3-Isocyanatepropyltriethoxysilane CAS No. 24801-88-5

Features & Uses:

  1. Resin modifier
  2. In the presence of moisture, it can strongly promote the bonding strength of resin and traditional and non-traditional substrates such as glass, metal, nylon, and plastic.

Packaging & Storage:

The finished product is packed in 25KG, 200KG closed steel drum, and other specifications need to be predetermined.

Product grade PR-9907E
Chemical Name 3-Isocyanatepropyltriethoxysilane
Molecular formula C10H21NO4Si
Density 0.9500-1.0500
CASE 24801-88-5
Purity (chromatography)% ≥98%
Refractive index(20°C) 1.4140-1.4240
Chroma 20
Molecular weight 250
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