Why are you out of tune and you don’t know

  Out-of-tune ≠
  pentatonicity -of-tune mainly refers to the fact that most of the tones are not sung accurately when singing a song, that is, the pitch is not sung to the correct pitch.
  The term pentatonicity originates from the ancient Chinese pentatonic scale, which refers to the pitch of the five tones Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zheng and Yu that a person cannot hear. Expressed in modern terms, it is impossible to distinguish the pitches of the individual notes in the scale.
  After knowing the concepts of out-of-tune and insufficiency, the difference between the two is obvious. Out-of-tune means inaccurate singing, and inaccurate pentatonicity means inaccurate hearing, which ultimately leads to inaccurate singing. Therefore, a person who sings out of tune is not necessarily a tone deaf, and a person who sings out of tune must sing out of tune.
  What are the reasons for out-of-tune and insufficiency?
  Simple out-of-tune is mainly caused by the unreasonable way of vocalization, or the difficulty of the song.
  That is to say, a person who is simply out of tune can generally hear that he is out of tune, but due to the unreasonable sounding method or the difficulty of the song beyond his ability, he cannot accurately produce the correct pitch, so he cannot correct it in time. The tone he made caused him to “run further and further” on the way out of tune.
  Pentatonic problems are often more serious than simply out of tune. The first thing to be clear is that a person’s congenital pentatonic insufficiency is actually a pathological pentatonic disorder, and some severe cases are also known as “aphonia” academically. For such people, even after the system has been trained, it is impossible to accurately distinguish and sing the assigned pitch.
  But don’t worry, what most people think of as “Pentatonic” is often non-pathological, and most of the reasons are only because of their inherently poor perception of music, or because they have little exposure to music, which leads to weak music perception, etc. . For such a pentatonic person, after systematic training, they can fully recover to the same level as a normal person, and even reach a professional level in music.
  Why can’t people who are out of tune hear it by themselves?
  The reason for this phenomenon is mainly related to the environment in which the public sings. In daily life, most of the scenes where we sing are noisy KTVs or small outdoor performances. In such scenes, the volume of the accompaniment is often very loud. At the same time, limited by the quality of the microphone and the sound, the loss of the sound signal during the amplification process is also very large, which leads to the singer unable to hear the “original appearance” of the voice he sings, and cannot make the sound according to his own voice. The sound determines whether it is out of tune.
  In fact, even professional singers often need to wear “ear monitors” to hear their own voice when they perform on stage, so as to correct their pitch in time. Return”, and in the case of poor microphone and sound quality, it is easy to sing out of tune without knowing it.

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