Adults don’t want to pay the bill for good ambitions

  In the past year, I found myself becoming more and more budget-conscious!
  In the past, I was keen to spend money to go to the gym to buy a bunch of private lessons and let the coach take the exercise; now I feel very happy to jump around with Liu Genghong at home, or go downstairs for a few laps.
  I used to like to go to the Internet celebrity restaurant when I had nothing to do, but now I turn on my mobile phone to check the recipe, and I can make a few delicious dishes.
  In the past, I was keen to enroll my children in various training courses, and the money was almost ignored. Later I found out that I really can’t think that way, I still have to see the effect, otherwise it would be a waste of money!
  A neighbor said that he enrolled his child in an art class. The art class is offered by graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts. The fees are cheap, but the source of students is not good, and many children are not accepted in total. Due to the irregular schedule of the teacher, sometimes he would come to class to the children when he was hungry. Halfway through the class, he wanted to eat hot pot, and when there were not many children in class, he took the children who were in class to eat hot pot!
  It doesn’t matter what you learn in class, what matters is that the child happily followed the teacher to have a hot pot meal. Although the atmosphere is very pleasant, the main purpose of coming here is to learn painting and cultivate one’s sentiments. Forget it, refund the fee, after all, the bear boy does not love painting at all except for eating hot pot.
  Another example is that if you sign up for a math Olympiad class, the same class has the same test questions, others take 100 points, and his child takes about 20 points every time! In this way, he insisted on studying for a year, and after trying various methods but no improvement, the neighbor gave up: “He studied so hard, maybe it is really not suitable, be practical, and learn the knowledge of school well. , Just consolidate it. The money saved by applying for classes may be used for something else. This is not stingy, nor is it lying flat, but facing the reality. I have found that my child is not an eagle in the sky, but a little boy on the ground. Chicken.”
  He asked: “Have you heard the story of the eagle and the chick? Once upon a time, a chick was very envious of the eagle flying in the blue sky, and it asked the hen curiously: ‘Mom, we also have a pair of wings, why can’t we How about flying as high as an eagle?’ The hen replied: ‘Fool, what’s the use of flying so high, there are no grains in the blue sky, and no worms!’ Where are they!”
  That’s right, this big man summed it up quite well! Some people may have a different view: a hen who eats all day long will never understand that although there are no grains and worms in the blue sky, it overlooks the mountains and rivers and elevates the height of the soul.
  In reality, it is impossible for a chicken to soar in the blue sky while waving its wings for a lifetime, so instead of imagining being an eagle unrealistically, it is better to be a down-to-earth chicken. So ambitious, it is really better to be down-to-earth.
  In fact, this is the case in all aspects of life. Pragmatically doing what you can is not tacky or lacking ideals, but understanding what you want to do at the moment. After understanding, look for the goal and move forward steadily. As for the result, leave it to time and wait for the flowers to bloom.

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