“Danish Little Motor” round-the-world route: love keeps up with the rhythm of struggle

  In June 2022, the video released by the short video blogger “Danish Little Motor” became popular on the Internet. The blogger in the video, whose real name is Han Qing, was born in rural Shanxi, China. When he was a graduate student at Xiamen University, he lost his love because he was a hepatitis B virus carrier. When Han Qing was disheartened, Mark from the United States walked into her world…
  When she was disheartened: The American boy came from the clouds
  In February 2014, Han Qing went to the University of Denver for an interview, and Mark told his parents to pick him up at the airport Han Qing, and encouraged Han Qing online: “Believe in yourself, you are the best!” Han Qing’s eyes instantly turned red.
  Han Qing was born in rural Shanxi in 1986. In 2004, she was admitted to Shanxi Normal University, majoring in radio and television editing and directing. After two failed postgraduate entrance exams, in 2009, he was admitted to Xiamen University as a postgraduate majoring in advertising.
  The title of 985 University graduate student and the best school for advertising majors in the country is enviable, but Han Qing himself knows that she has a low self-esteem because she is a hepatitis B virus carrier, and she once broke up with her boyfriend because of this.
  She even secretly went to register on a dating website when she was studying for the second year, and the results were the same: people who were very satisfied with her at first stopped contacting her after she sincerely told her that she was a hepatitis B virus carrier. She even got a “I don’t want a disabled person” response.
  After trying for nearly two years, after numerous rejections and blows, Han Qing decided to apply for an MBA in the United States to study abroad. In addition to intensive language training, she also needs to prepare to apply for essays. Generally, the application of international students will spend money to find an intermediary agency to modify it. Han Qing does not have the ability to find an expensive study abroad agency. A friend gave her a trick: find a foreign friend she knows for help.
  Han Qing decided to ask Mark from the same company for advice through a friend. Mark, who weighs 200 pounds, was born in a middle-class family in the United States and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. Mark wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses and is kind and humorous. Mark helped her finalize the draft.
  One day, Han Qing had a stern face because of the pressure. “Are you going to wash your face?” Mark said looking at Han Qing. “Huh?” Han Qing was puzzled. “Go wash the unhappiness off your face.” Han Qing couldn’t help laughing.
  In 2013, Han Qing submitted applications to five universities including the University of Denver in the United States. At that time, the foreign company that Han Qing worked for also started the construction project of the Malaysian branch. She was responsible for the preparatory work such as the license application and the determination of the plant design plan, and she needed to travel to Singapore and Malaysia frequently. Even though she was very busy, she still studied English on the plane and on the shuttle bus and prepared for the exam.
  Mark fell in love with Han Qing because of the great energy in her small body. In January 2014, Han Qing and Mark went to dinner together. When passing a park, Mark picked an oleander and put it on Han Qing, saying, “The oleander means unswerving love.”
  Han Qing blushed, Thinking about her situation, she said, “I have to tell you something, Mark, I’m a hepatitis B virus carrier.
  ” , don’t take this matter so seriously.” Mark looked at her tenderly. Han Qing breathed a sigh of relief, thinking of Mark’s kindness, rigor and seriousness, and finally held his hand.
  In February 2014, Han Qing was going to interview at several universities in the United States, and Mark told her parents to pick her up. During the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, Han Qing flew to four cities in five days, across the United States, and had to interview several universities.
  Mark’s parents went to the Wisconsin airport to pick up Han Qing home. Seeing that the neckline of Han Qing’s shirt was open, Mark’s mother carefully sewed it for her, and deliberately turned off the lights early for the whole family, so that she could go to the interview in the best condition the next day. The family gave Han Qing an indescribable sense of intimacy.
  After returning to China, Mark took out a Labrador toy dog ​​and said, “I know you like Labrador, but we don’t have the conditions to have a dog now. When you arrive in the United States, I will use this to exchange you for a real dog. Dog.” After taking the toy dog, Han Qing felt that he was not so tired after running all the way.
  Han Qing scans her mailbox every day. When she saw the “congratulation! (Congratulations)” sent by the University of Denver, she couldn’t help but burst into tears, and was pleasantly surprised to find that she had won a scholarship and a teaching assistantship. Mark heard the good news and said, “Congratulations, beautiful girl, you are the best!”
