Appearance anxiety

  The CEO of a website dedicated to plastic surgeons once said that he thought women would mind revealing their cosmetic procedures on the website, but he found he was wrong. His website was full of procedures that women disclosed under their real names. Not only that, they also discussed and exchanged their experiences online, pointing out each other’s shortcomings and areas for improvement.
  A similar situation is the same in China now. Chinese women (and of course some men), they have the courage to lie on the operating table, just to narrow the gap with the perfect image in their minds. They unabashedly pursue big eyes and high nose bridges. And society as a whole is helping them to lessen this shyness, encouraging them to operate on themselves. Some agencies have come up with some data saying that people with below-average looks earn 9% less per hour than people with outstanding looks. This view gives women reasons and excuses to pursue the perfect face.
  Plastic surgery is booming all over the world. South Korea, which is a close neighbor to China, is a country with a prominent plastic surgery industry in Asia. It is said that about 25% of women in this country have undergone plastic surgery. It is also reported that some parents give their children high school graduation gifts. Give them plastic surgery. In countries such as Venezuela and Brazil, the government believes that plastic surgery is good for physical and mental health, and even includes some plastic surgery programs in medical insurance.
  The products developed for beauty are updated every year, from botulinum toxin to hyaluronic acid, as well as frozen fat-dissolving technology, fat-dissolving needles, etc., new technologies and new concepts emerge one after another, and micro-plastic surgery is gradually becoming popular. Plastic surgery no longer needs to be as big as cutting bones and flesh, and it can be solved by injecting a needle or embedding a thread. It only takes a midday to become beautiful, like “taking a nap”.
  Microplastic surgery is also becoming more and more popular in China. In 2011, the total number of plastic surgeries in China ranked third in the world, with a total of 1.05 million operations in the whole year. By 2015, the scale of China’s medical beauty market has reached 50 billion to 100 billion yuan. In recent years, the industry growth rate is even faster. 20% to 30% development every year. Chinese people are more and more accepting of plastic surgery. In the past, the customer group in the medical beauty industry was mainly consumers aged 35 to 45, but now the age of customers has expanded to 18 to 55, and the number of male customers has increased significantly.
  Behind the shaping of the economy, is the public’s improvement of self-demand. Everyone expanded the scope of the original self-approval from learning, economics, etc. to appearance. Appearance requirements produce anxiety, and anxiety drives consumption behavior. Is this an improvement in self-awareness or a regression? It is indeed a matter of opinion!