Elon Musk: Beyond Business Genius – Unveiling the Maverick Mind of a Tech Titan

   Musk is the world’s richest man, with current total assets of US$261.4 billion (Buffett, fifth, is US$122.5 billion). He owns six companies: Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company, Neuralink, X (Twitter), and X.AI . He also has nine children. How did Musk become so omnipotent? American biographer Walter Isaacson has studied various geniuses: Franklin, Einstein, Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, 2020 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry Jennifer Doudna, and now Musk is also included. We can say that Musk is a successful businessman, but what is his genius? “The Washington Post” said that he is quite smart in physics, engineering and business, but the subtext is that he is not so strong in computers and interpersonal relationships.
   In addition to building electric cars and rockets, he is also obsessed with artificial intelligence.
   Isaacson described how he was maverick and unreasonable. In addition to building electric cars and rockets, he is also obsessed with artificial intelligence. He got an A on the physics portion of his high school graduation exam, but somewhat surprisingly, he got a B on the math portion. Sometimes he would spend an entire afternoon and most of the evening reading, which was 9 hours at a glance. Musk has read through both sets of his father’s encyclopedias. In his spare time, he enjoys building little rockets.
   Musk decided to major in physics because, like his father, he was interested in engineering problems. He believes that as an engineer, the core is to solve all problems by delving into the most basic principles of physics. He also decided to pursue a double major in business. “I’m worried that if I don’t study business, I’ll have to work for people who have studied business.”
   What happened in 2008 almost exceeded the limit of what Musk could bear, and he worked almost every day, day and night, he said: “I was asked to do magic tricks, pull a rabbit out of a hat, and then another. He gained a lot of weight, and then suddenly lost it all.” He began to hunch over and his toes became stiff when he walked.
   Musk has made great achievements in electric vehicles and space exploration. In the process, he has repeatedly shown his recklessness, which is Musk’s favorite “hard core”. “He can calmly calculate risks, or he can embrace risks fanatically. Turbulent environments and violent conflicts have a great attraction for him. Sometimes he even longs for these things. Whenever he faces difficult challenges, the tension often makes him He couldn’t sleep at night and even vomited. But these are the nutrients he relies on for survival.”
  Alternative thinking contributed a
   lot. In December 2022, Musk proposed to move Twitter’s servers to Portland. Twitter will provide data every year. The service company paid more than 100 million U.S. dollars, and Musk hoped to save money. A manager in charge of infrastructure at Twitter said that the relocation would take 6 to 9 months, but Musk only gave him three months or even one month. In the end, he simply decided to move with him on a whim. Several brothers immediately moved it themselves. There are 5,200 cabinets in Twitter’s vault, each weighing about 2,500 pounds and 8 feet high. A colleague said that moving the cabinets required a contractor to lift the floor panel with suction cups, and another contractor to disconnect the cables and anti-seismic rods under the panel. Musk borrowed a knife from the security guard, used it to open a vent in the floor, and pried open the floor panel. Then he crawled under the server floor, used a knife to pry open an electrical control cabinet, unplugged the server, and after a while, 5,200 servers could be moved in a few days.
   When a rocket was about to be launched, it was discovered that there were two small cracks in the skirt of the engine of the second-stage rocket. Generally, the entire engine needs to be replaced. Musk proposed cutting off the skirt directly. Engineers said that the thrust of the engine would be slightly reduced. Musk has calculated that the reduced thrust is enough to complete the mission. They trimmed the skirt with a pair of large scissors and completed the launch as planned the next day.