Allyl Epoxy Polyethylene Oxide: A Versatile Material from Shandong Pengrun New Materials

Understanding Allyl Epoxy Polyethylene Oxide (PEO):

Allyl Epoxy Polyethylene Oxide (PEO), also known as polyether, is a versatile material prized for its unique properties. It is a water-soluble resin composed of a long chain of ethylene oxide units with an allyl epoxy group attached at one end. This structure grants PEO a combination of hydrophilic (water-loving) and lipophilic (oil-loving) characteristics, making it a valuable component in various industrial applications.

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Structural Formula  


Other names  

Unsaturated epoxy polyether, allyl epoxy polyether, allyl epoxy polyethylene glycol, allyl polyoxyalkyl epoxy ether

Average molecular weight  


Typical Properties  

AppearanceColorless to yellow, transparent liquid
Epoxy values were mol/100g0.2100-0.2493
Double-bond mmol/g2.19-2.50


1.The molecular structure contains two active groups, allyl group and epoxy group, which are important organic synthesis intermediates of various surfactants. It is mainly used in epoxy resin thinner, chloride stabilizer and fabric finishing agent with good reactivity and activity.

2.Used as a synthetic silicone surfactant. It is the main raw material for the synthesis of polyether modified polysiloxane, which is obtained by the attachment of active polysiloxane. It is water soluble, oil soluble, and easy to adjust, has the traditional siloxane products, such as high resistance, low temperature, anti-aging, hydrophobic, electric insulation and low surface tension. It also has the polyether chain to provide lubrication effect, soft effect, good spread and emulsification stability and other special properties, which can be used as polyurethane foam agent, textile additives, oilfield emulsion, cosmetic additives, coating leveling, cleaning agent, defelam, emulsifier, etc. The copolymers that react with hydrogen and silicone oil are widely used in polyurethane foam, textile additives and oilfield emulsions.

Packing and storage  

This product is packaged in 200L galvanized plastic iron barrel or 1000 L IBC container ton barrel, 200 Kg/ barrel or 1000 Kg/ barrel; or other specifications to be scheduled.

This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place to prevent rain and moisture.

Properties of Allyl Epoxy PEO:

  • Water Solubility: PEO readily dissolves in water, making it ideal for applications requiring aqueous solutions.
  • Film-forming: PEO forms clear and flexible films upon drying, useful in coatings and adhesives.
  • Biocompatibility: PEO exhibits low toxicity and good biocompatibility, making it suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.
  • Chemical Stability: PEO is resistant to many chemicals and solvents, enhancing its durability in various environments.

Applications of Allyl Epoxy PEO:

The unique properties of Allyl Epoxy PEO make it a valuable material across numerous industries:

  • Coatings: PEO enhances adhesion, flexibility, and water resistance in coatings for various surfaces.
  • Adhesives: PEO-based adhesives offer strong bonding properties for diverse materials.
  • Pharmaceuticals: PEO finds application in drug delivery systems due to its biocompatibility and water solubility.
  • Cosmetics: PEO acts as a thickening, emulsifying, and film-forming agent in cosmetic formulations.

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