Djokovic’s Refusal to Vaccinate and Road to Tennis Glory

  So far this year, the biggest news in men’s tennis is that the popular Spanish player Alcaraz stopped in the semifinals of the Miami Masters and missed the defending championship. Alcaraz won the first Masters championship in Miami last year and gained 1,000 points. If he fails to defend this year, he will be surpassed by Djokovic according to the ATP scoring system.
  The fans joked that Djokovic was lying down and returned to the number one in the world.
  Is Djokovic willing to lie down and be the number one in the world? He obviously didn’t want to.
delayed champion

  Djokovic has not been vaccinated against the new crown in the three years of the epidemic. Due to the United States’ “unvaccinated foreign citizens are prohibited from entering the country”, he was still playing in Dubai in early March this year. Known as the “Sunshine Double”, Indian Wells and Miami have two races.
  Although the official website of the US Open and the Miami Tournament Director all spoke out for Djokovic’s entry, the result still disappointed Djokovic and the fans again. This is not the first time that Djokovic has been rejected by the US authorities. Last year, for the same reason, Djokovic applied for entry exemption on the grounds of participating in the US Open and was rejected by the US government. As a result, Djokovic missed the opportunity to compete for the US Open championship, which made him and Nadal at a disadvantage in the competition for who has the most Grand Slam titles.

On March 31, 2023, Spanish player Alcaraz stopped in the semifinals of the Miami Masters

  Last year, the US Open champion was won by the 19-year-old genius Alcaraz. After winning the US Open championship, he successfully reached the top of the tennis world. Many fans feel injustice for Djokovic, thinking that if Djokovic can participate in the 2022 US Open, the championship may not necessarily fall in the hands of Alcaraz, and the history of tennis may be rewritten.
  It is a pity that there are no ifs in the tennis world, just like life. The reporter asked Germany many times whether he would regret not being able to participate in major events because he did not get vaccinated. Every time he answered, he showed his conviction in his decision, and he did not show a trace of hesitation on this issue from beginning to end. Perhaps this is the quality of a champion. Even if the outside world doubts it, he must stick to what he believes in, and finally use one victory after another to convince the doubters.
  Djokovic’s refusal to vaccinate is based on his belief that his body will have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, which will affect his health and competitive level. In addition, his non-vaccination should be related to his religion, and the practice of using vaccines to interfere with his own immune system is not recognized by his sect. Djokovic’s decision was not accepted by public opinion, and Djokovic was written by some media as an anti-vaccination, anti-science, superstition and religious stubbornness.
“Bad product”

  Compared with Nadal and Federer, Djokovic sometimes speaks too directly, and his public image is not as perfect as Feiner. It is inevitable that he is not as popular with the media and fans as the first two. Since his debut, Djokovic has been surrounded by various news, even though he has already become the Big Four or the Big Three, and even became the number one seed in men’s tennis.
  There is always controversy about him, and he appears in the headlines every now and then. On September 7, 2020, the U.S. Open men’s singles 1/8 finals were in progress. Djokovic accidentally hit the line when he was about to hit the ball to the caddy after being broken in the first set, causing the women’s line Fall to the ground in pain. According to the on-site referee’s ruling, Djokovic was directly sentenced to negative and left the field sadly. Then the US Tennis Association issued a statement: According to the Grand Slam rulebook, Djokovic will lose all the ranking points and bonuses he received at the US Open except for being sentenced to lose this game. Carry out fines.
  In the trip to the US Open in 2020, Djokovic is in great form and is everyone’s favorite to win the championship before the game. In addition, the battle between him, Nadal and Federer for the total number of Grand Slam titles is becoming increasingly fierce. Whether Djokovic can win the championship will undoubtedly become the focus of the media and the public. At that time, Feiner won 20 Grand Slam titles and Djokovic had 17.

