Camel thorn, tamarisk and achnatherum

  Sometimes, when you look up at the high sky or the snow-capped mountains in the distance and feel tired, when you look down in the Gobi or desert, you can see green life at your feet. At that moment, you understand that the Creator is in a place that is not so tall and not so conspicuous. Secretly arranged a life that can also surprise people.
  thorn is hard to see in other places, such as Dugu seekers in the western Gobi and deserts. Because of its tolerance to drought, salt, alkali and waterlogging, it is destined to survive only in arid lands. It is a tough-guy plant.
  There was a hillside that was covered with camel thorns, and cows, sheep, and people dared not go up it. If you go up, either your feet will be punctured, or your hands will be scratched, which hurts a lot. It is true that herdsmen turn pale when they talk about camel thorns.
  One year, by the Akhaba River, it had been dark for a long time, and the night was like a thick black cloth, wrapping the sky and the earth in it. After a while, more and more moonlight came to my eyes. I was amazed that the moonlight was like a big hand, overturning the thick black cloth of the night to the ground. As soon as the moonlight spread into the river, the river water became translucent, and the river water seemed to be flowing downward, faster and faster, pouring down.
  At this time, a Kazakh herdsman was riding a horse, walking towards this side, singing songs at the same time. He walked up to me, jumped off his horse, and stared blankly at the Akhaba River in the moonlight. After a while, he turned around and prepared to lead the horse away.
  I called him in Kazakh: “Jacques (Hello, friend).” He stopped after hearing my call, and the hand that was about to lead the horse hesitated in mid-air, but he took it back.
  He walked up to me and said “Jacques” too. After saying hello, we didn’t speak, and looked at the Akhaba River in the moonlight for a long time in silence.
  Turning my head, I found blood on his right hand. Taking a closer look, his hand was bleeding, and drops of blood flowed out from between the fingers, dripping into the sand in the darkness. At this time the moonlight was bright, and his palm looked dark.
  I was a little surprised and asked him: “Your hand…” He stretched out his hand to me. I saw a camel’s thorn go through the palm of his hand, revealing a section two or three inches long on the back of the hand.
  He said: “Just now, my horse saw the Akhaba River illuminated by the moonlight, so it ran wildly. I accidentally fell off the horse, and this camel thorn got into my palm. I wanted to be in the river. Wash off the blood on my hands, but when I saw the Akhaba River, I realized that I had never seen it in the moonlight, it was too clean, I didn’t wash it anymore, I was afraid that the river would be dirty.”
  Finished , He got on the horse, clamped the horse’s belly with his legs, and the horse galloped away. After a while, his singing came from a distance.   Tamarix
is ​​a plant that is neither tall nor strong, but it is drought-resistant, cold-resistant, and water-resistant. After being cut and broken, it can quickly return to its original shape.
In the first year of tamarisk growth, the branches and leaves are green, and then turn red in the following year. After that, the longer it grows, the redder it will be, until the branches and leaves are lush, and it will be as red as fire, with a kind of maiden’s coquettish attitude.
  There is an old saying in southern Xinjiang: “The red willow in the desert will eventually become a basket.” Whenever someone cuts the slender red willow branches from the desert and returns, no need to ask, it must be made into a basket.
  In a ranch in Altai, I saw a strange basket woven with wicker, which was much larger than common baskets and was woven quite densely. Once a herdsman put the yellow mutton into a basket and hung it on a tree to dry. It tasted very different in winter.
  At the turn, a lamb couldn’t keep up with the flock, so he put it in a basket on his horse. Along the way, he looked at the scenery, and the little lamb looked at him, walking through the long transition road together.
  When we arrived at the winter pasture, the little lamb didn’t want to get out of the basket. He got anxious and said, “If you don’t come out, you will become lamb if you stay in the basket.” The little lamb seemed to understand, and jumped out of the basket. out, throwing off a series of frightened bleating sounds.
  In the second year, there was a heavy snowstorm when he moved to another field. He and his flock of sheep lived in a mountain depression all night. The next morning, he found that the basket was missing. sad face.
  The little lamb attached to the basket has grown into a big sheep. It bites his trousers with its mouth and pulls him to a snow nest. He followed and saw that the basket was buried in the snow. He grabbed the handle and pulled it out to find that it was not damaged.
  He was grateful to the sheep for recovering his basket, but when he turned around, he found that the sheep had already belonged to the flock.
  Achnatherum splendens Achnatherum
  splendens is a kind of plant that must be approached to see clearly. They grow together quite densely. From a distance, it is a cluster of green. It is not clear until you get close. There are countless Achnatherum splendens next to each other. Together, they look airtight, like revelers embracing each other.
  In the Gobi or the wilderness, it is extremely difficult for people to walk. If it is windy or snowy, you will not be able to go far after a long trek, but the cluster of green not far away is always there. Western explorers, scripture seekers, merchants, exiles, fugitives, and envoys to the Western Regions, princesses who married, postmen who sent letters, soldiers who fought thousands of miles, and frontier poets who went west… The reason why they have been moving forward must be because the cluster of green in front of them is calling them.
  One day, I saw a herdsman with a concentrated expression, carefully digging the sand around a splendens with both hands.
  I asked him, “What are you doing?”
  He said, “Last year the wind was very naughty. When it blew here, it not only brought snow, but also sand, which buried a good Achnatherum splendens. Achnatherum splendens I have little strength, let me help it.”
  ”Can it grow this year?”
  ”Yes, it can grow. It was there last year and fed my sheep. This year we can’t see each other again.”
  In the hearts of the herdsmen, A splendens is as important as pastures, cattle and sheep. One year, a big fire broke out in the pasture, and the fire spread quickly, but it only burned more than ten meters, and it was extinguished in front of the Achnatherum splendens, leaving a neat trace, as if someone stopped the fire in time there and let people There was awe in his eyes.
  Another herdsman told me that you can tell how much grass a sheep has eaten by how tall it is. “Last year, I had twenty sheep as tall as the low achnatherum, this year as tall as the slightly taller achnatherum, and next year they will be as tall as the tallest achnadenum. The sheep as tall as the tallest achnatherum will eat pasture for five years grass.”
  I am convinced that his calculation is correct. For many days, he just stared at the sheep and Achnatherum splendens, and after looking at it, he saw the way. He announced his invention to the outside world, and when the herdsmen sold sheep, they used this method to discuss the price with the merchants. If the price was not set according to this standard, they would not sell it.
  ”You are a hero in the village.” I admired him.
  He smiled and said: “This is a simple matter. Achnatherum splendens grows every year; sheep grow as high as the grass. The height of the grass is worth what it grows. Everyone will know it at once. Forget it. I am not a hero, Caochang is a hero, and Caochang gave us everything.”

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