Beyond “Princess” and “Plus Size”: Unpacking the Realities of Choosing a Partner

There is a multifarious dilemma: If both A and B hold affection for you, A abhors domestic chores, lacks culinary prowess, and sporadically exhibits a princess-like temperament; while B exudes magnanimity and gentleness, albeit 20 pounds heavier than A. Whom to espouse? It may appear mundane, yet isn’t the chosen partner merely one among myriad options?

I harbor skepticism regarding a man’s ability to consistently treat a woman as a princess. And those adept in domestic duties and maternal roles have failed to quell men’s restless spirits with culinary finesse. The inability to have both does not preclude the desire for them.

In the film “Little Reunion,” a handsome couple begets a daughter who lacks conventional beauty. Doubts arise in the man’s mind regarding her parentage, prompting a DNA test he dares not scrutinize. While the husband grapples with his daughter’s appearance, the wife, having undergone plastic surgery clandestinely, frets over revealing the truth. Amidst familial upheavals, when the wife musters the courage to disclose her secret, the husband unequivocally asserts the child’s paternity, prioritizing financial prosperity and the option of future plastic surgery over her appearance.

Thus far, it is evident that while numerous factors influence love and matrimony, physical appearance remains a significant consideration for most men. Men derive satisfaction from conversing with and admiring beautiful women. Even in private conversations, two men unabashedly extol Song Hye Kyo’s beauty, deeming it paramount over intellect. When hormones reign supreme, rationality takes a backseat, akin to impaired driving where obstacles are inevitably struck.

Aging is an inevitable process. Despite once being renowned beauties, even the most celebrated stars cannot evade the ravages of time. However, observation of middle-aged women in European streets reveals that age does not necessarily equate to “aunt” status. At a certain juncture, one’s perceived attractiveness, or rather others’ perception of it, transcends mere physical appearance.

With age comes a responsibility for one’s appearance. Your demeanor, attire, and accessories convey more than concealed blemishes and wrinkles. When a man converses with an older woman, it transcends superficial beauty.

Conversation serves as a bridge in interpersonal dynamics. Amidst a plethora of potential companions, why does one garner the emperor’s favor? Isn’t it simply the desire to engage in meaningful discourse?

A woman who captivates a man’s attention post-initial attraction possesses worldly knowledge and discernment. She understands interpersonal dynamics, exhibits tact, and conceals her emotions adeptly.

Authenticity fosters intimacy. While young admirers may stroke a man’s ego, they lack the depth to serve as confidants. Unspoken trials, humility, and complexities evade their comprehension.

Your zest for exploration and knowledge revitalizes the mundane, offering novelty amidst routine. Men, averse to monotony, find allure not in superficial changes but in your distinct perspective.

Men may befriend the companions but revere the goddesses. Immortality lies not in detachment from worldly pleasures but in navigating them with grace and equanimity.

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