2022 NAMM Show, all the fun is coming!

  ”It was incredible to see our members and industry partners come together for the first NAMM show in Anaheim in two and a half years! The excitement of being there again is beyond words. Business negotiations went well, new products Popular with buyers and the media, educational products cover every industry segment, and connecting with old and new friends, peers and customers is more important than ever. As I said in my opening remarks, life’s Half the presentation, the NAMM members present encapsulate the animal spirit that will always prevail in good times and bad.”
  - Joe Lamond, NAMM President and CEO
  , no doubt a noble sentiment , and almost everyone who went to Anaheim in June this year agreed. These metrics paint a picture – more than 1,000 exhibiting members representing 3,500 brands, and 46,627 registered visitors from 111 countries (compared to 115,301 in 2020) name), but the real story needs to be told and recorded through a few scene fragments—lots of upbeat talk, smiling faces, raucous concerts, inspiring educational offerings, and lively booth activity.
  The future of all such industry gatherings will be a much-debated topic, but whatever the size, date and location of the NAMM show in the future, the return of the MI industry’s greatest gathering in 2022 is, for many, a testament to its Ongoing relevance and importance.
  Voices from the show floor
  MMR spoke with attendees of the 2022 NAMM Show to get their thoughts on some of the topics. How does it feel to be back in Anaheim after a long time? What do exhibitors think of the “regular visitors” who choose not to attend this year’s exhibition? Does the timing of June rather than January have an impact on the success of the show? Does it make sense to host the Winter NAMM Show and the Summer NAMM Show in the future?
  ”I thought the show was great! It made me realize the importance of relationships and how lucky we are to be in an industry where friendship is as important as business. The NAMM show made me understand the importance of parties Importance, I’m so grateful to be a part of it!
  I was very happy to see everyone present, and also understand the panic factor that kept some companies from attending. Attending NAMM was an expensive and time-consuming preparation. In hindsight, I Hopefully NAMM will do more to motivate exhibitors to come, as there is a lot of extra space that could be filled and give attendees a better sense of experience, thereby increasing their participation rates for years to come.
  I It’s great to have so many music educators at the show this year. I hope the show will continue to grow and attract more influential groups like this. I’m leaning towards the idea of ​​an “annual” show. As for the best timing, That’s a big point of contention because a lot of the other industry group gatherings are in the spring. For us, I’d expect it to be a little bit later than January because that would make the new product launches more relevant to Q4, Newer .”
  —Crystal Morris, President/CEO, Gator Cases
  “The show floor was buzzing. The most important factor was meeting friends, colleagues, business partners new and old — face-to-face. Put Zoom and Teams on hold for a few moments. Good day, it’s a pleasure to be back in good personal contact.
  Have to admit that the number of exhibitors and visitors is down, yet the network is building. We don’t have 30 minutes of non-stop conferences and more time to meet with clients, discuss new opportunities and create new businesses. While we don’t see a lot of international clients, we do find representatives from many countries present.
  I think COVID has taught us that we can There are other ways to achieve the same goal, not to mention the cost. However, there is nothing better than being face-to-face with your customers and consumers to learn about industry tidbits, trends and opportunities. I hope NAMM builds on this year’s success With continued efforts, we would like to see more absent exhibitors return in 2023, even if they are only planning smaller booth areas.”
  - Iain Wilson, CEO of IBC Trading Ltd.
  ”It’s a pleasure to be ‘back’ to meet face-to-face with consumers, dealers and distributors, suppliers, artists, peers and the media to discuss and do some business. The dynamism and vibe. NAMM continues to provide a platform for the public to showcase new products and services and present some of the industry’s status quo trends. The MI industry continues to introduce many new high-quality products and services, so from the consumer’s point of view , now is the perfect time to take advantage of this. With significantly fewer manufacturers, channel partners and suppliers this year, there seems to be more consumers this year in relative terms.
  Our Martin booth was full of There is a large audience, including consumers, artists, channel partners, suppliers and media, and many of them have the opportunity to participate in various NAMM conferences and actively network with their peers. We get a lot of exposure from it.
  I think NAMM Shows need to evolve in order to maintain or increase their relevance and grow. How to evolve, that’s a lot of lore, and I think it should be around NAMM’s role and purpose, audience and value proposition.
  As an intermediate step, ‘will ‘April 2023’ would make sense, but the impact of that timing on the audience is interesting. I don’t think it would make sense if the winter and summer NAMM shows had the same spec format.”
  — —Thomas Ripsam, President and CEO, CF Martin Guitar & Co.
  “This year’s show underscores the importance of face-to-face interaction with customers and key partners. The music industry, like music itself, is a public culture. Together we need to Collaborate, inspire together, create together. Another takeaway from this year is that our NAMM showcase does not need to focus only on products, but more on strategies and plans to grow the market. In the torrent of the digital age, our clients can real-time Get information on new products, use their valuable time at NAMM more efficiently, and focus on more meaningful topics.
