There is a kind of amphitheater in Australian rivers. They are petite and usually feed on moss and fish and insects on the rocks on the bottom of the water.
  The natural enemy of the manfish is the red-tailed fish. The redtail has a big mouth and strong power. It usually feeds on small fish in the water, and eats more than 1,500 grams a day on average. Of course, the fish is also the target of their hunting.
  There is a very interesting phenomenon: it is often the fish that reach the mouth, but the red-tailed fish spit them out, and the fish is finally turned into a disaster, which is really incomprehensible.
  Later, after a series of follow-up observations, people finally figured out why the red-tailed fish had let go of it at a critical moment.
  Usually, the fish feed on moss and fish insects, but in the waters where they live, due to the water quality, there are not many fish insects and moss. Such water quality has a great impact on redtail fish, and their tails and abdomen often fester. Soon, some small bugs will grow in the festering part, which makes the redtail very uncomfortable.
  Because of the lack of food, the fish will slowly approach the redtail to eat their festering parts. At first, the red tail fish feels severe pain and will attack Wenyu. However, Wenyu was not angry, and quickly dodged, and then approached the redtail fish. After several times, the redtail fish never attacked them again, because they found that the biting part of the fish seemed to be less painful, so they slowly accepted them and began to enjoy the service.
  After one or two times, they became dependent on Wenyu, and sometimes they even swam to Wenyu to ask for help, treating Wenyu as their patron saint. This is why the red tail fish spit out the spit out of the mouth.
  When the red-tailed fish attacked the Wenyu, the Wenyu could have avoided it. But they did not do this, but insisted on cleaning the wounds for the red tail fish. This is their demand and a manifestation of their quality. Sometimes, human beings also have such problems. If you help a person, you may also encounter malice. However, when you insist on helping someone, you will be surprised on the other side of your life.