Ditch the Doubt, Find Your Flow: Unconventional Wisdom for a Fulfilling Life

A few days ago, I got together with some friends who were good friends from high school, and I found that one of them was still as full of energy as ever.

When everyone is exhausted physically and mentally from work and life, she can go drinking, dancing and eating skewers after get off work.

Later, I couldn’t help my curiosity and chatted with her, and found out that she had a rare and remarkable feature.

That is, she will not think too much about outside opinions and evaluations, but stick to her own path and choices.

1. Ignore external judgments and doubts

Every time when the Chinese New Year is approaching, I often see funny videos of seven aunts and eight grandmas gathered around and pointing.

I used to find it funny, but now I just feel annoyed.

I am 26 years old this year, but when I was 23, I started hearing pressure from various parties to get married and get pregnant, and I felt that if I didn’t get married and have a baby at this time, I would be an anomaly.

My e-person friend also said that she would also encounter such a thing, but she never held it in when she was angry. Instead, she only poked at the wound in the other person’s marriage to fight back.

“They haven’t even gotten married yet, and they’re rushing to drag them down the pit of fire.”
These are her exact words.

It is not difficult to discover that my friend has the ability to filter these sounds.

She never lets negative comments from the outside world affect her mood and decision-making, and will even fight back hard.

All I can say is, girls like this are simply too cool, okay?

2. Follow your own pace

In fact, everyone’s life has its own unique rhythm.

My friend understands this very well, so he will not blindly follow the footsteps of others.

Whether it is career development or personal life, she will arrange and adjust it according to her own situation and preferences.

When I chose to find a job in a hurry after graduation, my friend who was “looking for a different path” chose to be a volunteer in a B&B. She also used this opportunity to travel across most of China and see many beautiful scenery.

I asked her if she would feel anxious because she didn’t have stability, and she told me no, because she also had something that others didn’t have.

Yes, everyone has their own flowering period, and we don’t have to worry about others having it in advance.

3. Stick to your choice

Friends are more likely to listen to their inner voice when faced with various choices in life.

She understands that other people’s opinions are sometimes well-intentioned, but she feels that life is her own, and she still has to follow her heart on how to go.

In her eyes, having a clear conscience is the first principle in dealing with problems.

She considers her own feelings and needs when making decisions rather than being swayed by outside voices.

I remember the days when I had just quit my job to work as a bookstore clerk. People often told my mother that it was a pity that I had finally finished college, but ended up working in a job that “didn’t look like a college graduate. ”

Instead of scolding me for these people’s denial, my mother said to me:

“As long as this is your own decision, mom will always support you.”
I am very grateful to my mother for her support, which allows me to bravely stick to myself.

But in reality, many people often don’t get support. Even so, don’t doubt yourself and believe in your inner voice.

Even if it’s weak, it must be what you want.

4. Define your life

My friend has a clear definition and plan for his life.

The year before last, I asked her what she wanted to do in the future, and her answer surprised me.

She wants to open a car repair shop and repair people’s cars every day.

I thought she was just joking, but a few days ago she told me that she had saved enough money to rent a shop and buy equipment!

My admiration for her was at its peak at that moment.

In the current environment where everyone is taking public postgraduate entrance examinations, she still does not doubt her choice and works hard to implement her ideas. She is really brave.

I admire her so much because she has not blindly followed the footsteps of others, nor has she given up on her dreams because of social conventions and expectations.

Everyone has their own way to go. Don’t think too much about the opinions and evaluations of the outside world, just stick to your own choices and paths .

After all, in this ever-changing world, the only constant is our trust and persistence in ourselves.