Camilla: From marriage ‘interventionist’ of the century to Britain’s new queen

  At Hillsborough Castle, just outside Belfast, on September 13, the pen in his hand began leaking as the new king, King Charles, signed the visitor register.
  ”Ah, god, I hate this!” Charles burst into anger. “I can’t stand this damn thing, it smells so bad every time!”
  Charles handed the pen before he noticed the ink on his fingers. Wife Camilla, the ink also flowed to Camilla’s hands. She wiped it calmly, picked up a new pen, signed it, and the task was done.
  Once again, Camilla calmed down for Charles.
  Camilla and Charles met for the first time more than 50 years ago, and then married into the royal family with the reputation of “insider”. Britain’s most hated woman” came back.
  After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles, 73, became the new king of the United Kingdom, and Camilla, 75, also received a new title – Queen of the United Kingdom.
“The most hated woman in the UK”

  Camilla and Charles have lived their entire lives in a network of “high society” British people. In 1970, Charles and Camilla met at a polo match. At the time, 22-year-old Charles was a British prince and heir to the British throne. Camilla, a 24-year-old country girl who grew up in a wealthy family in rural Sussex, describes her country childhood as “perfect in every way”.
  According to one Camilla biographer, “Camilla was outgoing, cheerful, and somewhat daring.” So much so that her first words when she met Charles were: “My great-grandmother was your grandfather’s mistress, and you think we What will happen?”
  Such a question has never been heard in Prince Charles’ royal life in the past 20 years.
  In 1972, Charles went to serve in the Royal Navy. Before leaving, he did not ask Camilla to make any promises, and the other party did not wait.
  The following year, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles, an aristocratic officer seven years older than herself, who had been a member of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, and Charles knew and fought together. Over polo.
  Charles and the couple have always had a good relationship and are godfather to their son Tom.
  In 1981, Charles and Diana, who was 13 years younger than him, held the fairytale “Wedding of the Century” with Camilla and her husband Andrew as guests. In the wedding photos released by the royal family later, it was found that Charles’s eyes crossed the crowd several times, looking in the direction Camilla was standing.
  Despite the fact that he and Diana have two children, Prince Charles seems irretrievably in love with Camilla. In Charles’ authorised biography, author Jonathan Dimbleby wrote: “There is no doubt that they loved each other: in Camilla the Prince (Charles) found the warmth, understanding and stability he had always longed for, which he What you’ve been longing for can’t be found in anyone else.”
  Camilla wasn’t like any woman around Charles either. She prefers breeches and military boots to skirts and high heels and barely wears any makeup. They have common hobbies: horse riding, dog raising, hunting. In the royal marriage of Charles and Diana, the age gap of 13 years was insurmountable. In terms of hobbies, Diana loved dancing and listening to the music of the British trendy band Duran Duran.
  Charles’s marriage to Diana eventually fell apart, and the latter complained in a media interview in 1995, a year before her divorce from Charles, “We have three people in our marriage, and it’s too crowded.
  ” Queen Elizabeth II is very displeased. Author Tom Ball wrote in a royal biography that the Queen once scolded Camilla for being “that wicked woman” after drinking a few martinis.
  The British people even accused this scandal of “shaking the foundation of the monarchy”. It was Camilla who destroyed the fairy tale of the prince and the princess. At that time, the British media also described Camilla as “the most hated woman in the UK”.
“Find a way to live with it”

  After choosing Charles, Camilla’s life was completely turned upside down.
  In 1997, Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris. The sudden passing of the princess and the grief that followed put Camilla in trouble again. In fact, the public anger was not only directed at Charles and Camilla, but also at the Queen herself, whose evasive attitude caused the British royal family to encounter an unprecedented crisis of confidence due to the delay in flying the flag at half-mast at Buckingham Palace.

