Are barbs on hands a vitamin deficiency? Two different things!

Barbs on hands indicate vitamin deficiency

  Truth: Some people think that the reason for finger barbs is the lack of vitamin B6 or vitamin C. As long as these vitamins are supplemented, barbs will not grow. The real situation is – if it is just a simple barb around the nail, most of it is just a local skin abnormality, rather than a reflection of a systemic disease. The scientific name of barbs is “reverse peeling”, which is a common periungual skin problem and is not caused by vitamin deficiency.
  Finger barbs are mostly caused by physical friction or excessive hand washing. The reason is that the stratum corneum at the end of the nail is constantly accumulating and thickening. When the stratum corneum is excessively keratinized and not cared for, the edge of the skin is easy to dry and crack, and the tiny cracks are enlarged by friction, so inverted nails appear. prick. If the climate is dry and the water is lost too much, the cuticle of the nail is easy to dry and crack, and barbs are more likely to appear.
  Certain vitamins were indeed linked to skin health, but not to the appearance of barbs. For example, vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to seborrheic dermatitis where there are more sebaceous glands, such as the scalp, face, chest and other skin folds on the body. But the root of the nail, which is prone to barbs, does not have sebaceous glands. Vitamin C can inhibit melanin production and anti-oxidation, and can also promote the synthesis of collagen in dermal tissue. However, the long barbs are due to the dryness and frictional fracture of the stratum corneum, which does not involve the synthesis of collagen in the deeper dermal tissue.

Lutein can prevent myopia

  Truth: As parents pay more attention to their children’s eyesight, various health care products have entered the “altar”. It is reported on the Internet that lutein can resist blue light and protect eyesight. People who stay up late to study, use their eyes excessively, and use their mobile phones for a long time can prevent and treat myopia by supplementing lutein.
  Studies have shown that lutein has a positive effect on protecting retinal health and preventing age-related macular degeneration, but its efficacy on myopia has not been confirmed. In addition, lutein does not need additional supplements, because there are enough lutein in our normal diet (such as mango, corn, spinach and all green vegetables), as long as the diet is balanced, we can get enough through our daily diet of lutein.
  At present, there is no cure for myopia in medicine. We can only avoid the aggravation of myopia through scientific correction and improvement of eye habits. The most effective way to prevent myopia is good eye habits and increasing outdoor activities. Reduce the time of using eyes at close range, ensure appropriate illumination when writing and reading, and keep the height of tables and chairs appropriate to keep the eyes and the distance between them. Two hours of outdoor activities every day, bathing in the sun and overlooking the green scenery, etc., can relax the eyes and effectively relieve visual fatigue. This is the most effective and economical way to prevent and control myopia. If you have myopia problems, you should seek advice from a professional doctor and take a variety of comprehensive measures to prevent and manage myopia.
Buying Orthodontics Online is Affordable and Convenient

  Truth: The orthodontic braces that appear on the e-commerce platform are exciting. There is no need to go to the hospital to customize orthodontic appliances. “Self-service” orthodontics are cheap and convenient. But is it really reliable to buy braces online?
  Orthodontic treatment is different from general online consumption. It is a professional medical behavior. Consumers who choose to buy orthodontic appliances online for “self-service” orthodontics may face many risks.
  Due to individual differences, each patient’s orthodontic plan is different. Before correction, patients should undergo comprehensive imaging and biochemical examinations before doctors can give a scientific orthodontic plan. In the process of buying orthodontic appliances online, these indispensable steps are all omitted.
  In addition, there are many hazards in wearing orthodontic appliances at home. Without the guidance of a professional doctor, some dental caries, periodontal disease, and temporomandibular joint problems may occur. Oral diseases caused by improper treatment may be irreversible for life.
The “soil” from the sky is a sandstorm

