to fight back, the school punished the winning coach, and all the parties involved publicly apologized, and everyone around felt that it was justified. Of course, things in the United States can’t be that simple and straightforward.
  Two months earlier, the Inglewood High School football team in California had strangled their opponents with a brutal score of 106-0—even at the last minute, they had unnecessarily gagged their opponents.
  After the game, the Southern California Interscholastic Games issued a public condemnation. Although the school issued an apology, but did not make any sanctions against the coach. Many players even publicly vented their dissatisfaction and confusion over the post-match condemnation on Twitter: “Why do you hate us Inglewood? Don’t we just play a ball?”
  It turned out that Inglewood suffered repeated defeats in previous years. The situation changed dramatically when the new coach brought in players from outside. It looked like a game was played, but it was actually a bad breath.

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