Break Free from Thinking Traps: 3 Obstacles Sabotaging Your Success

Stephen Covey said: “The way you think determines how you see the world and how you respond to it .”

An excellent way of thinking is a boost on the road to life, helping us break through obstacles and allowing us to go faster and faster.

A bad way of thinking is a quagmire on the road of life, making people sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire, standing still or even going backwards.

Some people are dragged down by their bad way of thinking, unaware of it, and go their own way. Under the curse of knowledge, they lament their bad luck.

People with these three ways of thinking should pay attention:

They limit your way of thinking, make you develop bad habits, and stand still. They can be described as stumbling blocks on the road of life. Be careful!


Someone has done such an experiment:

A fence is set up in front of a group of sheep. The leading sheep jumps over the fence, and the following sheep follow suit.

The next scene is interesting. After the staff removed the fence, when the sheep behind walked to the original position of the fence, they still jumped over like the sheep in front.

This is the herd effect.

The herd effect refers to the fact that people are often influenced by the majority and thus follow the thoughts or behaviors of the crowd. It also refers to the herd mentality, commonly known as following the herd .

If we always follow the public’s thoughts and behaviors, we will only remain mediocre in our lives!

During the flood disaster in Henan in 2021, Hongxing Erke, who had average economic benefits, became a hot search because of a donation, which caused a rush of buying by netizens.

Netizens flooded into Hongxing Erke’s live broadcast room and specialty stores with a passion to save kindhearted people, frantically snapping up everything they could!

Although there are many people who sincerely support good national enterprises, most of them follow the trend and speculate on hot topics, and even consume irrationally.

Everyone said that Hongxing Erke was good and needed the support of buyers and sellers, so there was a rush to buy Hongxing Erke, and the products of Hongxing Erke were sold out.

If you observe carefully, you will find that there are many irrational people in daily life who lack their own opinions and follow the crowd. For example, if they see someone grabbing salt, they will follow suit, but lack in-depth thinking.

These people are superficial and mediocre, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, and unable to see the essence behind things.

High-level people can often see through the essence behind things at a glance, or they can think deeply about the causes and consequences, and take clear actions without following the crowd .

Robert Frost said, “Don’t let other people’s opinions and expectations dictate your choices. You only live once. Live it according to your own values.”

If you don’t think and follow others blindly, you won’t be able to live your own unique life, and you are destined to fail to achieve great things .

The herd effect is a stumbling block for many people. Get rid of this stumbling block. When everyone is following the crowd, think more about the essence behind it and make decisions based on your own situation. You may be able to discover that there are many kinds of plans.

flea effect

Generally speaking, fleas can jump more than one meter high from the ground.

In an experiment, zoologists placed fleas in a one-meter-high bottle with a transparent glass lid, so that the flea would hit the glass lid every time it jumped up.

After a while, biologists removed the glass cover and found that although the fleas continued to jump, they could no longer jump more than 1 meter, and until the end of their lives, they could no longer jump more than 1 meter.

After repeatedly hitting the wall, the flea adjusted the height of its jump and adapted to the situation, and could no longer jump more than 1 meter high.

I found that people are the same. After hitting a wall several times, they will mentally set a height for themselves that cannot be crossed. This height that cannot be crossed becomes the limit for your next action .

When you want to set a higher goal for yourself next time and want to rush out, the height you set for yourself will rush out and tell you that you cannot jump up because you will be hurt.

In order to ensure your own safety and not to be hurt again, you will become timid, afraid to set higher goals for yourself, and do not believe in your ability to break through this high goal. Slowly you will Your goals become lower and lower, and so do your abilities .

It’s a vicious cycle, and if we don’t break through, we’ll be spinning in circles.

Bannister was the first person in the world to break the 4-minute mark for running a mile.

Before he broke this record, people felt that this record was the limit of the human body and could not be broken.

But when Bannister ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds, breaking the record, more athletes continued to challenge the limit, and the record was constantly refreshed.

