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burst! Major scandal! The medical enterprise with a market value of 1.16 trillion “exploded”, and the employees involved were arrested!

On January 29, the National Medical Insurance Administration responded on the official WeChat account of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. staff suspected of defrauding medical insurance funds.

According to public information, AstraZeneca is the world’s leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in London, England. It entered China in 1993 and its China headquarters is located in Shanghai. As of the latest, its market value is 183.8 billion US dollars (about 1,169 billion yuan).

In response to the staff member of AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. suspected of tampering with the genetic testing results of tumor patients to defraud medical insurance funds, the person in charge of the Fund Supervision Department of the National Medical Insurance Bureau said that in the early stage, based on clues reported by the masses, the National Medical Insurance Bureau urged Shenzhen to set up medical insurance, public security, A joint task force composed of health, market supervision and other departments conducted an in-depth investigation of the case, and all criminal suspects have been arrested.

Recently, the National Medical Insurance Administration and the Ministry of Public Security conducted an interview with the relevant person in charge of AstraZeneca China, informed the progress of the phased investigation of the case, and asked AstraZeneca China to strictly abide by laws and regulations, fully cooperate with relevant departments in the follow-up investigation, and immediately Carry out internal investigation and rectification, plug loopholes in marketing supervision, strengthen law-abiding education for employees, effectively enhance integrity awareness, and timely expose the situation of interviews and rectification. AstraZeneca China, in accordance with the interview requirements, promptly communicated with the Shenzhen Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau and the Public Security Bureau to do a good job in the follow-up investigation of the case, urged employees who have similar behaviors to voluntarily surrender, and announced the case and self-inspection and rectification on the company’s official website.

In the next step, the National Medical Insurance Bureau will work with the Ministry of Public Security and the National Health and Health Commission to carry out a nationwide special rectification against tampering with genetic test results to defraud medical insurance funds. , and resolutely guard the people’s “medical money” and “life-saving money”. Here, we also urge relevant enterprises and personnel who have similar behaviors to immediately surrender to the local medical insurance department and public security department, and strive for leniency.

On January 28, AstraZeneca responded to the incident on its official website. The following is the full text of the announcement:

Since AstraZeneca entered China, it has always abided by relevant national laws and regulations, requiring all employees to strictly abide by national laws and regulations and company rules and regulations, and adhere to a zero-tolerance attitude towards any violation of laws and regulations.

In August 2021, AstraZeneca found in an internal compliance inspection that a small number of employees in Shenzhen had tampered with or participated in tampering with patient test reports, suspected of defrauding medical insurance funds. According to the compliance policy, the company took serious action against these employees who violated the company’s rules and regulations, and took the initiative to report to the local medical insurance department as soon as possible, indicating the company’s attitude, and actively assisting the government in investigations.

On December 27, 2021, the National Medical Insurance Administration and the Ministry of Public Security jointly interviewed AstraZeneca China. At the meeting, relevant departments introduced the investigation of the suspected insurance fraud case in Shenzhen, and put forward relevant suggestions for improvement. The company attaches great importance to this, sincerely accepts the guidance and suggestions of the National Medical Insurance Bureau and the public security department, and will fully implement relevant requirements, further strengthen management and supervision, and continuously improve employees’ awareness of laws and regulations to ensure that legal compliance is implemented to each employee. in daily work. The company will continue to carry out targeted internal self-examination and self-correction actions to prevent any suspected violations of laws and disciplines such as insurance fraud. At the same time, AstraZeneca China will continue to strengthen the compliance culture, compliance training system and self-inspection and self-inspection system, and strengthen supervision of business activities to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the company’s business under the premise of legal compliance.

AstraZeneca China will, as always, continue to deeply cultivate the Chinese market, adhere to the company values ​​of “patient first” and “win-win”, and provide more innovative drugs for the majority of Chinese patients.

AstraZeneca China
January 2022

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