8 Key Points to Improve Sales Performance in a Competitive Market

In the era of fierce competition, many companies have the following dilemmas: sales performance continues to hover or even decline; sales staff are getting more and more experienced, but sales are becoming more and more difficult; Can’t keep up with the company’s expectations and customer requirements; the promotion is getting stronger and stronger, and the product gross profit is getting lower and lower… All in all, the gap between sales performance and expectations is getting bigger and bigger.

So, how can we effectively solve these problems and continuously improve sales performance? This requires systematic thinking starting from 8 key points.

strategy. Not only thinking about what to do, but more importantly deciding what not to do. A strategy requires at least thinking about things to be done in five years or more. Things to be done in one year are called plans, things to be done in three to five years are called plans, and things to be done in five years or more can be called strategies.

client. Through market segmentation, accurate selection of target customers is very important to improve performance. Target customers do not lie in many, but in precision.

model. The model in this article refers to the sales model, which is the basic process and landing style followed by the sales staff in the sales process, and it is also a yardstick for improving the sales team’s ability. The most effective sales model is not to imitate others, but to find the one that suits your own business characteristics.

product. Developed products must match the needs of target customers. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have too many products. The key to making products is to create a few “leading brothers”. Focusing on core products for system building is far more important than continuously developing so-called “new products”.

organize. Refers to the marketing organization. A good marketing organization should include the sea, land, and air forces to fight together, not just rely on a land force to fight alone. It is very important to have a sound military service, and the coordination between different military services is even more important. It is emphasized that the marketing organization must match the marketing strategy.

personnel. It is an effective power source for the organization to operate. The quantity and quality of personnel is one of the most important factors affecting the operating efficiency of the organization, and must match the requirements of the organization. The internal training mechanism of an enterprise has a major impact on the quality improvement of personnel, so training and selecting personnel are equally important. It is very necessary and cost-effective for enterprises to make reasonable investment in personnel training.

excitation. Effective incentives are an extremely important method to improve staff enthusiasm for work. A good incentive mechanism includes salary system, employee training, promotion mechanism, performance appraisal and many other aspects.

put in. As the saying goes, “If you don’t want to let your children go, you can’t play with wolves.” Where the money is spent, the benefits will appear. In order to increase sales performance, reasonable and continuous investment is required. Sales input is mainly in two aspects, namely personnel input and promotion input. If you want to produce output, you must make effective investment. It is not that you invest only when you have performance, but you can have performance only after you have invested.

On these 8 key points, the most common mistakes companies make are: strategy, either missing or greedy; resources are few but want to do everything; customer positioning is unclear, but the group that should be developed most is indifferent; model imitation , I will do what other people do, whether it is suitable or not; I seldom really work hard on the product, but only make a fuss about the promotion concept; the organizational structure is chaotic, the internal coordination is extremely poor, the organization is small, and the “official hat” is very large ;The number of personnel is small, the quality is poor, the number of people is pulled, and the “Imperial Association Army” and “Two Dogs” are all incorporated; except for big packages, there are no other incentives; they always emphasize that as long as they make money, they will invest, but they don’t know how to invest Only then will you make money.

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