  Truth: There are a lot of sandstorms recently, and people tend to be used to saying “sandstorms are coming”, but in meteorology, sandstorms can be divided into five types according to their intensity: floating dust, blowing sand, sandstorms, strong sandstorms and extremely strong sandstorms— — Not all dust weather is a dust storm.
  Among the five kinds of sand and dust weather, the degree of floating dust is the lightest, which refers to the weather phenomenon in which dust and fine sand float in the air evenly, so that the horizontal visibility is less than 10 kilometers. Floating dust often makes the distant scenery appear yellowish brown or grayish yellow, and the sky is pale or yellowish.
  During the blowing sand weather, the wind blows the dust and sand on the ground, making the air quite turbid, and the horizontal visibility is within 1 km to 10 km.
  When it reaches the sandstorm level, the strong wind will blow a large amount of sand and dust on the ground, making the air very turbid, and the horizontal visibility is less than 1 km.
  A strong sandstorm is when strong winds blow up sand and dust on the ground, the air is blurred and turbid, and the horizontal visibility is less than 500 meters.
  When the most severe sandstorm occurs, the wind blows the dust on the ground, the air is particularly cloudy, and the horizontal visibility is less than 50 meters.

  Oseltamivir is a specific inhibitor against influenza virus neuraminidase, which can effectively cut off and inhibit infected cells, and is an effective drug for treating influenza. For high-risk groups such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, and groups with chronic underlying diseases, the effect of using oseltamivir within 48 hours of onset is the best (it can also be used after 48 hours, but you still need to consult a doctor first. under the guidance of use).
Take oseltamivir directly after getting influenza A

  Truth: The “power” of influenza A has made the popularity of oseltamivir soaring. Some people even regard it as a “magic medicine” for treating colds, and take it directly regardless of the symptoms of a cold. In fact, oseltamivir is not a “panacea medicine”. Its efficacy is relatively simple, and it is only effective against influenza A and type B, and is ineffective against other types of colds. At the same time, oseltamivir is a prescription drug and should be used under the guidance of a doctor, and it is not recommended to take it by yourself.
  Oseltamivir is a specific inhibitor against influenza virus neuraminidase, which can effectively cut off and inhibit infected cells, and is an effective drug for treating influenza. For high-risk groups such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, and groups with chronic underlying diseases, the effect of using oseltamivir within 48 hours of onset is the best (it can also be used after 48 hours, but you still need to consult a doctor first. under the guidance of use).

  People who are not at high risk of severe illness only need to take general symptomatic treatment such as antipyretics or physical cooling.
  Special attention should be paid to the fact that oseltamivir is an antiviral drug, and if abused, the human body will develop drug resistance. Once a critical illness occurs, this drug resistance will affect treatment. If the high-risk groups of severe influenza have been in contact with patients with influenza A, temporary oral administration of oseltamivir can be used as prophylactic treatment, but it is not recommended as a routine prophylactic drug.
Eat collagen skin can be better

  Truth: “Eating pig’s trotters and supplementing collagen can improve beauty” is a classic folk remedy, I believe many people know it. But if you usually eat more foods containing collagen, will your skin get better? This kind of statement is “stealing the concept”.
  In fact, it is impossible to eat collagen into the skin. After collagen arrives in the body, it first decomposes into amino acids one by one—eating more collagen only means that the intake of amino acids increases, but the body will not synthesize more collagen.
Online shopping “tape” to easily correct mouth breathing