  I think it’s a huge loss for the exhibitors and retailers who chose not to show up this year. Not only did they miss out on the opportunity to have a strong connection with the industry, but in my opinion, they were bailed out during the transition period for NAMM and the industry as a whole, when everyone needs support. Some benefits are not measured in days or months, dollars or ROI, and the NAMM experience is much more than that.
  We believe that the NAMM show will eventually regain its dominance, albeit in a different format with a broader experience. The show needs to be more inclusive of professional consumers and music educators, who are stakeholders in our industry. The show needs to continue to elevate its status as a social media platform so suppliers and retailers can amplify the energy of the NAMM show through their social media presence. I don’t like the April 2023 date, but it has to be done to ‘bridge’ back to January 2024. I think the future of the summer NAMM show, as currently envisioned, may not be very rosy and will evolve into a different professional development event, which will be another great platform for NAMM and the industry. ”

  - Larry Morton, CEO of Hal Leonard
  ”First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors. Our booth had a steady, busy foot traffic. Get face-to-face with customers, retailers and more and get their initial The spontaneous response is amazing. I also find it very rewarding to meet with partners to exchange ideas and build energy. I think we are all excited to be together again!
  The world is amazing right now, and everyone needs to Make your own decisions – a business decision, a personal one. I don’t deny that it’s a little stressful to be around so many people, many of whom are not wearing masks. But for us, it’s been a great fairs, we’re excited to be part of the forward-thinking MI team!
  Personally, I prefer winter fairs. We actively engage with artists, influencers, and the rest of the public, during the summer touring season Holding this exhibition, missed a lot of opportunities. As industry innovators, we are always thinking about how to surprise and delight with new ideas and events, and I believe NAMM will do the same, finding new partners and ways to interact is not a problem What’s wrong. I’d love to see some meaningful networking events, I love meeting new people and exploring ideas, so anything that helps facilitate that is a good thing.”
  - Senior VP Marketing, Positive Grid PresidentLaura B. Whitmore
  “The key takeaway from our team is that in the world of pro audio and MI, both face-to-face and hands-on elements are critical. Whether it’s the tour engineers using Allen & Heath dLive equipment for one last deep communication before an upcoming tour Training sessions, DJs checking build quality on Xone mixers, or keyboardists reading keystrokes on studio keyboard controllers, and more, we witnessed a lot of ‘I just wanna see for myself/ Examples of touch/feel’. To this end, we offer intensive training sessions for live audiences, special small concert events, AM&S ‘petting zoo’ booth, Avantis consoles for stage speaker demonstrations, private meeting rooms, large Ballroom team gatherings and more, allowing everyone to experience those unique elements firsthand at the show. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been working to expand and enhance online marketing tools, CRM systems and live broadcast platforms for sales teams, but even With the best virtual online processes and tools, the last step in creating a new customer often requires an experience that only a trade show event like NAMM can provide.
  We made many strategic decisions around how to approach NAMM and InfoComm because Our brands are major players in both MI/Pro Audio and Commercial Audio/Installation. It seems clear to us that the benefits of attending a major trade show outweigh the risks and costs, but it may be different for other companies. I think it depends on how each company views show attendance from a tactical perspective and whether they miss out on specific sales and marketing goals by being absent. In short, we’re happy to go all in and not have Beset by companies that decide to scale back drastically or drop them altogether.
  This is my personal take on this issue, I think it would be ideal for the show to be scheduled in January. Emphasize the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor to increase the level of engagement at each NAMM show Attendance. Great show in January, hopefully other trade shows get their schedules in place so things do better than ‘NAMMfoCOMM 2022’. No matter how it goes, I vote for no more weeks at a time in full Trade show mode.”
  - Jeff Hawley, Marketing Director, Allen & Heath USA
  ”For me, one of the main takeaways from attending this year’s NAMM show is a refreshing reminder of why we as audio technology manufacturers do what we do Nothing beats the feeling of creating products for our customers and then having the opportunity to meet and chat with them while presenting our products to thousands of new potential customers. I miss it so much.
  I think For a company like Flock, with some of the larger brands not attending, the audience has shifted more attention to us. Even with a smaller audience, we felt very busy. I wish more California companies would come. Supporting the event, especially since they’re so close, but I also know there will be a lot of considerations in their decision.
  It will be fun to experience the NAMM show next April, but no more fun than this June. If say What past NAMM experiences have taught me is that it doesn’t matter when the show is, it’s the real joy of being back on the show floor to reconnect with our fellow brands and customers. Personally I do hope the summer show in Nashville will be Returning in 2024 as it has a totally different vibe from winter NAMM and always gives us an easy excuse to visit one of our favorite cities – Nashville.” –
  Darren, Founder and CEO, Flock Audio Nakonechny’s
  next NAMM show will be held in Anaheim from April 13-15, 2023, and then again in January 2024.