Charles and Camilla got married on April 9, 2005. Figure/Visual China

Diana (left) and Camilla (right) at a race for Prince Charles at Ludlow Racecourse in England in 1980. Figure/Visual China

  Ultimately, Queen Elizabeth II broke with convention and offered her condolences to Diana in a nationally televised address the day before her funeral. On the day of the funeral, Diana bowed as she passed Buckingham Palace. This rare emotional outpouring regained the support of the people for the Queen.
  But the accusations and abuses against Camilla have intensified. After that, Camilla largely disappeared from public view for a while.
  During a live televised debate about the monarchy in 1997, the audience booed at the mention of Camilla’s name.
  Even Camilla’s two children, Tom and Laura, were targeted by British tabloids. Tom told The Times in 2017 that paparazzi used to hide in bushes outside the family home in Wiltshire. But he also mentioned his mother’s composure and strength, “No one can really hurt us, because our mother is ‘bulletproof’.”
  Camilla has not defended herself for decades, and rarely Talk to the media about that experience. It wasn’t until June of this year, in an interview with British Vogue, that Camilla admitted that those days more than 20 years ago were extremely difficult for her. “No one likes being watched all the time. You just have to find a way to live with it and let life go on.”
  After years of hiatus, Clarence House finally launched a program in 1999 to reintroduce Camilla to the public. Camilla and Charles made a public appearance outside the Ritz Hotel in London after attending Camilla’s sister’s birthday party. Hundreds of reporters witnessed the moment, and they threw question after question, and Camilla just laughed Laughing, still silent.

  Since then, though, Camilla has moved into Clarence House to live with Charles, and her name has begun to appear on official royal documents.
  Six years later, with the Queen’s consent, Charles and Camilla were married at Windsor Castle. It had been 35 years since they first met. Compared with the dreamy wedding of Charles and Diana, the wedding of Charles and Camilla looked simple. The 58-year-old Camilla did not wear a white wedding dress, but a simple and elegant long dress, which was only worn on her head. Crown of the same color.
  Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip did not attend the wedding, only joining them later in a blessing ceremony at St George’s Chapel.
  At that time, Camilla’s “interventionist” and “married and childbearing” status were still a stain on the conservative British royal family. Even if Camilla and Charles registered to marry, the title she received was “Duchess of Cornwall”, which was only a concubine, not “Her Royal Highness Princess of Wales” as Princess Diana was. Such an identity is a major obstacle for Camilla to become a future queen.
“Charles’ Good Helper”

  At first, many British tabloids described Camilla’s personality as “dull and sloppy”. However, biographer Sally Biddle Smith discovered during her writing that Camilla was a “warm, laughing woman.”
  Relatives and friends who knew Camilla told her that whenever she walked into the room, ” Your spirits will be lifted because you know you will laugh out loud.”
  In many pictures of the royal family, people can often see the smile on Camilla’s face. Camilla herself said later that she preferred ordinary people’s lives because “the ordinary people’s lives are more interesting”. Often in those formal settings, everything seems out of place and everyone freezes.
  ”Camilla appeared as an ordinary person, entered the royal family, and slowly changed public opinion. Unlike Diana, she did not have that kind of aura.” “Sunday Times” reporter Roa Nicky once said.
  After marrying Prince Charles, Camilla assumed the role of his assistant, accompanying Prince Charles on many official duties and visits. At the same time, she is also as passionate about charity work as Prince Charles, and is the chairman and patron of more than 90 charities. Their areas of focus are also growing, including child literacy, osteoporosis, rescue dogs and preventing sexual violence.
  British people’s resistance to Camilla also began to shake. After Camilla attended a charity event in a London hospital, a woman at the scene told the media: “I never thought that someone like her would be patient. Listen and sympathize with what happened to me, but she did and is an excellent listener.”
  Official office staff at Clarence House publicly reported on the royal couple’s work between April 2021 and April 2022 : Charles did 255 public events while Camilla did 169.
  In a speech in London last year, Camilla also mentioned the murders of two women in London – the murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa – and called on men to join in “addressing sexual violence”. The ranks of cultures”.
  Due to her busy work schedule, Camilla spends less than a third of her time at home. At other times, she was performing her duties as a member of the royal family and slowly became the “main force” of the royal family. She said in an interview, “And Charles is often like two boats staggered in the dark night, but when we have time, we are always willing to sit together and have a cup of tea and chat. After the chat is almost there, we just sit in different corners of the room. Reading books is the most beautiful thing.”
  On the tenth anniversary of Charles and Camilla’s wedding, he also publicly expressed his gratitude to his wife: “It’s always good to have someone by your side. She can give huge support, she Made me see the funny side of life, thank God.”
  ”She’s always been loyal, discreet, dedicated to her charity work, and a good wife to Prince Charles,” says royal author Penny Juneau. Mila was relatively old when she took over the royal family, but her performance was very good.”
  Camilla’s support for Charles has also gradually gained recognition from other members of the royal family. “She’s an amazing stepmother who knows when to be silent, when to back down, and when to be really supportive,” said Louise Aiken, a supplier of royal clothing.
  Prince Harry also defended Camilla on his 21st birthday, telling British media she was “not an evil stepmother”. In an interview, he said, “She is a wonderful woman, she makes our father very happy, that is the most important thing.”
  Winning the favor of Queen Elizabeth II will take time, but she and Camilla both Love horse racing, which led to their friendship on the racecourse. Meanwhile, royal biographer William Shawcross found that Camilla and Prince Philip also got on well. “Many people were afraid or in awe of him, but not Camilla, who has a unique way of getting along with Prince Philip.”