  Truth: More and more people realize that mouth breathing for a long time will affect the appearance. Products such as “mouth breathing stickers” on e-commerce platforms have become “sweet pastries”. But self-correcting breathing habits can be risky.
  ”Mouth breathing patch” is to use strip tape to forcibly paste the upper and lower lips of a person to prevent the mouth from opening to breathe during sleep. But it can only play an auxiliary role in helping the mouth to close. Mouth breathing stickers can be used to correct mouth breathing caused by oral or dental reasons (such as lower teeth, protruding front teeth, etc.). If mouth breathing is caused by obstructive diseases, mouth breathing stickers cannot be used, otherwise it will cause severe hypoxia and more problems for the user.
  Regardless of children or adults, if mouth breathing cannot be relieved for a long time, you should see a professional otolaryngologist. For obstructive mouth breathing, the etiology should be clarified and treated according to the diagnosis and treatment opinions of otolaryngologists. For example, tonsils, adenoids, and nasal polyps that compress the airway should be removed, and obvious deviated nasal septum should be corrected. Chronic rhinitis is generally Conservative treatment is the main method. Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome can be treated by expanding the volume of the pharynx or reducing the volume of the tongue.
‘Non-fried’ foods are healthier

  Truth: Everyone knows that eating too much fried food is not good for health, so “non-fried” food is healthier, so you don’t gain weight or get angry after eating it? actually not. “Non-fried” isn’t necessarily healthier.
  The difference between fried food and “non-fried” food is only the production method, and the oil content, fat and calories of the ingredients themselves have not decreased accordingly. In order to ensure the crispy taste of the food, the surface of puffed food (not fried) such as shrimp sticks and crispy sticks still needs to be brushed with oil, and the fat content is not low. The fat content of puffed food is usually more than 15%, and a few products even reach more than 30%, which is not inferior to fried crispy rice and fried instant noodles.
  In addition, harmful substances such as acrylamide contained in some “non-fried” foods were not reduced by the way they were prepared. For example, deep-fried potato chips are cooked by frying, while “non-fried” chips are dried and baked. Among them, the baking temperature is often above 200°C, and potato chips still have the risk of producing acrylamide at high temperatures.
  Therefore, when purchasing food, you don’t have to pay attention to the concept of “fried” or “non-fried”, but you should pay more attention to important information such as the shelf life, ingredient list, and nutritional composition list on the food packaging. Try to choose products with low fat content, low calories, and low sodium content; try to choose foods that do not contain hydrogenated oils to reduce the intake of trans fatty acids; try to choose foods that have low processing temperatures and simple processing processes.

Wild vegetables are “green food”

  Truth: Digging wild vegetables is a “reserved item” for many elderly people every spring. Everyone thinks that wild vegetables are wild and belong to green food, which are healthier than cultivated vegetables. The truth is – even natural wild vegetables are not green food, and regular consumption may be harmful to health.
  Green food pays more attention to “no pollution” or “pollution-free” than ordinary food, and has the dual advantages of nutrition and safety. my country has clear regulations on green food, which are divided into two grades: AA grade and A grade. Among them, A grade green food requires limited use of limited chemical synthetic substances; while AA grade green food has stricter requirements and must not be used in the production process. Any chemically synthesized fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed additives, food additives and other substances harmful to the environment and human health shall be produced in accordance with organic production methods. Although wild vegetables grow naturally in nature, they do not belong to green food. After all, there is no supervision on the quality and safety of wild vegetables. The soil, air, and water sources where wild vegetables grow may have been polluted, and may even be contaminated with pesticides and insecticides.
  A study has reported the risk assessment of heavy metal pollution in nine kinds of mountain wild vegetables in Jilin Province, including commonly eaten Acanthopanax, thorny shoots, bracken, dandelion, Artemisia willow, shepherd’s purse, lettuce, celery, celery, root garlic. The results showed that the order of pollution degree of five heavy metals in nine kinds of wild vegetables was cadmium>chromium>lead>arsenic>mercury, and cadmium, chromium and lead were slightly polluted. Compared with vegetables cultivated in artificially controlled environments, these contaminated wild vegetables pose a greater health risk to the human population.
  There was also an experiment to detect the lead and cadmium content in 90 wild vegetable samples of Malan, shepherd’s purse, and cress in eight regions of Zhejiang Province. The results found that the heavy metal lead content of the three wild vegetables exceeded the standard rate by 56.7% difference). Excessive lead intake can damage the nervous system, hematopoietic system and kidney health.

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