Don’t Let Face Hold You Back: Unleash Your Career Potential by Ditching the Ego

  Everyone hopes to live a decent life, live with their own dignity, and not be looked down upon by others. Saving face is a human instinct. People more or less always want to maintain face and hope to leave a good impression on others. However, everything must be done in a certain way, especially in the workplace. If you blindly save face and are obsessed with your own image and reputation, this mentality will often have a considerable negative impact on career development.
  When your ego gets in the way, you may be afraid to try and take on new challenges because you’re afraid of failure or the ridicule of others. If this continues, you will miss many opportunities for career development. On the contrary, if you can put aside useless face and accept the challenge bravely, even if you fail in the end, you will have accumulated more experience for yourself and laid the foundation for seizing the opportunity next time.
  Excessive focus on face will also have a negative impact on personal self-confidence and self-perception. Because they want to save face, they are more susceptible to the evaluation of others and thus unable to maintain inner peace and confidence. Some people become complacent because of the praise of others, and start to be conceited. Then they want to be better than others in everything, and gradually lose themselves in comparison. Some people become depressed and have damaged self-esteem due to the negation or criticism of others, and are unable to correctly understand their own value and abilities. Just imagine, if you are always not confident and feel that you are not good enough, you will be nervous and restrained when accepting work tasks, and you will not be able to use your talents at all.
  In the workplace, truly capable people don’t care too much about face. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei once said: “My only advantage is that I can correct my mistakes and have no regard for face.” He also advocates that Huawei employees should not take face too seriously. Because only in this way can people put aside some unnecessary superficial things at any time, truly see themselves clearly, and learn from the strengths of others.
  People’s abilities are limited, so don’t blindly consume yourself and make yourself embarrassed and anxious just for the sake of face. The most important thing for a person is to think highly of himself, correct his attitude, and act within his ability. Therefore, we should learn to let go of our excessive concept of face and face ourselves and others with a more confident and objective attitude, so that we can continue to progress and develop in our careers.
  How to get rid of the drag of face?
  First, learn to accept your shortcomings and failures. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes or fails. It is important to face shortcomings and failures and learn from them. By reflecting on your mistakes and failures, you can discover where you went wrong and improve yourself over time. This will not only improve your abilities and competitiveness, but also make you more confident and determined.
  Secondly, learn to express your ideas and suggestions. In the workplace, your ideas and suggestions are often very valuable resources. Even if your suggestion is not accepted or approved by everyone, do not feel embarrassed or discouraged. Instead, you should cherish every opportunity and bravely express your ideas and suggestions. By expressing your ideas and suggestions, you can demonstrate your abilities and value while also receiving more feedback and suggestions to continuously improve your career.
  Finally, learn to accept criticism and guidance. In the workplace, accepting criticism and guidance is a very important ability. Only by accepting criticism and guidance can you continuously improve yourself and increase your professional competitiveness. Don’t be easily offended or embarrassed when others criticize or make suggestions about your work. Instead, you should listen to other people’s opinions and suggestions with an open mind and try to apply them to actual work. This will not only improve your work ability, but also allow you to better integrate into the team.
  Only when you put down your dignity, bravely face shortcomings and failures, bravely express your ideas and suggestions, and bravely accept criticism and guidance, can you truly become “yourself”. Sometimes, admitting one’s own ordinaryness and mediocrity and daring to accept the true self is precisely a kind of transparent wisdom, which makes it easier to achieve career goals and life values.

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