On July 9, 2013, Charles and Camilla wore masks at a reception for the charity. Figure/Visual China
75 year old new queen

  Camilla finally got the Queen’s approval. In February this year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 70th anniversary on the throne. She used the milestone to officially open the door for daughter-in-law Camilla to become queen.
  In an open letter, the Queen thanked the British public for their support and love, and hoped that Charles and his wife Camilla would receive the same support after he ascended the throne. “I sincerely hope that at that time, Camilla will be called Queen and continue to perform her royal duties.”
  At this point, it has been 17 years since Camilla married into the royal family. Peter Hunt, a former royal correspondent, said: “For Camilla, the journey from the third person in the marriage to the queen-elect is complete.”
  Camilla herself is 75 years old. In an interview with the British version of Vogue in June this year, Camilla’s first sentence was: “I’m so sorry, you are going to shoot an old woman today.
  ” I can find some of the feelings of ordinary people’s life in the past. She loves gardening, and the manicure she did for the shoot was scratched because of her gardening work, and she apologized to the photographer for this. In some tidbits of this interview, one sees a humorous, self-deprecating and approachable member of the royal family.
  Camilla has also taken to social media in recent years, and people can hear her hoarse laughter via video. On Instagram, she joined the reading group. She also revealed that she plays a few games of an online word game called Wordle on her iPad every day and compares her scores with her granddaughter.
  Camilla is now a happy grandmother with ten grandchildren. During the lockdown period, she enjoyed being able to wear comfortable jeans and flat shoes every day without having to think about formal clothes, but she couldn’t bear the fact that her family couldn’t get together, and she couldn’t bear to miss her grandchildren.
  The British public gradually changed their attitude towards her. On local forums, there has been a lot of discussion about Camilla, which is no longer just finger pointing. A poll released by the British polling agency YouGov on September 12 also showed that 53% of Britons believed that Camilla could be a good queen, while in 2005, when she first married into the royal family, this figure was only 7%. .
  ”While Camilla has been a controversial figure in the past and some even said she might destroy the monarchy, I just think Camilla will be the woman who will save the monarchy”, British columnist Petronella Wyatt The family, who has been with the Charles couple for decades, said: “She (Camilla) was not born into the royal family, but her loyalty to the king and to the UK will make her a role model. Most importantly, she understands that the monarch The survival of the system in a democratic country depends on the sincerity, diligence and goodwill of the members of the royal family.”
  After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles, who had just ascended the throne, delivered a televised speech at Buckingham Palace on September 9, the first time to officially call Cami Ra called Queen: “My dear wife Camilla has helped me a lot. In recognition of her faithful service to the public since her 17 years of marriage, she became my Queen. I know she will be my queen with the steadfastness I have come to count on. Professionalism to meet the responsibilities of her new role.”
  BBC (BBC) royal correspondent Sarah Campbell commented, “For Camilla, this is a complete transformation, from the ‘interventionist’ of the marriage of the century to the British Queen, she has weathered countless slander and storms, but gradually cemented her status as the most senior female member of the royal family.”