Your life doesn’t have to be a “multiple choice”

  A friend of mine lost her job some time ago. The company’s performance was not good, and she was laid off. She originally hoped to continue working in this position, but it was difficult for her to accept it, and she didn’t even know how to tell her family.
  When she plucked up the courage to tell her family the news of her unemployment, she heard her five-year-old son say, “Then mother can accompany me every day!” At that moment, she suddenly felt that unemployment was not so bad. If you take it as a holiday, you can still harvest many surprises.
  Friends are married far away, and after having children, the time to spend with their parents becomes less and less. Taking advantage of her free time, she took her child back to her hometown and enjoyed spending time with her parents.
  After returning, she switched to online sales and participated in the company’s regular online training every week to learn the knowledge of online product operation. She said that she felt that her life had restarted, and she was exposed to new knowledge every day, as if she had regained the feeling she had when she first joined the job, and she was full of energy.
  What a good mood. Who stipulated that life has to be a road to black? When one road doesn’t work, it’s okay to stop to charge and move in another direction.
  We are always faced with different choices, sometimes active choices, sometimes passive choices.
  Maybe not every choice can be satisfactory. When life does not develop as you planned, change the direction and you will find that life is still wonderful.
  In the second year of working, I felt that the career I was engaged in conflicted with my life plan. But at that time, my ability was not enough for the position I wanted to go to, so I decided to resign to take a postgraduate entrance examination. Unfortunately, due to a two-point difference in the re-examination that year, I missed out with my favorite college.
  I was full of confidence, I had already submitted my resignation to the company, and had planned my life after school. When I suddenly learned that I didn’t pass the test, I felt bad.
  When I told the news to the leader, the leader said: “Then stay and continue to work. If you want to improve yourself, you can not only resign and take the postgraduate entrance examination. You can also exercise and improve yourself in work practice. You can also pass the on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination. way, learn and practice at the same time.”
  His remarks touched me a lot and changed my thinking about resigning for postgraduate entrance exams. I opted for part-time graduate school in my second year. Later, because my work ability was recognized, I was promoted, which laid a good foundation for future job-hopping.
  Today, I get my wish in a career I love. This experience taught me that there is more than one path to a goal. Life is not just about what we have and want, it is about learning how to get out of trouble and move on.
  Unsatisfactory life abounds, such as failing to perform well in the college entrance examination, choosing a major in college that I do not like, failing to start a business, etc. Some people die in the face of setbacks, thinking that life is hopeless from now on; while some people regard this as a turning point, adjust the direction, and start again.
  A momentary disappointment cannot be a foregone conclusion in a lifetime. If there was no official disappointment of Li Bai, we would not have seen the free and easy “poetry fairy”; without Tao Yuanming’s poverty, we would not have seen the leisurely “idyllic time”.
  When one door is closed, go to open another window. Don’t have to struggle behind closed doors and miss out on the great view out the window. The more adversity you are in, the more you have to stay calm. If there is still a chance to work harder, don’t give up easily. If this road does not work, then change course and redraw the blueprint of life.
  A philosopher once said: “To understand life, you can only look back; to live better, you can only take strides forward.”
  Look forward, there is more than one choice in life!

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