During the Republic of China, the times were turbulent and the warlords were at war, and the people were not living well with bandits.
  In order to make ends meet, Li Wanlong of Dacheng County, Zhili, opened a small restaurant in Guang’an set, specializing in Lu cuisine. Li Wanlong in the Baoding House Long and the back of the restaurant as a fellow, following the spoon of the master chef in Shandong learned some cooking skills. Guang’an is located in the main traffic, is the east to Tianjin Wei west to Taiyuan must go through, the flow of people more, Li Wanlong work diligently and generous, the restaurant business is quite good.
  ”Come are guests, all by mouth a.” Li Wanlong is well versed in its way, see people act, one to two to make a lot of friends. One of them, surnamed Ding, was a dart master in Beiping Huiyou Dart Bureau some years ago. Doing a dart master is a blood licking job, the Jianghu play a few years of life, Master Ding saved some savings, went back home to live a peaceful life, but because of the “road” on the reputation, every now and then, some local businessmen and wealthy people in Hefei rely on friends to come to the name, please go to some bodyguard escort job.
  Li Wanlong very respectful of the master Ding, as long as the master Ding bring people to his restaurant to eat, Li Wanlong will personally make tea end dishes. The master Ding traveled to the north and south can talk and talk, the jianghu green forest things to say a set of. Li Wanlong called him Master Ding, he did not allow, he said or the first time you come back to the best title here – Master Ding.
  The basic bodyguards have blades, guns, axes and rods with them, but not Master Ding, often holding a long pole tobacco pouch, which is two spans longer than ordinary people with tobacco pouches, made of iron, tobacco pots such as the size of a baby’s fist, the mouth of the tobacco pouch is like a gun utensil. The first appearance let Li Wanlong secretly surprised, Master Ding patted Li Wanlong’s shoulder, Li Zi, like you to (smoke) a few mouthfuls.
  Some know weapons told Li Wanlong, Master Ding this cigarette bag has a great deal of attention, named “stop the face of the old man”! This “stop the face of the old man”, the fight Yi River water pirate Yang Fan, Misty Mountains point smoke black and white two ghosts, who does not know which Jiang Hu! Master Ding smiled, busy to the speaker rose to hug fist salute, ashamed, ashamed, friends high praise.
  At the bottom of the year, Master Ding returned from a dart trip through Guang’an, suddenly felt wind chill, fell ill in Guang’an old Zhou’s carriage store, asked the owner of the carriage store to the restaurant to bowl of goat oil lump soup. When Li Wanlong heard that Master Ding was sick, without saying a word, he carried the ingredients to the carriage store and personally made the soup on the stove and brought it to Master Ding’s bed table. Master Ding wind rolled, a meal of hot lump soup into the stomach, sweating all over, the disease said he was well.
  Before going back to Hefei, Master Ding hugged his fist to thank him and said, “Li Zi, nothing more to say, in the future there is a need for the old brother, just squeak, Hefei Ding Family Village.
  The following autumn.
  Li Wanlong took a trip to the “rush” business, goods to Heshe, after receiving three large foreign exchange, could not afford to stay at the hotel, in the city wall under the windy place squinted half the night, just after dawn to return. He didn’t go out for a few miles, and could still see the bell tower of the city wall, when a man leaped out of the woods by the roadside, with a fierce face and a shiny knife in both hands, and came up and strangled the horse.
  Don’t go away, give me the three pieces of silver. The other party knew what he was talking about.
  Li Wanlong said with courage, good man, can you leave a piece (ocean), go back a hundred miles, people eat horse feed, no money can not go ah.
  The hijacker’s knife shook, and opened his mouth is a harsh word, to life or money to choose!
  Looking at the shiny knife, Li Wanlong obediently handed over the ocean, the other party took a hand, and dived into the woods. A few locals who had risen early to collect firewood and dung came over and asked Li Wanlong, who was frozen in place, what happened, and he told them about the robbery with trepidation.
  The locals sighed, come on, admit bad luck, this robbery can not afford to mess with, nicknamed “Seldon”, the government went to arrest him were injured a few, your life is still good.
  Li Wanlong heard no choice, a cold wind, suddenly remembered that the master Ding is not the Hefei it, or help him? So ask the direction of the Ding family Zhuang, throw off a big step, the wind and fire came to the Ding family Zhuang. A inquiry really has such a person as Master Ding, to the Ding family, only the son of Master Ding at home.
  Li Wanlong signed himself up and said, I am a big city east of Sang Sang, called Li Wanlong, originally opened a restaurant in Guang’an, something to ask Master Ding.
  Master Ding’s son said, I heard my father mention you before, he was invited to be a housekeeper by Master Zhang of the River House, let’s go, I’ll take you there.
  The two of them got up and rushed to the city of Hefei.
  At noon, into the city, far away to see the Zhang family gate under the acacia tree sitting on the rattan chair of the master Ding, bar bar bar smoking a cigarette bag.
  Li Wanlong waved his hand and shouted, Master Ding.
  Master Ding was stunned, hey! Li Zi, what are you doing here?
  Li Wanlong said this is so so.
  Master Ding said, you tell us what this person looks like.
  Li Wanlong described a bit, and added a sentence, listening to the local people said this person is “Seldon”.
  Master Ding listened to a frown, and after a while said, you wait here, I’ll go to come.
  Two hours later, Master Ding came back with big strides, clutching three pieces of ocean in his hand.
  Li Zi, here, three pieces of ocean.
  Li Wanlong was excited, took out a piece and said, “Master Ding, this piece of ocean, is my heart.
  Master Ding pushed with his hand, the jianghu is not this, the road is still long, after a while may see the big city.
  Father, where is your stuff? The son asked in a side.
  Li Wanlong only then noticed that Master Ding’s big cigarette holder was not in his hand.
  Master Ding smiled and said, put it in a friend’s place first.
  Li Wanlong understood that the three pieces of ocean Master Ding to come must not be easy, but it is not convenient to ask, so to Master Ding made a high bow, Master Ding, thank you! I’ll wait to entertain you in the big city.
  And then later, Li Wanlong always look forward to Master Ding to come to the big city or passing through the East Sang Sang, give him a good meal, thank people properly. But until Li Wanlong told this story to his grandson, who runs the “Guang’an Gourmet City” in his eighties, he did not see Master Ding again.
  The grandson said, “Grandpa, you’re doing this with a lot of energy, but no energy.
  Li Wanlong let the grandson said speechless.
  Guang’an Gourmet City stands in the center of the most prosperous street in Dacheng County, I do not know when, the lobby next to the cashier poked a public sign, written: “Where Ding surname people with ID cards, that is, to be able to buy.
  All people with the surname Ding will receive a free lamb lump soup with their ID cards.

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