On September 7, 2020, Djokovic made a mistake in the game and caused the female line to fall to the ground in pain. He ran to help her up and comfort her

  Compared with Nadal and Federer, Djokovic sometimes speaks too directly, and his public image is not as perfect as Feiner.

  On the one hand, the defeat at the US Open made Djokovic lose the opportunity to close the gap, and on the other hand, criticisms of him flooded in. Some fans criticized him for not being good enough to be the number one in the world, and some even attacked Djokovic’s virtue. From the live video playback, it can be seen that Djokovic hit the referee completely unintentionally. After hitting someone, he immediately ran to help him up and comfort him.
  After all, professional players are also ordinary people. It is completely understandable to do some things to vent their emotions under great pressure. The person concerned has been fined for losing the game and at the same time admitted his mistake and apologized to the public. This page should be turned over.
  Ordinary people may not be able to understand the pressure faced by professional players. Naomi Osaka, the former four-time Grand Slam champion in women’s tennis, once complained at a press conference that the competition was too intensive and the competition was too fierce. Sometimes she could not face the harshness of the reporters Asking questions, she also confessed that she once suffered from depression.
Breakthrough fee blockade

  Those who condemn Djokovic’s character may not know that as early as 2007, he established a foundation to help disadvantaged youth around the world. The foundation is managed and operated by his wife Yelena until now. In March 2020, Djokovic has donated 1 million euros to help his motherland Serbia fight against the new coronavirus epidemic. In April of the same year, when the new crown epidemic swept across Europe, Djokovic donated a large amount of funds to Italy to help hospitals purchase ventilators and other medical equipment.
  For more than ten years, Djokovic has led the foundation to establish many kindergartens in the motherland. The tennis school he established provides free venues, guidance, physical therapy and other services for young and professional players, and promotes the education and sports of the motherland with his own efforts. He mentioned in an interview that he was from Serbia in the 1990s, and the country had experienced two wars.
  When I was young, my grandfather took him to line up with hundreds of people at 5 o’clock in the morning to get milk and bread, so that food could be placed on the table, and the whole family of 5-6 people could eat. He knows this feeling all too well, so he is grateful for the happy life he can have today. He has always understood that there are many, many people in the world who are not so lucky. He established a foundation to help those in need. He feels that he has not done enough and should do more to help more people.

  Djokovic’s road to growth has not been smooth. When he first debuted, he often lost his temper and smashed his racket when he couldn’t hit the ball well. When he fell behind in the game, he couldn’t resist the pressure and retired passively. These were criticized by his peers and seniors. Fortunately, he did not continue to let himself go. Instead, he realized his shame and was brave. He constantly strengthened his weapons and improved his ability to resist pressure.

  He didn’t continue to let himself go, but instead felt ashamed and brave, constantly strengthening his weapons.

  Although he won the first Grand Slam championship trophy in his life at the Australian Open in early 2008, Djokovic was suppressed by the Swiss king Federer and the clay god Nadal for about five years, and his points have been stable at third in the world. Chinese fans nicknamed it “San Dezi”. The turning point came at the Australian Open in 2011. Djokovic defeated Federer in the semi-finals and Murray in the final to win the championship. In the final of the Dubai Open, Djokovic beat Federer 2-0 again, and then won the Indian Wells Masters semi-final. The final beat Federer 2:1. This wave of winning streak allowed Djokovic to rise from the third position in the world to the second. At that time, the world’s number one was Nadal who was in full swing.

