A Timely Lesson on Not Letting Past Failures Define You and Keeping an Optimistic Mindset

  I sent my children to school in the morning and it was a little late to go out. On the way, we talked about the fun games recently, so our pace slowed down a bit. After watching him enter the school gate, I looked at my watch and saw that he was nearly 10 minutes later than usual.
  The time I take the subway to work is usually fixed. When I check in at work, it takes no more than two minutes around 8 o’clock. I can also have breakfast leisurely. Today I am 10 minutes late, so I am missing at least two trains. In addition, I need to change trains twice on the way, so it may be even later. Thinking of this, I hurried to the subway station. I got on the first subway and lost 3 minutes. When I was changing trains, I just walked to the platform and a car came into the station. I quickly got into the car and walked faster after getting off. When I stood in front of the time clock machine, the time showed 8 o’clock exactly, just like every other day, exactly one minute.
  I finally breathed a sigh of relief.
  Thinking about it, it’s actually okay not to be in a hurry. Not only is skipping breakfast not a big deal, even being a few minutes late isn’t necessarily a big deal – you’re responsible for the deduction anyway. Although I understand the truth, the sense of urgency often comes out due to small things, and I can’t stop it.
  The source of this sense of urgency is related to personality, but I’m afraid there is a more important reason.
  When I was in the Netherlands, I was introduced to a friend by an acquaintance. He was only 4 years older than me, but he was already a well-known young painter and had lived in Europe for many years. While chatting, I found that his views on things were very profound and his perspective of observation was unique, which benefited me a lot.
  I originally thought that he came from a family of painters, but he told me that his family members were all engaged in ordinary occupations. He didn’t even pass the high school examination and only went to a vocational high school. This surprised me.
  He said: “What I am most grateful to is my father. I did poorly in the high school entrance examination and was very depressed. But my father told me that although the high school entrance examination is very important, it is far from the level that can control my life. Let alone the high school entrance examination. , the same goes for the college entrance examination. So I continued on. In fact, I also encountered many difficulties in the process of learning painting. I started late, had no foundation, and was not from a well-off family. My father, including my whole family, could not learn professionally. He gave me guidance, but without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
  If someone had told me this 20 years ago, I would have laughed and despised this Ah Q spirit; but that afternoon, I was so surprised by my surprise just now. feel ashamed.
  ”I always remember what my father said: You have the final say whether you lose or not.”
  When my friend said this, his eyes sparkled.
  I hope I will always remember this sentence: You have the final say whether you win or not. No matter what situation you are in, don’t judge yourself casually or make conclusions for yourself easily. Always have the motivation to pursue and the heart to keep moving forward.
  Because if you miss that train, you won’t necessarily be late.

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