Are you a “middle aged girl”?

  There are many words used to describe women. I don’t know when the popular word “middle-aged girl” popped up. To be honest, when I first saw this word on the Internet, I felt uneasy, as if I saw a wrinkled elder sister who insisted on wearing a pink miniskirt—not to mention embarrassment, and The frustration of not being able to grasp the lost youth. That kind of embarrassment is fully exposed, why bother to embarrass yourself so much? Originally, “middle-aged” and “young girl” seem to me to be two distinct and incompatible states.
  Now, in middle age, the “girl” has been far away from me for many years. Whenever I look back on the past, I even try my best to avoid recalling my girlhood. Ji’s embarrassing stories and ugly photos without P pictures. Now I am much better than when I was a girl. This is my cognition of myself that does not accept refutation, and it is the capital that makes me proud. After all, the goodness of a young girl is inherited from parents, and the goodness of middle age is achieved by oneself, it is one’s own goodness, it is really good. Whenever I see some girls covered in lace bowknots, either bright or melancholy but with ignorant faces, even though they look full of collagen and their skin can be broken, I don’t envy them. On the one hand, it’s the passing of youth. No one can control the laws of nature, envy is useless. On the other hand, I really think, just wait and see, and see what the years will leave on this youthful face, each according to his own ability. This is not sour, but the experience of a daughter-in-law becoming a mother-in-law for many years.
  However, when the word “middle-aged girl” appeared, for a while, I couldn’t even play it anymore-don’t the words “middle-aged” and “girl” violate harmony? Should it be “middle-aged” or “girly”? Gotta take one, right? What is the state of a “middle-aged girl”? old lady? Not convinced? Pretending to be young? Isn’t this troublesome? I managed to get through to the middle-aged capital who outshine everyone else, why did I pretend to be young again? Stupid or not? What a joke.
  What’s even more ridiculous is that I found 7 major characteristics of “middle-aged girls” listed on the Internet: 1. Like pink; 2. Start to maintain and maintain health; 3. Hair loss; Meat” love; 6. Like to watch small sweet dramas; 7. Want to lose fat but can’t resist delicious food. After comparing them one by one, I am so angry, superficial, too superficial! Girls who like pink? What age does not lose hair? Grandparents love online shopping! This is a misunderstanding of “girls” and discrimination against “middle-aged”.
  I have had an in-depth discussion on this topic with the female compatriots around me, and a few of them actually agree, because they really don’t want to just grow old willingly. Who wasn’t a teenage girl when she was young? When one is approaching middle age, a sense of crisis also comes along with it. Coupled with the trivial things of life, the health of the elderly, the grades of the children, and the salary of myself and my husband, no one can worry, and I want to desperately seize youth. If you really can’t grasp the tail, you should grasp it by force, and you must create conditions to grasp it. Ever since, pink short skirts were arranged. The difference is that some dared to wear them boldly, while others only dared to buy them secretly, but did not dare to wear them boldly.
  After pondering for a long time, I found out, what exactly is a “middle-aged girl”? In fact, “middle age” is age, and “girl” is mentality.
  A girl will grow old, but a girl’s heart will not, but the girl’s heart is not limited to pink miniskirts. Even if you dare to put on a pink miniskirt without fear of other people’s eyes, it doesn’t mean you have a girl’s heart. “Middle-aged girl” is not a young girl who does not match her age, nor does it mean that she is a girl who dares to wear a pink miniskirt. “Middle-aged girls” are not ignorant women who have never been beaten by life, but wise women who are still willing to maintain reconciliation and restart their mentality after being ruthlessly polished by the years. The best appearance of a woman comes from a good attitude, regardless of age. In the middle-aged life with feathers all over the place, always keep the original heart, even if the years get old, the heart will always be young, always vigorous, and always move forward. This is the correct answer of “middle-aged girl”, and it is what every woman should strive for look.
  No one can control the smoke and fire in life. When people reach middle age, they know the truth of letting nature take its course. Stop fighting, stop being angry, but we are not cowardly either. In middle age, you can still maintain an upward disposition, be curious and passionate, not get together blindly, and maybe be lonely occasionally, but you are also happy to be free. There are both the precipitation of the years and the innocence of youth; there are both the calmness and calmness after seeing through the hearts of the people, and the stubborn self-reliance crawling in the fireworks of the world.
  Sometimes we have to grow and mature in ways we are not used to or like. When people reach middle age, they understand many truths in their hearts, but it is extremely difficult to do them, but this is the only way for each of us. Middle-aged is full of vicissitudes, and young girls are a little thin. In contrast, “middle-aged girls” are much better and inclusive. In this state, I am afraid that after going through a lot of hardships in life and emotional precipitation, I will gradually understand that all suffering can only be healed by myself, the sense of security is given by myself, and the sense of happiness is created by myself. You have seen so many beautiful scenery in life, and you have survived so many years of ups and downs. Standing at the intersection of middle age, you should be particularly proud, elegant and advanced, confident and beautiful, not blindly pleasing others, and not wronging yourself too much.
  A woman stumbles all the way until she is thirty or forty years old. No matter how innocent a girl once was, she will inevitably become a sophisticated middle-aged woman. No one is exempt, but some people’s mentality is younger than their image.
  If you observe carefully, every middle-aged woman will inevitably show fatigue as she grows older: there are fine lines around the eyes; It will expand without disappointment. It is not the time when you eat a few meals less when you are a girl and you can easily lose weight. The sharpness and lightness you once thought you would have for a lifetime now require hard work to barely maintain. Even though the naivety and lightness of the girl are gone, the innocence and enthusiasm in our bones should always be there.
  Thinking about it carefully, “middle-aged girls” may be the best state we can have: fade away from youthfulness, have mature charm, and have the ability to resist the difficulties of life. The new girls in those units will also use envy eyes on us. At this age, makeup can be thick or light, clothing can be salty or sweet, and personality can be advanced or retreated. No matter you look youthful or elegant and calm, your state of mind is always flowery and self-sustaining; you can be mature and decisive outside, but you can still be a good wife and mother when you come home; Drinking alone at night and crying…
  You know, no matter when and where, even if you are deep in the mud, you can try your best to bloom flowers; you can be fragrant all the way at any time, and live yourself as a confident “middle-aged girl”. On the road of life, people come and go, maybe they have stumbled, but they always have their own accent. How beautiful!
  I have seen this sentence: live up to yesterday’s journey, live up to today’s scenery, and don’t worry about tomorrow’s affairs. This may be the most ideal look for a “middle-aged girl”. If you haven’t finished it yet, please keep working hard, believe me, “middle-aged girl”, you deserve it! “Old girl” is also just around the corner!
  In short, no matter what age we are, we should love life and live a beautiful life.

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