  In September 2014, Han Qing went to the University of Denver in Colorado to continue his studies. Mark also ended his work in Xiamen and returned to the United States. As he said, he bought a real Labrador and named it Rocky because it came from the foot of Rocky Mountain as a love gift for the two.
  The Most Romantic Proposal: It’s Hard to Meet and Say Goodbye
  Mark works in Los Angeles and takes a four-hour round-trip every weekend to see his girlfriend in Colorado. When she first arrived in the United States, Han Qing was not used to it. The greasy and dry food, the empty and quiet city, and the estranged way of socializing made her very homesick.
  On November 27th Thanksgiving, Mark and his family invited Han Qing to go home to celebrate. It was snowing outside, Mark’s mother was baking sweet pastries, Mark’s father was roasting turkey, and Mark’s sister’s three children were playing and laughing, making Han Qing feel the warmth of the family.
  Mark was nearly 200 pounds at that time, and Han Qing urged him to exercise to lose weight. At first, Mark had no hope for fitness and weight loss, but seeing that Han Qing was so slender and still working out, he also worked hard and often sweated profusely. With Han Qing’s company, fitness has become Mark’s habit. Even if Han Qing is not around, Mark will send photos of him working out.
  From 200 jin to 190 jin, 150 jin, looking at himself in the mirror like a different person, Mark hugged Han Qing tightly and said, “Dear, thank you. I used to despair about my weight, thank you for giving I hope.” “You urge me to study, and I urge you to lose weight. Two people work together and achieve each other.” Han Qing looked sweet.
  One year before Han Qing graduated, considering that having a green card will bring many employment opportunities, Mark said: “Let’s put the card aside first, apply for a green card, it will be much easier to find a job and enter and leave the United States.”
  However, Han Qing said with disapproval: “I still have to work hard. I don’t want to get married or change my passport for the time being. I walked out of the village to live in another country. I am farther and farther away from my parents and the village where I grew up. I don’t want even the last link with my parents to be cut off and the last marks on my body to be erased.” Mark has been to China and knows the dignity of an oriental girl, and he respected Han Qing’s opinion.
  In July 2016, Han Qing graduated from the University of Denver. The two rented an RV to travel. In the Grand Canyon, Mark proposes to Han Qing in a helicopter. He communicated with the staff in advance and let only the two of them sit in the helicopter. “I’ve never met a strong, sunny and optimistic girl like you, marry me!” Han Qing nodded excitedly and said, “I do, it’s my luck to meet you.” In order to record this romantic moment , Mark brought a camera and tied it to his calf. As soon as the ring was taken out, he was so nervous that he turned the camera upside down. The two of them excitedly wanted to look back, but found that nothing was recorded.

  During the years together, they have traveled together in more than 30 countries on six continents, and they have always hoped to go to Antarctica together again, leaving their footprints all over the world.
  In 2016, Han Qing joined an NGO medical volunteer group and went to Ghana, Africa for a half-month free clinic. “It’s dangerous there, but I still support you.” Mark said, and told Han Qing to get four kinds of vaccines including rabies vaccine in advance.
  The high temperature in Ghana is 39 degrees Celsius, and the villages where the free clinics have no decent buildings can only be exposed to the sun under the tents all day. The lack of water, very little food, and the pervasive fungus caused by the long-term laceration infection on the villagers who visited the clinic made Han Qing experience a lot of challenges both physically and psychologically. Mark made videos with Han Qing every day, instructing her to take precautions and cheer her up.
  After returning from Ghana, Han Qing was transferred to the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mark remains in Silicon Valley, and the one-way flight from San Francisco to Copenhagen is nearly 10 hours.
  From Xiamen and the United States, to Denver and San Francisco, to Minnesota and San Francisco, and then to Denmark and the United States, no matter how deep the feelings were, they were also weakened by the four years of running around.
  ”Let’s separate.” Han Qing said to Mark, who came to Denmark to help her move. Mark shook his head resolutely: “It’s not that there is a problem with our relationship, but the obstacle caused by distance.”
  The day after Mark left, Han Qing cleaned the room and saw a sock he had dropped under the bed, sitting on the ground with a “wow” and crying. It turned out that he had already penetrated into every cell of her life like water, and only when he really wanted to leave could he feel the heart-wrenching pain.
