The icy coldness penetrated the fine texture of the palm, and a string of smoky hot air blew out against the windowsill. The icy cold that is still infiltrating from the rental house crosses the light rail to the winter rice fields in the countryside. In an instant, a lone white crane flapped its wings, the sharp ice blade pierced the hard surface of the lake and made a cracking sound, and an old man stepped on the frosted withered grass of the winter rice field with sonorous steps.
  The water pump opened the sky and woke up the early morning. The sun was hidden behind the clouds, trying to interpret “still holding a pipa half-covered”. There was no dry grass in the winter paddy fields, and the water pump was clamoring for a day, and finally the fish pond was drained at dusk. A strong man was walking on the road holding a fishing net. A group of people put on over-the-knee water boots and stood in the middle of the pond. A group of domestic ducks rushed from one end to the other. In the end, there was no way to go, so they had to go ashore early.
  The fish was put in by my grandfather at the beginning of the year. After a year of feeding, it was time to catch and salvage. The four of us huddled around and shouted, and Jiu scrambled to follow behind my grandfather, pulling his slippers, straddling the paddy fields and walking straight towards the fish pond. My sister jumped after my grandfather, and my grandfather strode past in water boots. We didn’t even notice that there was water in the field. When my grandfather shouted, my sister hurriedly withdrew her outstretched feet in the air, and she turned around and almost disappeared. Stumble. My little sister was in a hurry and asked my grandfather in water boots to carry us on our backs. Grandpa looked at us who were wrapped in down jackets, and then glanced at the water in the rice field. He walked over helplessly and carried us one by one. Lying on my grandfather’s back, these ten or so steps seem to have walked for more than ten years, and countless images of sleeping on my grandfather’s body in the past are switched in my mind.
  The growth rings are superimposed and the trunk grows. We are no longer young children who need careful care, but we can always be grandpa’s precious grandchildren. The foreigners use their own strength to hold up a blue sky for us.
  This record is the end of winter and the beginning of the year. Now that winter is coming again, I miss the snow, and the sky is already full of snow.
  During this year, I went back. It was the late spring season when I returned, and there was no one in every household, and there were evil dogs barking in the air. When I arrived home before time, I searched for my grandfather and couldn’t find it. The sound of whipping orders could be heard vaguely from the field. It turned out that it was the grandfather driving the ox to plough the field. The younger sister brought boiling water and ran to her grandfather quickly with the oranges. The winter paddy field that she was wading on her grandfather’s back at the beginning of the year has been smoothed by the iron plow. Grandpa is in another field. The big yellow ox walks slowly in the field with the baby in his arms. The field ridge is covered with fresh weeds. The big ox stretches out his tongue and rolls it again and again. Shirdi chewed, unable to move.
  The cow seems to have spirituality. It doesn’t need to say anything from the grandfather, and it walks forward consciously with a long “ah”. Grandpa said that this is a cow with a temper and ideas. When he is happy, he runs very fast in the fields. He can’t catch up with him. His emotions are not in place, and he is too lazy to move. I asked my grandfather: “Will the cow follow my orders? I’ll say ‘ah’, does it have to go for a walk to save face?” My sister heard that, so I took my heart away as soon as possible: “Grandpa’s order is not right. Send it out casually, you need a lot of attention.” I didn’t believe it, so I was ready to find an opportunity to try it out.
  After thinking that I was bored for a long time, the opportunity came. Grandpa is tired, ready to take a break. The oxen took advantage of this opportunity to graze hard, which was much faster than ploughing the fields. I held my breath, my face was flushed, and when I screamed, the big ox jumped five or six steps forward in fright. I was chatting with my sister at the head of the field, and I saw my grandfather hurriedly picking up the plow, unable to control the running big ox even with a few “ah” sounds. I knew I was in trouble, so I shut up and stopped laughing. I caught my grandfather completely by surprise, and when my grandfather gave me an “ah”, he didn’t scold me.
  When my grandfather was young, he was a well-known tailor. He traveled to the countryside for many years, and when he got old, he tied himself to the land. In the end, I was getting old and couldn’t stand the toss. My grandfather always complained of back pain. Every year we persuade my grandfather to give up and stop doing it, and he agrees and agrees every time, and repeats it every spring.
  We all know that with my grandfather’s wisdom and wisdom, it’s not that he can’t let go, but that he feels that he can’t let go. He doesn’t want to add any burden to us, but wants to share a little more of the suffering of life for us. Grandpa has been chasing him all his life. When he was young, he was the eldest son in the family who needed to take care of his younger brothers and sisters.
  Grandpa had everyone in his heart, but he couldn’t hold himself. We are the exact opposite of my grandfather, except that we didn’t really put him on. Grandpa’s pursuit is waiting, what is our pursuit? I have no idea!
  The first snow has not yet arrived, and the longing is deep. I make a wish in the dark night of the strong wind, the wind is not very reliable, and my wish is scattered in the blink of an eye. The moon is not beautiful and the lights are a bit cold, but I know that the fire in my grandfather’s house in winter is fiery, warm, and even has a sweet scent. With this thought together, the beauty of the moon doesn’t seem to be that important anymore.

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