A Look at What True Love and Long-Lasting Relationships Are Really Like Based on Real Examples

  I still remember seeing such a piece of news. A boy knew that his girlfriend liked sunflowers, so he bought seeds and planted them on the ground in front of his house. He carefully maintained the seeds to take root and sprout day after day, and then gave the flowers he planted to the girl.
  The girl said that on their first date, the boy handmade a bouquet of sunflowers for her. After being together for so long, he often bought beautiful flowers from the flower shop, and then wrapped them into bouquets and gave them to her. Now he simply grows his own flowers. The smile in the girl’s words could not be hidden.
  You see, people who really love you will always know how to love you. The reason cold people are cold is because they haven’t met the person they like. When you care about someone in your heart, you can’t help but cater to the other person’s preferences, even to the point of loving the other person.
  A boy told me that his girlfriend often brought him some peripherals related to “One Piece”. When he asked about it, he saw it while shopping and bought it. I also heard a girl tell me that in the afternoon, she casually She said she wanted to eat skewers from a restaurant in the south of the city, so her husband took a detour for nearly an hour after work in the evening to pack them for her. He even wrapped them in tin foil and they were still hot when they got home.
  I’ve seen a girl who doesn’t care about sex take the initiative to transform into a little cook for her boyfriend who has a bad stomach; I’ve also seen a cool guy smile so hard in front of the girl he likes that his eyes narrow, like a hedgehog with its quills put away. .
  Porridge in the morning is better than wine at night, as those who love you and those who lie to you will say. People who are really good to you will only hide their love silently in their lives and are willing to break many rules for you.
  I don’t know how many people cried when watching the documentary “Dear, Don’t Cross That River”. The old lady said that since meeting him, she has never felt lonely again. “He came to marry me when I was 14 years old. He came when the snow was falling. He never made me angry after we got married…”
  They have been together for 75 years, holding hands and growing old together. When it snows, they play snowball fights, build snowmen, and eat the first snow together; but everyday. Grandpa likes to touch grandma’s ears and face. He likes to pick all kinds of flowers and hand them to grandma, put them next to her cheeks, and praise her beauty. They loved each other purely until death separated them.
  In this era where we are accustomed to seeing “fast food”, we should take a look at those long-lasting and passionate sincerities. Meeting a good lover can really cure most of the pain in life.
  Someone asks you if your porridge is warm, someone stays with you until dusk, someone always holds you in the palm of your hand like a child, someone makes you feel that the sky is high and the sea is vast, and as long as he is here, you will always feel at ease. If you are lucky enough to meet such a person, you are mature and I am gentle, you just like it, and you are just in tune with each other, then it must be the best gift from God in this life.
  The older a person grows, the more he will understand what love is, and the more he will know what kind of person he wants to spend his life with. Some people love skin, some love passion, some love romance, and some love family. Someone just loves you. Like the love letter written by the poet Gu Cheng to his wife: “The trains are coming and going, and they are full of people, some good and some bad. You are neither, you are an individual person.” Preference makes it special. Preference, that’s why it’s special.
  When you meet such a person, you must cherish it. “There are many charming flowers in the world, but I prefer fruit-bearing trees. What I mean is that I would rather live with you forever than meet you.” The
  right person may not be so easy to meet, but I hope you keep it to yourself, Wait for the one that is worth it and love someone who prefers you. There will be people who will wander and take root with you in this uncertain world, and there will be people who will turn into stones on the roadside and willingly let you lean on them for the rest of your life.