Conquer Midlife Madness: 3 Traps Sabotaging Your Sanity

Have you noticed that middle-aged people are under the greatest pressure?
In terms of social identity, most middle-aged people play multiple social roles – first as children, then as parents, and at the same time, they also have other parents who need to take care of them.

From a personal point of view, he is the backbone of the company and has even reached the level of middle-level leadership.
At the economic level, facing the daily expenses of the couple, as well as mortgage and car loans, parents’ pension, children’s education and the maintenance of social relationships, money is inseparable from everything.
The so-called “old at the top and young at the bottom” is just a reflection of one aspect of this group. They are indeed in a relatively stressful position among different age groups.
Psychologists suggest that when people reach forty, they should stay away from “pandering to the bottom”, otherwise they may face bankruptcy in middle age.

What exactly should they do?
Stay away from the temptations of consumerism
Consumerism is an important part of Western bourgeois morality. From the perspective of social psychology, consumption itself is a behavior that can bring pleasure to individuals.
This is because individuals, through certain efforts, get opportunities that can enhance their emotional value.
With the continuous development of society, consumerism has begun to have a close connection with capitalism.
Represented by the views of scholars such as Erich Fromm, academic circles believe that individual consumption needs should be continuously expanded from the perspective of the entire society.

It can help to a large extent to maintain and operate capitalism, especially in the later stages of the development of consumerism.
French sociologist Jean Baudrillard expressed in his representative work “Consumer Society” that consumption constitutes the internal logic of the current capitalist society.
In the lives of most people in China today, consumerism has been accompanied by globalization and the development of the Internet and media, and has become a major factor affecting many people’s ideas.
As mentioned above, almost any aspect of the life of the middle-aged group is inseparable from consumption and expenditure. It can be said that “living means spending money.”

There is no distinction between high and low consumption behavior originally, but as the influence of consumerism concepts becomes more and more profound, most people equate the consumption behavior itself with the consumer’s own social status, capital capacity and even social class. .
Therefore, today’s consumer behavior has been mixed with a lot of additional meanings.
If you have the experience of working and living in first-tier cities in China, you are certainly familiar with this scene: well-dressed white-collar workers go to work carrying iPhones and laptops.
For breakfast, I bought coffee and food at Starbucks; after get off work, I invited my friends to go to Haidilao and spend several hundred yuan.

After returning home, I did not forget to open various online shopping software and place orders to buy some unnecessary things… An image of an “exquisite, petty bourgeoisie” individual life was sketched out.
But if we think about it carefully, many consumption behaviors are actually completely unnecessary, or do not require such a large expenditure.
However, the popularization of consumption behavior has affected many people’s lives, especially with the advanced consumption concept, some people even become heavily in debt at a young age.
Starting a business without thinking
For most people, the only guaranteed source of income today is a stable job.

But many people are not satisfied with the pace of life from 9 to 5 and the life trajectory that can be seen at a glance.
Especially with a fixed income of several thousand yuan per month, no matter what stage of social development, many people still choose to start a business.
Especially for those middle-aged workers who have reached the middle level in their jobs, have no hope of promotion, and are unwilling to put down their status and change jobs:
They already have a certain social status and resources, and they also live a life with relatively good material conditions. It is false to say that they do not want to live a better life.

For example, a netizen once shared his experience: He had become a middle-level leader in a certain company, with an annual income of about 300,000, and his original life was quite good.
But also because he wanted to pursue more income, and because he had philosophical differences with the leaders of the original company, he chose to resign and start a business.
He took his savings over the years, plus the down payment he originally wanted to use to buy a house, and invested in opening a hot pot restaurant.
As a result, I lost all my money and lost hundreds of thousands. After his business failed, he tried to find another job in his original industry, but the hope of a monthly salary of four to five thousand yuan still failed to allow him to find a new job.
Failure to start a business in middle age can be said to be the heaviest blow to today’s society.

Get rid of the shackles of ineffective social interaction
For adults, social interaction in various settings is an important part of daily life.
Especially for the middle-aged group: the workplace itself is a large social circle, and family life is also inseparable from the maintenance of social relationships.
At the same time, in order to increase and replace social resources, dinner tables and various entertainment venues are social occasions where this group often appears.
Although social interaction accounts for a very large proportion in daily life, it is a pity that almost 99% of the social interactions in our lives have no practical effect.

I believe that for most middle-aged professionals, after a tiring day at work, going to a bartender where they have to participate is undoubtedly a nightmare experience.
This model has become a fixed lifestyle for many people, and they even place the joy of life in these social processes.
Therefore, if you don’t have too much power and high status, you have to obey the arrangements of higher-level leaders and spend the time you could have spent resting and spending time with your family on such things.
So do these social interactions have any substantive effect? the answer is negative.
For a middle-aged person with an already complicated family life, he only has to worry about the most practical things, instead of immersing himself in these meaningless social interactions and wasting his precious time.

Although the “midlife crisis” is approaching fiercely, it can still be avoided to a certain extent if we take precautions purposefully.

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