“Beach ghostwriting” romance attracts money

  The explosion of “beach ghostwriting” reflects the rapid rise of people’s spiritual consumption. The outstanding performance is that young people are willing to spend money to buy happiness and non-rigid needs.
  Just after the “October” National Day Golden Week, Xiaoyu, a girl who started a business in Hainan, posted her holiday report card on social platforms: a total of 500 orders were received in 7 days, calculated based on the unit price ranging from 10 yuan to 100 yuan, and her income reached 4 digits.
  A weekly income of 4 digits is unavoidably enviable, so what is Xiaoyu’s way of making money? It turns out that Xiaoyu lives in a community in Wenchang, Hainan, which is very close to the sea, and is a full-time “beach ghostwriting” business. In this form, young people are the main force of this romantic consumption.
  The materials needed for “beach ghostwriting” are very simple. Xiaoyu only prepared a small wooden stick, plus his expertise in writing and drawing, and he was able to start receiving orders through social platforms. The sea and the beach are basically free. Occasionally, in order to increase the effect, Xiaoyu will prepare some fake flowers as accessories. Overall, the investment is very small and the income is considerable.
  The “2021-2022 China Gift Economy Industry Research and User Consumption Behavior Analysis Report” released by iiMedia Consulting shows that in 2021, the market size will reach 1,156.8 billion yuan, and the market size is expected to reach 1,226.2 billion yuan in 2022. Relevant consultants believe that Chinese gift economy users have gradually changed their attitudes and concepts towards gift consumption, and have paid more attention to the expression of emotional essence in daily life. “Whenever birthdays, anniversaries, and romantic festivals come, relatives, friends, and lovers will rack their brains to give gifts, hoping to give more unique surprises. Therefore, gifts that can be customized are also popular among young people.” Xiaoyu He said that with the upgrading and transformation of the consumption structure, young people have more diversified choices of gifts and more pursuit of creativity.
  ”I am on Weizhou Island, writing and taking photos with my heart, creating an exclusive romance for you”… I searched for the keyword “beach ghostwriting” on a well-known “Growing Grass” platform, and there are more than 6,000 posts. On the beach, helping people write blessings has become a hot business. In the pictures posted by the bloggers, the sunset, roses, beaches, waves and blessings printed on the sand constitute a beautiful picture, attracting young people who cannot see the sea.
  In fact, “snow ghostwriting” appeared earlier than “beach ghostwriting”. In November 2019, after a heavy snowfall in Northeast China, orders for “snow writing” skyrocketed, and many shopkeepers in Changchun received dozens of orders in two days. For young people living in snow-free areas, it is a luxury wish to write on the snow to send blessings, and the emergence of the “snow writing” service allows consumers to receive a copy of the snow without leaving home. A romantic gift that leaves a mark.
  The “generation writing” business is also a microcosm of the development of the “generation economy”. In recent years, social development and consumption upgrades have spawned a variety of new consumption patterns of “generational economy”: eating instead of eating, making snowmen on behalf of others, queuing on behalf of others, dating on behalf of others, giving gifts on behalf of others, and even representing whiteness and gaining weight on behalf of others… A variety of proxy services have penetrated into people’s daily life and become a fashionable economic phenomenon.
  According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, after satisfying the basic material needs, people will naturally desire emotional satisfaction. The explosion of “beach ghostwriting” reflects the rapid rise of people’s spiritual consumption. The outstanding performance is that young people are willing to spend money to buy happiness and non-rigid needs. Where there are new needs, there will be new markets. Merchants with a keen sense of the market aim at these needs, and after careful planning, they launch ghostwriting services, and then use the network platform to visualize the creativity and spread the romantic spirit quickly. The same is true of the self-pleasing economy, the lonely economy, and the social economy that have become popular in recent years.
  As a new business model, “beach ghostwriting” is still in its infancy, lacking rule constraints and market supervision, it is inevitable that barbaric development will lead to a situation where chicken feathers are scattered all over the place. Netizen Lele reported that the “beach ghostwriting” service customized on a certain platform was not real ghostwriting. After careful identification, she found that the blessings in the pictures were artificially faked using P-picture technology. “In order to reassure netizens and prove that our beach writing is genuine, we usually record the entire writing process with a mobile phone, and then send the photos and videos to netizens.” Xiao Li, who works part-time as a “beach ghostwriting” in Shuangyue Bay, Huizhou She said that defrauding consumers will eventually lose trust, and operating with integrity is her principle.
  Romance will never go out of style, and the gift is light and the affection is deep. Looking to the future, the tentacles of “beach ghostwriting” may extend to a wider space, such as “desert ghostwriting” and “snow mountain ghostwriting”, etc., and the content of ghostwriting will also be upgraded from a few words of blessings to high-quality cultural content. transfer. Creators should inject more love and ingenuity, so that the “generation economy” can promote the spread of culture and the development of spiritual aesthetic education while making profits.

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