A nostalgic recollection of albizia flowers under the summer rain and the lasting soul connection formed with nature

  It was already late autumn, but suddenly I thought of the albizia flower. I particularly like the Albizia julibrissin, its thin, silky petals, its soft body, and its faint fragrance. But this year’s albizia flowers disappeared with the summer before I had time to appreciate them carefully. Standing under the acacia tree in the community and staring for a long time, I couldn’t help but think of the summer of 2006.
  That year, I wrote a poem for Hehuan. Today I tried hard to think of the content of the poem, but I couldn’t remember it. I wrote it in a diary at that time. As the number of moves increased, I don’t know where the diary was placed. I hated my memory. Why could I forget all the poems I had written? Regardless, I still have vivid memories of that summer.
  After the rain, I walked across that community, and a faint scent of albizia flowers entered my heart, and I couldn’t help but look for the source of the fragrance. Not far away, there are many Albizia Julibrissin trees on both sides of the road. The Albizia Julibrissin flowers have fallen to the ground after being blown by the wind and rain. The pink color on the ground makes people suddenly feel love and compassion. I had never seen so many acacia trees before and I was so ecstatic. It’s a pity that there were no smartphones at that time, so I couldn’t take pictures of my favorite scenery anytime and anywhere.
  I randomly picked up a few flowers and put them in the palm of my hand, and saw that its silky petals were covered with tiny water drops. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist its beauty, let alone describe it with the words in my mind. In this way, let your feelings indulge in its world.
  Looking up at the Albizia Julibrissin trees, although many flowers have fallen after the rain, the trees are still full of flowers and branches, and water drops slowly fall along the filaments, like the delicate tears of a beautiful woman. While admiring its beauty, I smelled its fragrance greedily, fearing that the fragrance would slip away if I didn’t pay attention. Standing under the tree, I was intoxicated, as if I had entered a long-lasting dream.
  That poem was born in my writing, and I finished it in one go when I got home. When I sent a message to my friend on my mobile phone, she asked me questioningly: “Where did you copy this from? It couldn’t have been written by you, right?” I didn’t reply to her, but I knew from her words that she appreciated it. I also know that what I wrote should be pretty good, because it comes from my inner feelings and is also an expression of what I love most.
  Over the years, I have looked for that diary many times, but it must have been lost after all. Today, when I revisit the memories of that year, my heart is filled with ripples. So, I couldn’t wait to get home and rummaged through the boxes and cabinets to find the diary. I also searched all over the garage, but still couldn’t find it. I sat there disappointed. In fact, there were many poems written by me in that diary, but I did not keep them. The most regrettable thing is that I can no longer remember the poem about the albizia flower, and now I can no longer find the inspiration from that time – it was a collision of souls, a feeling of deep love. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too emotionally rich, or the albizia flower is really charming, but in short, if you love it, you just love it, there is no reason.
  I remember that I also put a few Albizia julibrissin flowers I picked up into my diary and wanted to make a specimen. Every time I opened the diary, there would be a vague fragrance of Albizia julibrissin flowers. I gently picked up one to admire it. , like a small feather fan, very beautiful. Even though the color of the flower is no longer the original pink, even though it has dried up and is no longer fresh, it still retains its original grace, and my love for it has never diminished. I have been so busy these years that I have actually neglected the Albizia julibrissin. Although I admire it every year when I encounter it and love it very much, it never feels the same as it did back then.
  I imagine that one day that diary will suddenly appear in a corner. When I open the diary, I can see the albizia flower when I was sixteen and the poem I wrote when I was sixteen. I can relive the feeling of that year and the years. Gives me the throbbing.
  Since moving, I have never been to the community I passed by again. I don’t know if the acacia tree is still there, or whether it still blooms as scheduled every year. Next summer, I will never miss its blooming days again. Maybe my soul and its soul will collide again and produce more vivid words to support this indissoluble bond. I will also pick it up again after it has fallen, take it home, and make a new specimen, just like the reincarnation of the albizia flower that year!