Astronauts who came back from the moon

  Humanity’s space dream has been overcoming various difficulties and obstacles and continuing with difficulty. As the most direct individuals rushing to the front line—astronauts, ordinary people may not really understand the various challenges and pressures they suffer.
  In 2007, as the sixth person in the world to land on the moon, Edgar said in an interview with the American radio program “Kerrang!”: “I met aliens!
  ” Nick, the host of the TV show, was stunned: “I always thought it was a joke of Mitchell, but I found that he was really serious about this matter.” Edgar replied: “This is just the beginning. , There will be more and more news about aliens visiting the earth in the future.”
  Edgar threw more than one “bomb”. He further pointed out that because he works for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), he has access to a large number of top-secret “X-Files”, which records that many UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have visited the earth. He vowed that the “Roswell incident” that occurred in the United States in July 1947 was true, while the US government kept investigating the alien incident while concealing it from the public.
  He said that as an astronaut who once landed on the moon and worked in the military and intelligence agencies, he has a lot of facts that the public does not understand-human beings are actually often visited by aliens.
  NASA immediately responded to Edgar’s statement: “NASA has never tracked UFOs, and has never covered up the fact that alien life is found on Earth or aliens are found in the universe. Dr. Mitchell Is a great American, but we disagree with him on this issue. Our mission is to find out more truth. If aliens really exist, we have no reason to hide it.”
  Ed Plus thinks he has a “witness” and none other than the first man to walk on the moon: Neil Alden Armstrong.
  It is not uncommon for Armstrong to say that he has seen aliens.
  A quite popular saying is that when the American “Apollo 11” astronaut Armstrong set foot on the surface of the moon in the “Eagle” lunar module, he encountered three UFOs with a diameter of 15 to 30 meters. When Armstrong reported what he saw to the ground control center in Houston in shock, NASA experts quickly switched the communication channel with Armstrong. The last words Armstrong ever heard were: “There are a lot of big things in there! My God, they are really big! They are sitting on the other side of the crater! They are watching us coming from the moon!”
  However, this The claim has never been substantiated, and the passage is not included in NASA’s recordings of the moon landings—of course, some people think NASA must have cut it out.
  Another theory is that Armstrong revealed in his autobiography that the United States terminated the moon landing because it was warned by aliens.
  However, Armstrong did not publish an autobiography, and never thought of one.
  There is no doubt that there may be tens of thousands of reports of “UFO sightings” around the world every year, but the reason why the words of the American astronauts who landed on the moon are so shocking is that they are indeed a group of people who have actually entered space and set foot on the ground. A person who has been to another planet.
  However, to prove the existence of anything, you have to show evidence, even if you are an astronaut on the moon.
  So far, except for Edgar, the rest of the American astronauts who have landed on the moon have not mentioned aliens.
  However, compared to the “alien” discussion without evidence, the situation and life of the astronauts who returned from the moon landing may be more worthy of attention.
  In this world, there is a mysterious “12-person club”.
  This club, no matter whether it is a big country politician or a super-rich person, cannot join, because this club has only one membership requirement-you have landed on the moon. So far, only 12 people have actually landed on the moon, all from the United States.
  British author Andrew Smith once interviewed 9 of the 12 astronauts who landed on the moon and wrote a book called “Moon Dust: Secrets of the Moon Landing Archives”. The situation of those astronauts who landed on the moon after returning to the earth disclosed in the book is beyond many people’s expectations.
  The “Apollo 14” astronaut Edgar Mitchell who came forward and claimed that he had seen aliens founded an “Abstract Science Institute” after returning to Earth, specializing in the study of all kinds of aliens. The mysterious phenomena explained, of course, also include aliens.
  ”Apollo 15″ lunar module pilot James Owen found a billion-year-old crystal called the “Origin Stone” on a rock on the moon’s Apennines. He said he was at that time It feels as if this “Origin Stone” is waiting for his arrival there. After returning to Earth, James established a religious organization called “Goofy”, and then began to lead the team to Mount Ararat in Turkey to find the remains of “Noah’s Ark” – he often said that the experience in space Make him feel closer to God than ever before.
  ”Apollo 16″ lunar module pilot Charles Duke began to drink heavily after returning to Earth and often abused his children. Later, he also converted to religion. When recalling his moon landing experience, his evaluation is “the dust of my life”.
  Like Charles Duke, as Armstrong’s partner, Buzz Aldrin, who carried out the “Apollo 11” moon landing plan, also fell into a long-term depression and alcoholism after returning to Earth.
  As the fourth man to walk on the moon, Alan Bean, the commander of “Apollo 12”, became a painter after returning to Earth. But his paintings always have only one theme: using oil paint mixed with moon dust, depicting the scenes on the surface of the moon that he has seen.
  You must know that most of these astronauts used to be test pilots of the U.S. Air Force, and their physical and psychological qualities were much higher than ordinary people.
  So does that imply – they’ve had a huge boost?
  It is certain to be stimulated, but the reason may not come from the so-called “alien”.
  First, there is the difficulty of adapting to the cult of the public once the astronauts return to Earth.
  The situation of “the first man on the moon” Armstrong may be the most representative.
  After Armstrong returned to Earth, he found that the praise and admiration from all directions made him irresistible, and he gradually developed a feeling of resistance. Armstrong’s hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio is a small town of only 10,000 residents, but the residents donated their own money to build a “Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum”, but Armstrong himself almost never goes there.
  Armstrong’s wife, Janet, filed for divorce in 1989 because of frequent speeches and activities around the world and no time to take care of her family. Armstrong later recalled: “I love my wife very much, and divorce has become the biggest price of my success.”

