Does laser beauty really “cure” skin problems?

When it comes to laser beauty, everyone’s first impression is “all-rounder” – if you have freckles, you can do laser removal; if you have acne pits and acne marks, you can do laser acne removal, flattening, and removing marks; if you have large pores, you can do laser treatment. Laser skin rejuvenation…how does laser have so many functions? Today, we invite Yang Jing, deputy chief physician of the Medical Beauty Center of the Plastic Surgery Hospital of Xi’an International Medical Center Hospital, to uncover the truth of laser beauty!

Expert Q&A: Friends who don’t know about lasers really wonder why lasers are responsible for any skin problems. There is a misunderstanding here, that is, most people think that a laser “can cure all diseases”. In fact, there are many types of lasers, and each beam has its own unique skills and can solve different problems.

When it comes to lasers, we first think of cautery lasers, which are destructive and are the earlier lasers we all know. Later, scientists discovered the principle of selective photothermal action, that is, a certain wavelength only acts on a certain pigment, and damages the surrounding tissues as little as possible. For example, some wavelengths only act on black and do not respond to white, so they can be used to remove freckles; Some wavelengths only respond to red, and can be used to remove red blood.

Different wavelengths only choose to “destroy” what they want to destroy, and hardly cause damage to other surrounding tissues. This is the principle of laser beauty. So we will see that the laser is very “universal”.

Generally speaking, we divide lasers into two types: exfoliation and non-ablative. The difference is whether it causes damage to the skin. For example, carbon dioxide laser is an ablation laser, which will produce a burning sensation during treatment, and there may be scabs after treatment; non-ablative laser, there is almost no pain during treatment.

Scientists have studied what lasers of specific wavelengths can treat, and laser treatment instruments can be named directly with wavelengths, such as 532nm, 694nm, 755nm, 1064nm, 2940nm and so on.

The outside world most often confuses lasers and photons. Although they are both selective photothermal effects, photons are a wavelength, while lasers are a single wavelength, which is more accurate for symptoms.

Generally, a photon machine has many treatment heads and light sheets, and each treatment head has its own treatment characteristics and wavelength limit; while most laser machines do not change the treatment head, and the functions of the machine are relatively simple and pure.

Photons and lasers have similar functions, but the two are either you or me. Sometimes it is better to combine them. You need to let the doctor judge how to combine them to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Many people think that the effect of laser cosmetology is better if the skin is damaged and scabbed. In fact, not all laser cosmetic procedures will produce scabs and peeling. Take chloasma as an example, the process of freckle removal is actually “stealing” the chloasma’s child-pigment, so we must not wake up the mother’s “pigment cells”, if the skin is damaged, the “mother” is awakened, More pigment will be produced, and the treatment may be ineffective or even worse. Therefore, the therapeutic effect of laser can not be judged by “scab”! Whether it scabs or not depends on the nature of the spot.

2 Laser will thin the skin and become sensitive skin?
The sebum film is like wall ash, protecting our skin, but many people wash their faces too frequently since their school days, which destroys the sebum film and damages the skin barrier function. This is that the skin’s resistance has deteriorated, and it has nothing to do with lasers.

Some people use facial cleansers every day, exfoliate every day, and fall into the cycle of over-cleaning. The skin has a growth cycle and cannot be helped by pulling out the seedlings. It is recommended that you choose one day a week not to wash your face at home, and deliberately let the oil secrete to nourish the skin.

Many people with sensitive skin like to carry a spray with them and spray them on their face N times a day, but as a result, the face is drier and the skin is worse. The reason is actually very simple, in the process of spray evaporation, it will take away the moisture and oil on the face. The correct way is: after moisturizing, be sure to apply lotion, do a good job of locking water and moisturizing, and use oily products to “cover” the face.

How long the effect can last is related to the skin growth cycle, the type of treatment, and the follow-up personal care. For example, laser removal of red blood cells, when the laser removes the red blood cells, the face will become white, but in winter, if you do not keep warm, the face will be blown and frozen. After several years of such hot and cold stimulation, the New red blood will grow. The same is true for spots. If you don’t pay attention to sun protection in the future, the spots will also grow back. Therefore, living habits and skin care habits are also an important part of determining the effect of laser beauty.

If it is not done properly, this situation exists. Some of the people who come to me for repairs have facial damage caused by improper laser operations. They originally only wanted to remove moles, but they burned a large area. Originally, it was to remove spots, but it resulted in hyperpigmentation and depigmentation.

Most of the laser beauty treatments are harmless, so they are also called “midday beauty treatments”. After noon and afternoon, you can go to work normally in the afternoon, which is hidden and fast. If there is any disadvantage, it is that the requirements for the operator are too high, because there are too many types of lasers, and doctors rely on rich experience to determine which types of lasers to choose for which symptoms. If the laser is not good, a mole can also smash the face. My suggestion is to find a credible hospital and a credible doctor, and first determine which laser is suitable for your symptoms, so as to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

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