You see, limits are meant to be exceeded!

Carnegie said: “If you take a risk, your whole life is an adventure. The people who go the furthest are often the ones who are willing to do it and take the risk. ”

Kick off this stumbling block and don’t set limits on yourself. When you feel “I can’t do it,” tell yourself “try again” and you may be able to discover a different height in life.

broken window effect

Many people do not do well, probably because of the broken window effect.

Have you ever set a flag at the beginning of the year, such as reading 50 books, losing 20 pounds, saving 50,000 yuan… but few of the dozen or so goals listed have been achieved?

You were full of ambition and high morale at the beginning of the year, but you were confused throughout the year, working hard intermittently, and now you regret it at the end of the year?

This is not only a lack of self-discipline, but also the impact of the broken window effect.

The broken windows effect originated from an experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist at Stanford University in the United States in 1969.

He found two identical cars. One was placed intact in a middle-class community in California; the other was placed in a relatively cluttered community in New York. He removed the license plate and opened the windows.

The car with the license plate removed soon had someone come to steal its contents, and in the end, the entire car was dismantled and moved away.

The one in the middle-class neighborhood was not only intact, but had been there for a week without any damage.

Later, Philip Zimbardo used a hammer to knock a big hole in the glass of the intact car. As a result, a few hours later, the car was gone!

Later, well-known scholars Wilson and Kelin proposed the theory of the “broken window effect”: if someone breaks the window glass of a building, if the window is not repaired in time, more window glass will be broken. bad.

The summary is that if undesirable phenomena in the environment are left unchecked, they will continue to induce people to imitate them, or even worsen them. The problem will become bigger and bigger, and even lead to a series of more serious consequences !

The scary thing about it is that it has a strong suggestive effect and will lure you to do similar things.

Because if you stand in a broken window environment, you won’t notice anything wrong.

A very clean corridor. If someone throws a bag of garbage in the corner, if it is not cleaned up in time, two or three bags of garbage will soon be piled up. Finally, the corner will become a garbage dump. Over time, the entire corridor will be dirty. Pretty.

People are easily influenced by others. Friends and neighbors around you all like to play mahjong, so it is difficult for you not to be able to play mahjong;

Friends and neighbors tend to be gossipy and gossipy, so you may be the same way.

Our habits are also susceptible to the broken windows effect.

For example, I was lazy today and didn’t want to wash the dishes after dinner. I soon discovered that not only the dishes were not washed, but also clothes and socks were thrown around, and the floor was not swept. The whole house quickly became a mess.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you are too tired today and don’t want to run, and you will be too busy tomorrow, so you won’t go for a run. Over time, you will completely give up on losing weight and just break it.

The same is true for success in life. If you are lazy today, you will be lazy tomorrow. It may not seem like a big deal. If things go on like this, you will completely become a person who does not work hard, and may even give up on yourself.

There is a saying: How you live your day is how you live your life . Savor it carefully, it makes sense.

Indulging and slacking off for one day is equivalent to breaking a small hole. If you don’t realize the seriousness and don’t restrain yourself in time, more and more holes will appear in your life, and eventually it will be riddled with holes.

“Don’t do evil because it’s small, don’t do good because it’s small.”

It is very simple to get rid of the broken window effect. Just protect that “window” and stay away from the harsh environment. Maintain self-discipline and do not be affected by the environment. If you find signs of broken windows, take remedial measures promptly.

Baruch Spinoza said: “Everything a man has is the result of his thinking.”

Conservatism, self-imposed limitations, and lack of autonomy are all manifestations of ignorance.

Bad thinking limits our vision, suppresses our talents, limits our potential, and limits countless possibilities for the future.

As big as the heart is, the stage is as big as it is.

If you want to break through the difficulties in life, you must first break the shackles of thinking.

I suggest everyone: get rid of the shackles of thinking, take solid steps on the road of life, and realize your wishes.

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