Decoding Dreams: Unveiling Your Unconscious Through Dream Incubation

  Dream incubation, also known as “dream incubation”, is a way of working on dreams in the “dream psychology” system created by Dr. Stephen Eisenstadt, drawing on the associations of Freud and Jung. Technology, augmentation technology, and image embodiment technology. When a person is awake, he closes his eyes and returns to the dream. With the companionship and guidance of the dream incubator, the dream is brought to life, allowing the images to be presented freely and vividly, waiting for the soul to be reflected, and to obtain the wisdom in the dream. Feel the changes in dreams and understand the inspiration of dreams.
  Dream incubation usually has three steps: association, expansion, and activation. Association is to invite the visitor to describe the dream more clearly and freely associate the content related to the dream in a state of curiosity; expansion is to bring in myths, fairy tales, legends and other older and more collective subconscious content related to the dream. Enter the field of dream incubation; activation is the most important step in dream incubation, making the dream vivid and truly moving. The following is a case to explain the process and harvest of dream hatching.
dream description

  A and his childhood friends went to a tourist attraction. There was a small pavilion with two doors, a side door and a main door. The word “Death” was written on the bottom of the side door and “Life” was written on the top of the main door. The main entrance is relatively large, about three times the size of the side entrance. A thought it would be closer to take the side door without having to take a detour, so he walked towards the side door. A walked faster, and then A’s friends fell behind, and they walked to the “生” gate together. There was an old man sitting at the side door, as if he was selling something or looking after the door. He said, “It’s all the same whether you talk about life or death. Don’t you have to come here?” A felt a little dazed. Do you feel like you have made the wrong decision heading towards the door of “death”?
Dream incubation process

  The dream incubator invites A to relax first and enter a calm state. A freely narrated the dream process. After the speech, it entered the association stage, inviting A to describe the dream environment in more detail, such as the font and color of the words, and how he felt in the dream. Answer A’s font color is red and block letters, like the font and color of the underworld in the TV series. The door looks like the door of a temple in ancient Chinese architecture, or some gardens in Beijing. The overall situation is like passing by a temple, and the environment feels like a scenic spot on a mountain. In the dream, the place where A and his friends were is a plain. , a little uphill. It’s like a cutscene in a movie, moving from one place to a new place.
  In the expansion stage, the dream incubator asked A about the relationship between his friend in the dream and A in reality. A answered that he was a good friend in reality. He grew up together and is now in a different place. The dream incubator also invited A to think about the similarities between reality and dreams. A thought that A and them seemed to have made different choices in reality and in dreams. They seemed to be more stable where they were, and A seemed to decide to work hard on his own. And they plan to choose to get married and have children according to the established route of life. A seems to have chosen a freer path, as if A wants to break through more constraints and does not care about the scary-looking words “death and life”, but in fact Feeling scared because of different choices and longing for an emotional connection with them.
  In the activation stage, the dream incubator invites A to tell the dream again, and return to the dream to see where he is now. A said that now that he has come to the door of “death” again, he feels a little hesitant. A wanted to wait for them, but since A was walking a little fast, they were some distance away from A at this time. The Dream Incubator asked, do you want to wait for them? A said he wanted to, but at this moment A found that his legs could not move, they were very heavy, and he could not move towards them. The dream incubator asked A to feel the feeling of his feet and legs now. A said: “The feet are saying that they are very tired now and they don’t want to step out. The legs are saying that they are controlled by the feet. If the feet don’t move, they can’t move.” A paused and then said: “But my mind I want to go over so much that my mind is constantly giving orders to my legs and feet, asking them to go over and go to my friends. But my feet refuse to respond and don’t want to move.” The Dream
  Incubator invited A to continue talking to them and see what they want. Want anything. A said: “The foot said that it has walked too many roads. It is very tired now and wants to take a shortcut (toward the closer door of death), but the brain keeps saying to go to the other side (toward the friend and then walk together) They were arguing and quarreling.” A watched the battle between different organs in the body, and later the brain compromised because it found that it could no longer instruct its feet and legs. But after his feet and legs discovered that they could no longer fight against his brain, A gradually felt that his legs and feet were no longer so heavy.
  After saying this to the Dream Incubator, A began to try to move his feet, turned around on the spot, and joined his friends who were coming towards him. After they caught up with A, A walked some distance with them. A found that they did not seem to see the words on the “life” door and “death” door, and now A was in the same position as them, and it seemed that he could not see it. A will feel that his footsteps are not so heavy. After joining them, he seems to not care so much about the outside door, the words on the door, and the old people around him. When A walked with his friends, A felt a little more relaxed.
Hatching dreams and harvesting

  A feels that this dream gives him the ability to take care of and support himself, especially his body. The body and the mind were one in the beginning. As society continues to demand and expect it, the mind gradually takes over, while the body is silent and can only express its wishes through actions.
  In the process of incubating dreams, this confrontation was vividly reflected. A began to listen to the voice of the body, pay attention to it and them, and also worked hard to learn how to care for himself and relax himself. Incubating dreams allows A to focus on the decision between work and rest. Another realization of A is that he has the ability and strength to change. A can change the direction of progress. A knows that different directions correspond to different scenery. In the process, A can connect more deeply with nature and get closer to life and life itself. Rather than a “right” or “wrong”, “life” or “death” outcome.
  Experience is a process, and the result is the natural result. Choices are limited, and A is free to make choices. Therefore, to a certain extent, A is also free. After freedom, A can get closer to the real experience and feelings of the moment. A truly feels happy and relaxed about staying with friends. And when A wants to walk faster, A is also happy that he takes the lead.
  The prototype of the wise old man is considered to be the “wisdom and knowledge” or “extraordinary insight” in the collective subconscious. An old man also appeared in A’s dream. He didn’t speak much throughout the whole process, but he was very important and critical. He comforted A in the dream. The fear of seeing the “death” door and having already passed through it. Jung believed that the wise old man archetype inspired people to gain inspiration or enlightenment in the face of difficult problems and helped them realize the objectivity and reality of psychology. The wise old man archetype also has two sides. If it is over-expanded, it will make people arbitrary and self-willed.
  In the process of incubating the dream, A not only walked in the feeling of his dream, but also realized the existence of two objective doors and two choices. The wise old man allows A to achieve a balance between the inner psychology and the external objective world, even if this balance changes from time to time, and A has the power to choose. A can make A’s mind and body move forward together, and there will be fights and conflicts in the process. Different opinions, but these can be reconciled and integrated. The old man said something very philosophical and wise. Whether it is a road or a life, the form of walking may be different, but it will all be experienced, experienced, and passed. He also told A that he can continue to experience, be aware, and understand. Are you often busy in life? Work and neglect rest.

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