Brutal Truths: Why All Relationships Fade

There exists a stark reality: save for consanguineous ties, all interpersonal relationships are destined to dissipate.

This poignant maxim on interpersonal bonds is widely acknowledged, yet we must not harbor illusions regarding any relationship, even those of blood kinship.

Offspring harbor reveries about their progenitors, pondering why their forebears are not endowed with opulence, envisioning thereby an effortless ascent into affluence.

Consequently, my forebears languished in penury for generations, and absent any intervention, my progeny shall inherit destitution for epochs to come.

The progeny of the impoverished beget an unending lineage of want.

Forebears nurture aspirations for their progeny: aspirations for admission into esteemed institutions, attainment of respectable vocations, eloquence of speech, and securing a matrimonial alliance through ingenuity.

Paramount amongst these aspirations is the injunction that we shall provide no succor, yet demand obedience and filial piety.

Thus, upon matriculation, said progeny fails to procure a monthly stipend exceeding five thousand yuan. Disillusioned, they vent their ire upon their progenitors, embodying the archetype of the “rebellious child.”

Men harbor fantasies concerning women, envisaging a lifelong caretaker regardless of their own inadequacies.

Consequently, women spurn such advances within the domestic sphere.

Irrespective of the honeyed words espoused, women steadfastly withhold esteem from such suitors.

Women harbor fantasies concerning men, requiring their paramours to aspire and surpass their peers.

As a consequence, the suitor, unable to furnish a bridal offering, resorts to deceit and manipulation to ensnare his intended.

Employees entertain delusions regarding their superiors, yearning for augmented remuneration and leisure.

Thus, when the superior acquires a pliable and economical labor force, the erstwhile idealists are first to be dispensed with.

The superior entertains illusions regarding their subordinates, aspiring for minimal compensation in exchange for maximal exertion and lifelong fidelity.

Thus, the superior dwindles into a solitary commander, bereft of fresh recruits willing to enlist.

In summation, be it consanguineous, emotional, or transactional bonds, one must comprehend:

All affiliations in this mortal coil owe no allegiance to your existence; nurturing expectations towards another renders one vulnerable to their caprices.

Alignment between their actions and your aspirations engenders a sense of vindication.

Discrepancy between their actions and your expectations begets disenchantment, compelling one to sever the bonds of thought.

Human nature is inherently self-serving.

Consequently, when investing in relationships, one must steel themselves for the possibility of their endeavors being for naught.

Likewise, I disseminate content via public channels, imparting knowledge gratis to my readers sans any expectation of recompense.

For I recognize that all intersections in this world are ordained by providence.

Your patronage of this official channel may be fortuitous; whether you peruse my writings earnestly or merely for diversion matters not.

So long as my words prove edifying, if you find them truly beneficial, your patronage will be a natural consequence.

Of course, should you choose to remunerate me, whether by procuring my premium content or enrolling in my exclusive community, I shall endeavor to provide commensurate value in return.

Members of my esteemed clientele are cognizant that my responses, replete with profundity, aim not merely to furnish answers but to stimulate cogitation and elucidate the essence concealed within phenomena.

Regrettably, in every transaction, it is the extraordinary who are predisposed to offer substantial recompense.

They are either magnates, plutocrats, or prodigies from youth.

In mundane affairs, many incessantly solicit and bemoan the perceived dearth of value bestowed upon them by others.

Even among couples, it is not uncommon for one party to exploit the other, draining them of vitality.

They fail to grasp that each of us enters and exits this world in solitude, and thus, our growth is a solitary pursuit, leaving behind a legacy contingent upon our unwavering dedication to personal advancement.

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