  ”Danish Little Motor”: Love keeps up with the rhythm of struggle
  In August 2017, Han Qing went to Santorini, Greece to attend a friend’s wedding. Santorini’s tourist boats will drive to a harbor, which coincides with sunset, and the endless blue sea and sunset glow together, which is very beautiful. She wanted to share it with Mark for the first time, but found that she forgot her mobile phone. Everyone is enjoying the sunset, and the surroundings are quiet. Han Qing has never missed Mark like this. After getting the phone, Han Qing sent a message to Mark: “Let’s get married!”
  It was not until July 2018 that the two finally got married in Napa Valley, USA. On that day, Han Qing was wearing a pure white floor-length wedding dress, and Mark was wearing a azure blue suit. The sky was blue, the clouds were white, and everything was so beautiful. At the wedding, when Han Qing took their Labrador to Mark, Mark’s eyes were full of love and sighed: “It’s so beautiful, this is the love I want.” Han Qing smiled and got close to Mark. embrace.
  Three months later, Han Qing and Mark returned to their hometown of Shanxi to hold a Chinese wedding, which completely caused a sensation in this small mountain village, which has never been to foreigners.
  After getting married, in order for the two to live together, Mark quit his high-paying job in Silicon Valley and moved to Denmark with Rocky to start his own business. They used to get together less and leave more, but now they finally live together. The real run-in has just begun, and their feelings cannot be eroded by the trivialities of life.
  Usually, Han Qing likes to take pictures wherever he goes. So, Mark learned to use a camera, and he was very knowledgeable about parameters, lighting, composition, etc. Mark is very patient. He often takes two or three hundred photos to pick out a dozen that Han Qing is satisfied with, and then says, “Thank you, my most lovely photographer.”
  Once, Han Qing ignored Mark because of a trivial matter. , “Bang” and shut himself into the study. Mark took the little rabbit prop, knocked on the door and said, “Dear Meitutu, I’m Handsome Tutu. Shall we cook together?” Han Qing’s anger dissipated suddenly, and he put on the rabbit earrings and said. : “Okay okay.” The two smiled with their heads on their heads.
  Han Qing has always wanted to learn piano. For Christmas 2020, Mark secretly bought an electronic piano, “Merry Christmas, dear.” When he opened the gift, Han Qing jumped up happily: “It’s a gift I like.”
  After Han Qing learned it, he played it for Mark Her first piano piece “Little Stars”: “Twinkle and twinkle, the sky is full of little stars…” Han Qing felt very satisfied with the music and her lover.
  Han Qing realized that when the two came together, there should be a new leap in both career and relationship. In December 2021, with his rich work experience, Han Qing jumped to the world’s third-ranked company in the medical device industry, and his career development has reached a new level.
  In order to relieve Han Qing’s pressure, Mark would cook her multigrain porridge for breakfast the next day in a rice cooker. Knowing that she didn’t eat black beans, he would pick out the black beans one by one and put them in the shape of a heart on the dining table. I would buy a bunch of flowers and put them on the windowsill of the kitchen… These small details made Han Qing look at it, and the corners of his mouth could not help but rise slightly.
  With Mark’s help and warmth, Han Qing became more and more confident. She also opened an account on Xiaohongshu to record her life, and opened the public account of “No Traces”. In order to study and work, and to keep climbing in life, Han Qing has traveled across the ocean and has visited many countries. She has opened a window to the world for Chinese netizens.
  In March 2022, the two were infected with the new crown. Mark slept on the sofa in the living room, and Han Qing lay on the bed. “Hello patient, my leg hurts, how is your leg?” Mark sent a message on his mobile phone. “Reply to the patient, my legs are ok, my throat hurts, how about you?”…A
  week later, the two of them got better. Mark went to the flower and grass market to buy a lot of seeds and planted flowers for his wife.
  The couple were still exercising, but Mark had a little more flesh on his stomach. Han Qingxi smiled and asked, “Say, what’s going on, what is this?” Mark hesitated for a while, “Haha, this is pregnant.” “You My abs are gone.” “My abs are hidden, you can’t find them.”
  In April 2022, Han Qing and Mark went to Provence for vacation. In the most romantic place in the world, the two were completely relaxed, looking at the beautiful lavender, Mark squeezed Han Qing’s hand and said, “It’s nice to have a wife like your little sun.” Han Qing smiled sweetly .