10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Love You

Today, I will talk to you about the manifestations that the other half does not love themselves.

I have been insisting on writing emotional essays, but most of the time I am confused, and I can’t be sober and rational in my relationship. I have always been led, influenced, and even manipulated by others.

So, after a long time, I also concluded that the review revealed some clues about not loving.

1. Perfunctory

The most direct expression of whether you love someone or not is his emotional state when he is with you. The person who loves you will unconsciously care more about your feelings in his heart, and his series of external reactions will center on you.

You will choose the food you like when you eat, you will protect you when you walk, and you will reply in a timely manner when chatting. People who don’t love you are always absent-minded when they are with you. Maybe you said a lot of things and they only respond to you” Um”.

Any plan doesn’t tell you and doesn’t care about your feelings and thoughts.

2. Cold violence

The most unbearable thing in a relationship is cold violence.

When problems and quarrels arise, the other half leaves you behind, without explanation and communication, as if you are dead, you will never admit your mistakes, and leave all the problems to yourself to digest, you can figure it out Just keep going, leave if you can’t figure it out.

What kind of love does such a man talk to him about, he only loves himself, or he has found a new love somewhere you don’t know, if you meet a cold and violent man, stay away as soon as possible.

There is no such thing as cold violence. Not taking the initiative, not explaining, and not contacting is the answer. Cold violence is just a noun for not loving.

3. Miserly

Whether a man has money has nothing to do with whether he is stingy or not.

Those who love you will do everything possible to improve your quality of life, to strive, to give you the best.

The person who doesn’t love you will weigh in his heart whether you are worthy or not, and every penny he spends for you is calculating the return that can be recovered.

Don’t remember your preferences, don’t pay attention to the sense of ritual, it’s not that he doesn’t understand, it’s just that he thinks you are worthless.

4. Dislike you

You have always cared about his health, but he began to dislike your increasingly haggard appearance.

Those who love you will feel sorry for you when they see your aging, and those who don’t love you will only despise your ugliness and inability to take action.

The moment a person becomes impatient with you and dislikes you, in fact, we know better than anyone that he doesn’t love you anymore, but letting go is a lesson that some people can’t learn.

5. Deception

The most important thing for two people to be together is trust. Once the trust collapses, the relationship will be in danger.

An excuse that came out of nowhere, an unconvincing rhetoric.

A smart person will not use the same excuse three times, because the same thing has been said too much, so you don’t need to explore whether it is true or false, your tone of voice and attitude have already told others the answer.

In any relationship, when the deception begins, the relationship is counting down. How far can the relationship maintained by deception go.

6. Playing with you

Love is distressed, appreciated, and the attraction and communion of the soul.

But a man who doesn’t love you approaches you just to fulfill his physical needs, he has no other needs except to sleep with you.

7. Disrespecting those around you

It is human nature to love the house and the black. If a man loves you, he will treat and respect your relatives and friends out of consideration for your feelings.

If a man is only nice to you, but doesn’t care about the people around you, and even keeps you away from or slanders the people around you, then he really doesn’t like you in the bottom of his heart, let alone love.

8. Control you

Love is protection, respect, and the closeness of two hearts, but the binding and control in the name of love is suffocating.

The most terrifying thing about men is their perverted desire to control, interfering with your choices and freedom in the name of loving you.

Be careful when you meet such a man.

9. Force you

A person who truly loves you will try his best to satisfy you no matter what request you make, because he cares about you, so he must not be willing to force you.

A person who truly loves you will consider issues from your perspective from the bottom of his heart, and will fully understand and respect you. If he always forces you to do things you don’t want to do, and always imposes his wishes on you, Such a man doesn’t really like you.

10. Hands on you

Don’t have illusions about the man you do it with, and leave decisively.

It is difficult for a man with such a tendency to change. Don’t let yourself become a victim of domestic violence in the end and let yourself get hurt continuously.

No matter how much you love the man who does something to you, you still have to leave with a heartless heart. You should never leave him alone.

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