Embracing the Meaning of Life: Finding Purpose in the Journey

  Several business friends gathered together and talked about the hardships of running a business in the past few years. Some were grateful that they had finally “survived” it, some complained about the hardships, and some lamented that starting a business was not easy and regretted their mistakes. A friend who had just closed down his company and sold his house to pay off his debts, and who was in a period of confusion and anxiety, expressed his confusion: After years of hard work, everything has come to zero in the past two years, and now I have nothing but a house. , what is the meaning of this life? One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and everyone started talking about it.
  This reminds me of a cultural celebrity who said when talking about “the meaning of life” that life is actually meaningless. If we have a God’s perspective, the difference between humans, grass, trees and ants is very small. Everything will be forgotten. After thousands of years, how many kings will be remembered by us? In a sense, his answer makes sense, but life is a process, from birth to death. The meaning of talking about life is to think about what we should do, how to do it, and why we should do it in this process.
  Schopenhauer said that the essence of life is pain: life is a mass of desires. When desires are satisfied, it will be boring, and when desires are not satisfied, it will be painful. Life is like a pendulum, swinging between pain and boredom. Seems a bit negative. Another philosopher said: Life lasts only a few decades, flowing like water and unstoppable. In a reincarnation of time, meeting a fireworks show is a kind of happiness in itself. Even if the fireworks end up extinguished, a smile blooms in the sky after all. Different people have different understandings of the meaning of life. Rather than bothering to explore the purpose of life and thinking about the meaning of life, it is better to follow the law of life growth, step on that specific path, and move forward step by step. Go and live the ordinary life vividly, making the process more diverse, full, romantic and interesting.
  Each stage of life is like spring, summer, autumn and winter in nature, with the romance of spring, the heat of summer, the agility of autumn, and the innocence of winter. Each season has its own temperature and splendor. The same is true in life. Each stage has its mission, pursuit and achievement. If you want the process to become diverse and full, you must feel the pleasure you should enjoy at different stages of life, do what you should do, take on the responsibilities you should bear, and do “what you should do”.
  Some people say: No worries at ten, no regrets at twenty, standing tall at thirty, no confusion at forty, knowing destiny at fifty, ears at sixty, following the heart at seventy, and an old man at eighty. What it means is that when we should play, we should play happily and not bear the expectations of adults prematurely; when we should study when we are young, we should concentrate on studying and let ourselves swim in the ocean of knowledge; when we should toss and toss when we are young, we should toss and toss. , when you have to fight, fight hard, sometimes it is better to mess around than not to fight at all; when you are old, live as easily as you want, and live as healthy as you want. Don’t think about making money when it’s time to study, think about enjoyment when it’s time to struggle, and be greedy for comfort when it’s time to struggle.
  Of course, the development of society does not depend on our personal will. We can only and must bear the changes brought about by the times. In this kind of endurance, we can decide what mentality and method to use. Even failure is experience. Life is never in vain. All the books you read and the world you see will constantly update the thickness and breadth of your life. Like this friend of mine, although everything materially has been reduced to zero after two years of hard work, the “workplace immunity” formed by his entrepreneurial experience and network resources accumulated through many years of hard work will definitely help him get out of a depressed and anxious state of mind and start a new life. life.
  There is a classic line in the movie “Arrival”: “Although I know this journey and its end, I still embrace it and welcome every moment of it.” I hope that each of us can face time and the challenges of life. Being limited, no matter what the outside world is like, you always have the confidence and courage to “do whatever you have to do” to withstand the ups and downs of life and reap the fullness and splendor of life.