Ecofeminism and its Contemporary Values

  In order to improve and enhance the current state of women, the concept of ecofeminism is established, thus laying a theoretical research foundation for the realization of women’s independence. In addition, the emergence of ecofeminism will form a political struggle between men, which is conducive to promoting the harmonious development of the sexes, promoting the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature, and realizing the liberation of all the oppressed. Ecologicalism has not been in my country for a long time, but my country attaches great importance to ecological feminism, and research on ecological feminism has a good role in promoting the construction of ecological civilization in my country. Therefore, this research in this paper has a certain reality. significance.
  The meaning of ecofeminism
  The so-called ecofeminism is the use of ecological wisdom methods in the process of understanding gender oppression to form a theory about women’s liberation. In fact, gender is a social, historical, political and cultural scope, which belongs to the characteristics and behavior patterns of male or female groups generated in social culture, and is an analytical category and way of thinking. By bringing together the environmental movement and the feminist movement, the modern West has formed a cultural trend that can meet the needs of current social change, which is ecofeminism. Look at the environment from the perspective of women, strive to explore the special relationship between women and the natural world in the real world, and use feminist related theories to discuss ecological issues in the real world, “Ecofeminism attempts to explore There is a special connection between the devaluation of women and nature in real society, the oppression of women and nature dominated by the patriarchal world view and the dualistic thinking method, and the search for solutions that can solve the ecological crisis, advocate the creation of a human and A new type of relationship between people and any nature that live in harmony.” Feminism’s ideology forms eco-feminism when it develops to a certain stage, and eco-feminism is also closely related to traditional feminist ideas at various stages. Accepting the influence of postmodernism, it has some typical characteristics of postmodernism, and it also criticizes the inherent problems of traditional philosophy [1].
  Second, the characteristics of ecofeminism
  First , ecofeminism examines the relationship between women and the natural environment from a feminist perspective, criticizing and refuting patriarchy. Second, the unfair treatment of communities and marginalized groups is viewed from an ecological and natural perspective. Third, ecofeminism takes the interconnectedness between man and nature as the central point of view, and points out that the isolation between man and nature is the main cause of ecological crisis. Fourth, ecofeminism is a multicultural, interdisciplinary, and even world-wide concept that studies and critiques all forms of oppression in human society. At present, ecofeminism is a comprehensive theoretical system that can integrate the diverse ideas of many thinkers. At the same time, ecofeminist thinking can also be reflected in different places such as academic conferences, journals, and art exhibitions around the world. Its diverse characteristics also enable ecofeminism to examine the traditional patriarchal system from different perspectives, and bloom from it.
  3. Contemporary Values ​​of Ecofeminism
  (1) Change the concept of gender discrimination and realize the diversification of the decision-making environment. An important indicator of whether the
  political system is healthy is the diversity of political governance institutions, and whether the governance structure is diverse needs to be judged through gender equality. In a patriarchal society, men have monopolized political rights, and politics and rationality have become the exclusive symbols of men. In such an environment, women’s status has been repeatedly lowered. They have no independent rights and can only become men’s appendages and become the ruling class. A victim of the best interests. Ecofeminism recognizes and inherits the basic claims about human knowledge in social constructionism, and constantly emphasizes that its social background is reflected through human cognition, and fully reflects the needs of its class or social status. The traditional single form of taking men as the main body of decision-making leads to one-sided and rigid decision-making, while the unification of mainstream and marginal perspectives can avoid epistemological dictatorship as much as possible. Ecofeminism advocates the integration of gender equality awareness in political decision-making and the construction of a diverse political decision-making environment. To this end, the government can clarify the basic value judgment of gender equality in legislation, which can provide a good political ecology for diverse subjects, expand the channels for women and all strata to participate in and discuss politics, and encourage everyone to participate in the formulation of opinions. Mutual communication and negotiation make political decision-making truly a product of the will of the people [2].
  (2) Improve the social service system and build high-level fairness and justice
  The most basic manifestation of social fairness and justice is the equality between men and women. The process of women’s pursuit of equal rights can reflect the history of changes in the overall organization of society and equality of opportunities. At present, there are still many problems to be solved in the development of women in the social structure. In terms of work, the occupational structure of women is relatively simple, and the proportion of women in many high-level positions is very small, which reflects that there is still implicit discrimination against women’s work in today’s society. , that women’s duty is to return to the family to run the house and educate the children. In addition, many companies lack tolerance in the face of female fertility issues, and they are not highly recruited for women who have not married and have children. These problems show that there are still many problems in our social construction, but at the same time, they also point out the direction for our further development. First of all, actively build a sound social service system to provide more equal employment opportunities for women and some disadvantaged groups. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the vocational training system and related policies to help women and disadvantaged groups better integrate into society, and use the help of Labor realizes its own value. Secondly, education guarantees the educational opportunities for women and disadvantaged groups, and continuously improves their comprehensive quality, so that they can meet the needs of modern society. Finally, it is necessary to build a communication platform between different groups in the society, so that each other can listen to each other’s voice, so as to promote the harmony of the society as a whole.
  (3) Eliminate the tradition of hierarchy and dualism, and form a caring ecological culture
  In ecofeminism, it is said that women become “second sex” mainly because of the cultural concept of patriarchy and various behaviors caused by it. Under this dominant thinking, nature gradually “retires”. Nature is considered to be a lack in the traditional scientific paradigm, but women are considered to be a lack of perfect men in modern biology, which leads to a large limitation of the rise of women, and a large degree of destruction of nature, making people and people. There is an opposition between man and nature. Based on this, in order to change such problems, it is necessary to remove the previous tradition of hierarchy and dualism, and actively create a relatively healthy ecological culture. Originally, ecological culture is a complex compound system, which covers the concept of gender equality, reflects the mutual harmony of nature, society and gender, and follows the concept of people as the core to build ecological culture, so as to achieve the unified development of economy, ecology and social economy. In addition, the government plays an important role in the establishment and good operation of a healthy ecological culture. Therefore, in order to complete the construction of a healthy ecological culture, all government departments must improve the development concept of comprehensive integration of gender equality and healthy ecological equality. Incorporate gender equality awareness into the top-level design of ecological civilization development, formulate a healthy ecological civilization development strategy that reflects the mainstreaming of gender equity, establish a management mechanism for the development of a healthy ecological civilization with a gender standpoint, and explore gender-sensitive healthy ecological civilization development management model, and establish a health-preferred policy with a gender perspective [3].
  Ecofeminism explores the connection between Western androcentric theory and environmental destruction, and clearly shows that there is a direct relationship between human destruction of nature and men’s oppression and domination of women. Therefore, ecofeminism emphasizes the creation of a A social environment in which gender equality, man and nature, and man and society coexist harmoniously, plays a guiding role in building a contemporary harmonious and sustainable society. For now, ecofeminism is not a completely plausible theory. But at least he provided a new theoretical perspective for solving women’s problems and environmental problems. It leads us to think about the deep causes of ecological crisis and ecological problems from a new perspective. And it opens up new ideas for solving environmental problems.