By the sea, a young man picked up an abandoned leaky boat, mended it again and again, and he was ready to go fishing.

So he went out to sea singing songs every day, even if he returned empty net, got off the boat, lay on the beach, basking in the sun, singing songs, he was still very happy.
There was a fishmonger who lived in a villa on the shore. He went out early and returned late every day. When he got home, he was always busy counting how much he had earned and how much he had lost today, with a sad face all day long. He looks at the sea and the weather every day, worrying about the rise and fall of fish prices, and has no moment of happiness at all.
The fishmonger’s wife, hearing the young fisherman’s singing, envied the young man, how could she be so happy.
The fishmonger saw the fisherman go out to fish every morning and come home singing songs, but he was worried every day and was not happy at all.
The fishmonger was very confused and thought, I have so many fish, but I am so unhappy; how can he be so happy without catching a single fish.
The fishmonger felt that he had to find out the reason and find a way to make the fisherman not too happy.
The fishmonger said to his wife, I have a way to try him, is it true that God treats him favorably.
While the fisherman was singing on the shore, the fishmonger secretly put a large piece of gold on the fisherman’s boat.

As the sun went down, the fisherman returned to the boat and was overjoyed when he saw this piece of gold. Is this a gift from God?
The fisherman weighed the gold in his hand. This piece of gold can replace this leaky boat, which has been mended again and again, for a big boat, so that he can catch a boat of fish every day, and then buy a bigger boat, hire a few fishermen, and go fishing for him.
The boat became bigger and bigger, and all the fish in the sea could belong to him.
He is the biggest fishmonger on the shore and monopolizes the fish price, so he can be the richest person on the shore.
The fisherman thought about it all night, and that night he forgot to sing. The fishmonger kept watching outside, and he understood what made the fisherman stop singing.

Since that night, the fisherman has been troubled, and he can no longer hear him sing. He sold the shipwreck, and with the gold, he paid usury and bought a big ship. Carrying a large amount of debt and living under pressure every day, he couldn’t be happier anymore.
The fishmonger’s wife never heard the fisherman’s singing again. She saw the fisherman get off the boat from the window, with a worried face and a lot of thoughts.
She asked her husband: “How did you manage to make him, like us, ignorant of happiness.”
The fishmonger said: “I just let him need more than he has, which arouses his greed. A little more greed is poverty, and he will never be happy again.”
Many years later, the fisherman also became a fishmonger, living in a villa on the shore, busy counting money, and having a sad face all day long. He looks at the sea and the weather every day, worrying about the rise and fall of fish prices.
He has too many worries, there is no moment of peace in his heart, no moment of happiness.
A tornado caused several fishing boats to hit the rocks and suffered heavy losses. The fisherman was in a terrible mood and looked anxious. He walked on the beach and met a homeless man singing on the beach.

He remembered his carefree days and asked the homeless man, “You have nothing, how can you be so happy?”
The homeless man said: “How can I have nothing? I have beaches, sunshine, health, and no worries about food and clothing.”
The fisherman realized a little bit that in this world, only contentment can lead to happiness. Contentment is not just talk, but every moment, the heart is really content.
He looked at the happy homeless man, and he was also such a contented person. He can never go back to the past, never to return to his true self. From that piece of gold on, he was no longer content.
That piece of gold took away his happiness.
And what is that piece of gold that makes people lose their true nature, happiness, and inner peace so easily and thoroughly.

Since then, he has engraved the word “contentment” on every boat. He knows that the only medicine against stress is “contentment”.
Desires can never be satisfied. Insatiability is an epidemic.
When we take a closer look, there are no contented people around us, including ourselves.
We come to this world, busy every day, nothing but for the inner happiness.
And we are obsessed with appearance, looking for happiness outside all our lives.
We complained incessantly and were stressed out.
These pressures, if you think about it carefully, are not given by others, but by yourself.
Life has been like this, there are not many happy days.
Perhaps, wake up every day, allow yourself to be “satisfied” for three minutes, and sincerely say to yourself, “What we have is enough.”
Only with contentment can you be free from worries; without worries, you can have peace of mind; with peace of mind, you can be at ease; with ease, you can be happy from the heart.

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