  Later, someone asked Armstrong how he thought his footprints would remain on the moon forever. His answer was: “I hope someone will go up and wipe my footprints off in the future.”
  Armstrong later even bought a small farm in a remote countryside. Started a semi-reclusive life. He once sighed: “How long will it take for people not to regard me as an astronaut?”
  Compared with the fanaticism of the people around, the sense of loss deep in the astronaut’s heart is also an insurmountable obstacle.
  In the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union fell into a frenzied “space hegemony”. From 1969 to 1972, the United States began to carry out frequent moon landing programs. From the president to NASA, from astronauts to ordinary people, the United States was caught up in In the excitement of “our journey is the sea of ​​stars”.
  However, after the “Apollo 17” successfully landed on the moon in December 1972, the US “lunar exploration program” died down, as if it had never happened. This has caused more or less confusion in the hearts of many participants in the lunar exploration program, including astronauts: So what should we do next in our lives?
  Buzz Aldrin, Armstrong’s moon landing partner, later wrote his autobiography and recalled his mentality at the time: “When I was in my thirties, it seemed that I had completed all the missions of my life, and I didn’t know what to do next.”
  So Aldrin began to drink heavily, then divorced his wife; then remarried, divorced again a year later, and continued to drink heavily. After retiring from the Air Force, he even made a living selling cars because he had no purpose in life.
  In 2002, at the door of a hotel in Los Angeles, the 72-year-old Aldrin was entangled by a young man and kept questioning: “Do you dare to swear to the Bible that you have landed on the moon?” “You You got paid for something you didn’t really do.” “You’re an out-and-out liar and coward!” Aldrin was irritated after arguing with the young man, and finally threw his fist at him—this The whole scene was filmed.
  When Armstrong lived a semi-reclusive life, a friend once advised him to go out more, but Armstrong’s answer was only one sentence: “I have even been to the moon, what else on earth attracts me?”
  There is another reason, It has nothing to do with the public or the astronauts themselves, but with the universe.
  Although we all know that the universe is boundless, only when astronauts are really in it can they feel the powerful impact of that vastness.
  ”Apollo 14″ astronaut Edgar is convinced that aliens exist, not so much because he found evidence, but because his beliefs have changed.
  When Edgar recalled his moon landing process, he said: “Suddenly a blue and white planet slowly rose from the edge of the moon. I was stunned for a while, and I didn’t realize it was our homeland—the earth. Edgar admits a change in his beliefs: ”
  On the way back home, seeing our planet through 24,000 miles of sky, I suddenly thought of wisdom, love and harmony. Thirty years ago, I thought that man was The only creature in the universe, I don’t see it that way now.”
  James Owen, the astronaut of “Apollo 15” who founded a religious organization, also said with emotion: “At night, you can see the moon when you look up, and I am on the moon. The earth is similar, it looks like a fragile blue ball hanging in the dark universe, you can almost reach out and hold it, this feeling can be said to be unimaginable.”
  All the astronauts who have ever landed on the moon, There is a common desire: hope to return to the moon.

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