Do not compare joys and sorrows with others

One of the costs of maturity is: after all the hammering in life, in the following life, I did not become more and more courageous, but deeply realized that some things are really powerless to do. It can make people feel sad and depressed.
  However, on the one hand, they realize that they are powerless, and on the other hand, they will try their best to do what they should and can do well. Maybe I will live a more silent life, but there is no lack of certainty. When facing the ridicule of others, I am more willing to smile gently at my situation of mixed joy and sorrow.
  For some sacrifices, only the grains are obtained, which makes me even more grateful that a drop of sweat has a fruitful harvest. The mountains are high and the rivers are long, and the wind and rain are endless. I hope that I can have more patience and meditation.
  There’s nothing wrong with living within oneself, and a good mood is a rare asset, one that makes one live generous, kind, and vigorous, and radiates light. The happy prince in the fairy tale is not happy every minute and every second, but he understands the true meaning of happiness in the process of devotion and sacrifice, and wins the ultimate happiness in life. If I don’t have much to offer, then I’m willing to hold back my sorrow and pain. Wherever I pass, the trees are still green, the flowers are still blooming, and I’ll look up and smile when I hear the hilarity of the crowd.
  Later, I no longer define whether I am an optimistic person or a pessimistic person. I hope that my emotions will never be dry, and my feelings to the outside world will never be numb and distorted. I can still feel the pain when a thorn pierces my body, is it abnormal and unnecessary? I would rather be a real person than be a pretentious person. Sincerity is more important than pretending to be optimistic, I sympathize with the fragility of ants with my weakness.
  I know that since the childish innocence has weakened and the innocence has become weak, it is almost a suspicious fairy tale that I want to treat every day life with the mentality of outing and make myself happy every day as others wish. The hardships of life cannot be underestimated, and the difficulties that life will face cannot be avoided. If I don’t have enough wisdom to get through the storm, I can only have more patience and tenacity – the wise say that holding on is everything. A weak life cannot resist the erosion and deprivation of time, but life is still full of dignity and meaning. It will not fall down easily. Even if it is crushed into dust, it will leave behind the inertia of memory. The place is a holy place to sing and cry.
  When I see the inflatable doll standing in front of the store, my eyes are wet and I think for a long time. Such dolls only need to be filled with air, and they can dance happily regardless. Even if they fall down again and again due to lack of support, they will be filled with air again and again by the blower, stand up, and continue to tremble and dance in the wind. It can be said that the doll is loyal to his duties, he can be said to be optimistic and naive, or even that he is funny, but I clearly feel that such dolls also have a heart full of personality and a unique spirit. The inflatable doll makes the world one more choice and one more interpretation symbol. He may be eccentric enough, but he is not alien, because many people need him, and he also gives us extraordinary happiness. Inflatable dolls don’t compare with people, and I shouldn’t compare joys and sorrows with others.
  Interesting things have life, and interesting life is more dynamic. When the darkness of life cannot be shielded, I hope that I can breathe in more interesting air to activate my rigid body and break my narrow mind. Bravery itself is a kind of enlightenment in life. Brave ordinary people do not need to tell me more about the truth of life. They will also cry, but they are clear and tenacious tears. If a person can be both interesting and brave, in my mind, he is the perfect person. With such a person by my side, my happiness will be deeper and lasting, and the road behind me will be longer and longer.
  Books are another perfect existence, and there are also brave and interesting souls out there. No matter how much unnecessary cost I pay in life, I can make up for it in books. When I feel suffocated, books always blow a fresh breeze to me; when I am most silent, it is also when I sit and meditate in books, and I may come out still empty-handed, but so content.
  It seemed that I was about to reach the cliff of life, but along the way, there were always strangeness and beauty to save my confidence and reshape my attachment to life. I also slowly accepted my insignificance and saw my own uniqueness. Let the dream fly over the cliff, and let the dead end become the scenery in front of you. At this time, I also have a story to tell, and the story also has a protagonist. Thinking of those long nights that have passed, I have the calmness and composure to dance in the wind, the happiness curls like smoke, and what remains is an unknown affection.