Beyond Despair: Embracing the Infinite Potential of Life

   People are content with the status quo and resign themselves to fate. This state of life, whether in the city or in the countryside, is filled with deep despair.
   Even if you dress in rich clothes and arm yourself with musk or mink skins, this is just a way of seeking comfort in despair. Many people are keen on games or entertainment, which is also a way to vent, not relax.
   A truly wise man will not wallow in despair. Regarding the true meaning of life, the meaning of existence, and the essence of life, people’s choices always tend to be consistent.
   Those choices that seem to be made after careful and wise consideration are actually simply because there is no other choice in the heart.
   Because the inherent concepts blind our intelligent brains, as long as we maintain a calm and healthy thinking, you will know that the sun will provide fresh light every day, and old prejudices can be abandoned and corrected at any time.
   No matter how ancient an idea or behavior is, it will not be convincing until it is effectively verified.
   What was a truth recognized by the world yesterday may be a fallacy that needs to be abandoned tomorrow.
   If others tell you something is impossible, you have to try it yourself before deciding whether to believe it or not.
   The conclusions of predecessors will also undergo new changes as time goes by.
   The ancients understood after a long period of darkness that burning can be maintained as long as the fuel is kept.
   Nowadays, people can let the pot of hot water boiled by fuel take you to soar in the sky like a bird.
   Age and experience are not enough to give a person an advantage. Even if he is a wise man in life, it is still questionable how much truly valuable things he can get from life.
   In fact, the elderly may not be able to give their younger generations truly valuable life insights, because their experiences are only personal, not to mention that they contain more painful lessons.
   At least in the more than thirty years I have been in this world, I have never received any truly valuable advice from my elders.
   Life needs to be understood by oneself. There is a long road ahead, and I have not yet set foot in it.
   Although the ancestors have already walked through it, it is just their life path and it does not help me at all.
   I believe that the value I will experience in my future life will not be predicted in advance by my predecessors.
   A farmer told me while farming: “It’s not enough to only eat vegetarian vegetables, because vegetarian vegetables cannot provide all the nutrients you need for bone growth.”
   He has been pursuing “essential nutrients.” But he forgot that while he was talking about this, the ox in front was dragging the plow forward with its strong bones, and what the ox ate before plowing was some green grass.
   The same thing, for some people is a necessity of life, while for some people it is just a luxury, but there must be some people who know nothing about it.
   Some people believe that our ancestors have traveled all over the world and seen through the joys and sorrows of life, so they already have the most perfect solutions to the problems in this world. As Evelyn said: “The wise Solomon has already made clear the most appropriate distance between trees.” Hippocrates formulated the way to cut nails – it should not be too long, nor should it be too short, it must be level with the fingertips together. These clichés are so annoying! But it is regarded by many as the true meaning of life.
   In fact, a person’s potential is infinite and immeasurable, and any experience is just one of thousands of possibilities.
   We cannot use past examples to measure unknown territory. No matter what hardships you are going through, “Do not be troubled, my child, who can judge what you have not touched?” We can experience a different kind of life in many ways: The sun is giving my beans the energy to grow. At the same time, it will also illuminate planets like ours in the solar system.
   This alone can correct many of our fallacies! However, while I was weeding, I failed to realize this.
   The stars in the night sky are shining brightly, and everything is growing in the vast universe. Life is like the universe, ever-changing, and no one can predict the future of others.
   We were supposed to experience all the ages in a certain amount of time, yes, even all the worlds in all the ages! History, poetry, mythology – I can’t imagine any human experience being broader than these.
   A lot of things that people around me agree with, I don’t think so. If I had to find something worth regretting, it would be that I was too conventional and cautious.
   What kind of magic has imprisoned my thinking? As an old man who is over seventy years old, you are already full of glory. You can speak those words of wisdom.
   Later generations treat the dreams and careers of their predecessors like ships and let them run aground.
   We must believe as much as possible that there are many possibilities outside of our daily lives. We need to abandon our self-centered way of thinking and give care to more people.
   The world’s never-ending anxiety and tension have infinitely magnified our current affairs.
   So we always fall into such worries – how many things are left unfinished? What should I do if I get sick? So we were careful during the day and chanted sutras and prayed at night, always looking forward to the future.
   We persisted in this state of affairs with unparalleled loyalty, never flinching even under tremendous pressure. Perhaps, we would say: What else can we do?
   However, every burst of thinking is the beginning of a new life.
   If people understand the imagined situations in their minds as reality, then they will make assumptions about their lives based on them. But people can never see the edge of the sea of ​​life!