3 Levels of Seeing the World: From Naive to Wise

The Zen master understood the three realms of all things in the world, that is: looking at a mountain, it is a mountain, looking at a mountain, it is not a mountain, and looking at a mountain, it is still a mountain.

In fact, after an adult steps out of society, his life also conforms to these three realms.

First of all, before a person has experienced any hardships or seen the dark side of this society, his thoughts often stay at the first level, that is: looking at a mountain is a mountain.

Adults at this stage are generally college students who have just stepped out of campus. Our understanding of society, our understanding of the world, and our views on people in the world only remain on the surface.

For example, people often come to attack this official account, thinking that the words I write are too dark and that there is no truth, goodness or beauty in the world.

In their eyes, people in this world are very simple and can only be divided into two types: good people and bad people.

If you work hard and behave honestly, you are a good person; if you flatter others, delve into things that have nothing to do with business, and use dishonorable means to win over good people, you are a bad person.

The understanding of most people in this world is at this level.

In fact, the essence of this world is an animal world.

Those with strong abilities crush those with weak abilities, and those in high positions harvest those in low positions. It doesn’t matter whether the means are glorious or not.

People at this level often like to see what others say rather than what others do.

For example, someone stood up and said that an organization’s voice and decision-making power must not be allocated according to the strength of individuals.

Many people got excited when they heard this sentence, thinking that someone finally said something fair.

But in fact, this sentence is a complete hoax.

If the voice of an organization is not distributed according to strength, it is completely trying to smooth out all the hardships and efforts that the strong have put in to become stronger.

If you are in a class and the teacher pays more attention to the opinions of poor students, you can rest assured that the average grade of the class will definitely drop.

Don’t tell me that being a bad student doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t study hard. People who study hard will definitely get good grades.

The same goes for making money.

After a person has stumbled around in society for several years, he has seen a lot of all kinds of people.

At this time, he entered the second level: looking at a mountain is not a mountain.

At this stage, because you understand the nature of the world and the laws of human nature, you will find that things are not only what they appear on the surface.

I discovered that people in this world, after putting aside many labels such as occupation, age, appearance, personality, distance of relationship, etc., are actually the same on the inside.

And through a large number of life cases around us, we have verified the truth of the laws of human nature.

For example, everyone is attracted to Qiang. When a person just meets a stranger, he will treat him differently based on his strength, status, and worth.

This is true for people who have never met each other, and it is true for close friends; it is true for people who have met at work, and it is also true for family members who have been together day and night since childhood.

People at this level have developed a pair of fiery eyes and can often see the essence through the outside.

A boss can guess the employees under him through just a few words, that’s it.

However, after people at this stage realize the nature of the world, they are likely to lose themselves as they walk.

Therefore, those who look at mountains but not mountains must find the meaning of their lives as soon as possible. No one can help you accomplish this.

Because the exploration of life will always only exist in your heart.

The third level: See whether the mountain is still a mountain and return to the real world.

A philosopher once said that the greatness of life lies in that a person still loves life after recognizing the cruelty of life.

People in this realm no longer focus on results, but on experience.

The purpose of making money is not to earn copper coins one by one, but to output value and leave a mark in this world. After you establish your moral character and make meritorious deeds, money will naturally flow into your pocket willingly.

The purpose of your writing is not to change others, but to make a group of like-minded fans.

When we deal with different people, we are looking in the mirror, comparing ourselves, and correcting ourselves, rather than forcing others to accept our ideas.

Finally, why do many people feel that the knowledge system in their brains is incompatible with reality when they first step out of society?

In fact, the so-called words of saints that ordinary people learn from books are all written by people at the third level.

Without the guidance of famous teachers or the guidance of seniors, as soon as ordinary people open up to the real world, they will find that looking at a mountain is not a mountain.

In an instant, they were immediately confused, so this group of people could only gather together and complain:

Why can’t I live a good life despite hearing so many truths?

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