3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane CAS No. 13818-38-7

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane CAS No. 13818-38-7 is a silane coupling agent that has a mercapto group and a methyldiethoxysilyl group. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic odor and a molecular weight of 224.4 g/mol.

Silane coupling agents are compounds that can form a chemical bond between organic and inorganic materials, such as polymers, metals, glass and ceramics. They can improve the adhesion, compatibility, durability and performance of various materials and products.

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane can be used as an adhesion promoter for inorganic substrates, such as glass, plastic and metals. It can enhance the mechanical properties and thermal stability of polymer composites, such as epoxy, polyurethane, polyethylene and polypropylene. It can also be used in high performance hot melt adhesives, where it can improve the wetting and bonding of substrates.

Additionally, 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane can be used as a silane precursor in the synthesis of various nanomaterials, such as Nafion-MPMDMS nanocomposite membranes, MPMDMS functionalized magnetic-polysilsesquioxane nanoparticles and thiol-organosilica nanoparticles. These nanomaterials have potential applications in fuel cells, heavy metal ions adsorption and drug delivery .

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane is a versatile and useful silane coupling agent that can be applied in various fields and industries. It can improve the properties and performance of various materials and products by forming a strong bond between organic and inorganic components.

Features and uses:

  1. As a reinforcing and crosslinking accelerator, it can be used in glass fiber, deep ink, glue and sealing material
  2. Excellent protective properties for metal surfaces.
  3. As fabric finishing agent, anti-shrinkage agent and raw material of hair care products, etc.

Packaging and storage:

The finished products are packed in 5KG, 10KG, 25KG, 200KG plastic drums or closed steel drums, other specifications need to be ordered.

After opening the package, it should be kept away from the moisture in the air to avoid hydrolysis and gelation; it should be stored in a ventilated and dry place at a temperature of 25°C, and the shelf life is 12 months.


Product number PR-912
Chemical Name 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane
English name 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane
Molecular weight 208.39
CAS 13818-38-7
Purity (chromatogram) % ≥98%
Refractive index (20°C) 1.4012±0.0020
Specific gravity g/cm³ 1.008
Boiling point °C 115°C

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane (CAS No. 13818-38-7) is a silane coupling agent that is used to improve the adhesion of materials. It is a colorless to yellow liquid that is soluble in water and organic solvents. 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane is used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Water treatment
  • Papermaking
  • Textiles
  • Paints and coatings
  • Plastics
  • Electronics

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane works by forming a covalent bond with the surface of the material to which it is applied. This bond creates a strong, durable bond that resists water, chemicals, and heat.

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane is a safe and effective product that has been used for many years in a variety of applications. It is a valuable tool for improving the adhesion of materials and extending their service life.

Safety Information:

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane is a mild irritant to the skin and eyes. It can also be harmful if inhaled or ingested. If you come into contact with 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane, wash the affected area with soap and water immediately. If you get 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane in your eyes, flush them with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention. If you inhale 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane, move to fresh air and seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms.

Storage and Disposal:

3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane should be stored in a cool, dry place. It should be kept in a tightly sealed container to prevent it from absorbing moisture. 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane can be disposed of by incineration or by sending it to a hazardous waste disposal facility.


3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane is a versatile and effective silane coupling agent that can be used to improve the adhesion of a wide variety of materials. It is a safe and easy-to-use product that is widely available. If you are looking for a way to improve the adhesion of your materials, 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldiethoxysilane is a good option to consider.