On July 3, 2011, London, England, Djokovic defeated his old rival Nadal to win his first Wimbledon title

  2011 was a magical year for Djokovic. This year witnessed his explosive season and several meaningful firsts in his life. In the same year, Djokovic reached the final for the first time in the British Wimbledon Tennis Open. In the final, he defeated his old rival Nadal, the two-time tournament champion, 6:4, 6:4, 1:6, 6:1. The first Wimbledon champion, the first time to ascend to the throne of the world’s first, the ranking surpassed Federer and Nadal for the first time at the same time.
  There are very few players who have been able to break through Feiner’s blockade over the years, probably only Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, and Del Potro, among which Djokovic has achieved the most. By the time Federer announced his retirement in September last year, Djokovic had won 21 Grand Slam titles, surpassing Federer’s 20 and one less than Nadal’s 22.
Dana battle is not over

  Djokovic, who will be 36 years old in May this year, is still at his peak. In the Australian Open final at the beginning of the year, Djokovic beat Tsitsipas, the No. 3 seed 11 years younger than himself, 3:0, and won his 10th Australian Open championship. The total number of Grand Slams tied Nadal’s 22. The whole game was uneventful, and the situation was basically in Djokovic’s hands.
  After winning the championship, Djokovic’s thoughts were ups and downs. The audience first saw Djokovic walking to the sidelines and sitting on the sidelines, covering his face with a towel and sobbing. After he calmed down, he climbed to his box to hug his family and team to celebrate. Once again, he lost control of his emotions and fell to the ground crying bitterly, which moved the audience.
  To trace the cause of Sodjo’s loss of control, we have to go back to two years ago. After originally winning the Wimbledon championship in 2021, Djokovic tied the record held by Feiner. The three each won 20 Grand Slam titles. This year, Djokovic’s fiery touch continued to the US Open and reached the final for the ninth time. If he wins the championship, Djokovic will have 21 Grand Slam titles, surpassing Feiner and becoming the first person in history.

On April 19, 2023, in the second round of men’s singles at ATP250 Banja Luka Station, Djokovic 2-1 Van Asher advanced to the quarterfinals

  As a result, Djokovic, who was under too much psychological pressure, was completely out of shape that day, and lost the game 0:3, missing a great opportunity to create history. Djokovic, who wanted to overtake, entered the country with a visa in early 2022 to participate in the Australian Open, but his visa was canceled twice by the Australian government, and he was eventually deported by the authorities. He became the protagonist of an international farce and was ridiculed by public opinion. In the end, the Australian Open champion in 2022 was won by Nadal, who played with an injury. Adding the French Open champion that year, Nadal leads the total with 22. In the same year, Wimbledon Djokovic won the championship, and the total number of Grand Slams was chased to 21.
  Australia is still the same Australia, the Australian Open is still the same Australian Open, Djokovic is still the same Djokovic who was not vaccinated, and the person who was deported last year is standing high on the championship podium this year. Djokovic seems to be the Monkey King who has gone through ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties to obtain the West Classic. Seeing him kissing the trophy held in the air, the audience and the parties involved have mixed feelings.

  He’s just the son of a pizza restaurant owner who knows the most important thing is to have a dream.

  Djokovic left his heartfelt words at the awards ceremony. He said that Serbia does not have a strong tennis tradition, and he has no role models to follow. He is just the son of a pizza restaurant owner. He knows that the most important thing is to have dreams. Guard your dreams and never let others take your dreams away.
  The article can’t come to an end here, the Dana dispute is still going on, and Djokovic’s tennis journey is far from over. The clay court season is about to enter, and everyone will then step into the Roland Garros stadium to compete for the second Grand Slam of the year-the French Open.
  It is still unknown whether Nadal, the thirteenth champion of the French Open, will have the last laugh, or Djokovic will sweep the army and win the Musketeer Cup, or the champion will fall to the rookie. Whether it is the Serbian king Djokovic or the clay god Nadal who won the 23rd Grand Slam first to create a myth in the tennis world, or whether the two continue to draw after the French Open, everything is possible.
  Don’t forget that Wimbledon will start after the French Open, and the green grass court is Djokovic’s blessed land. In addition, as the epidemic slowly dissipated, the U.S. authorities released news that the “prohibition of entry of unvaccinated foreign citizens” will be canceled in the second half of 2023, which means that Djokovic can participate in this year’s U.S. Open competition. Who can write the legend of the tennis world, who can become the best of the best, the audience can wait and see.