Unveiling the World’s Imperfect Charm: An Unexpected Journey of Growth

   The process of growing up is really the process of realizing that the world is always a bluff, but actually full of loopholes.
   When I was in college, a coffee shop opened in front of the school. Thirty years ago, it felt like a very high-end place, with a drink costing fifteen yuan—at that time, a bowl of wontons at the school gate only cost fifty cents. Once I gritted my teeth and went in to find out what was going on. I sat down and ordered a cup of banana milk. Maybe it was because it was too deserted and the ingredients in the store were all lacking. The girl who opened the store said that the milk was gone. I drank this milk myself and took it out to make for you. It turned out to be so casual.
   When I was working at my first job, my female boss called me one morning. She was very anxious and said that she had forgotten to wear underwear at work. She asked me to buy some for her at the small shop in the market next to the single employee dormitory on the way to work. One piece. I was so surprised that such a sophisticated and rigorous professional manager was as confused as me. Thinking about it now, she had just given birth to a baby and returned to work at the company. She must have been busy every day. Moreover, shouldn’t the 28-year-old her and the 23-year-old me, who just graduated, be a pair of little sisters? I don’t know where the sense of distance came from at that time.
   Another time I was watching a play. After the actors took their bow, I cheered with everyone for a long time before I walked out of the theater reluctantly. When I was waiting for the bus to go home, I found that an actor was also waiting for the bus. He was even wearing the clothes from the performance and the makeup on his face was not removed. I didn’t think he was particularly happy and didn’t look like a comedian, so I didn’t dare to talk to him. We each got into our own cars and went home.
   Two days ago I took a flight back to Guangzhou, and it was a connecting flight. Passengers usually have to get off the plane during transfer, but this time the crew said that in order to speed up the process, passengers who were continuing to take the flight did not need to get off the plane and waited for subsequent passengers to board the plane. During this process, the cleaning team came on the plane to clean it. I found that they did not wipe the tray table used by the passengers who got off the plane, nor did they replace the disposable paper towels at the head of the seat. Maybe because of time constraints, a team of people came up and grabbed them randomly. I took away the garbage on the seat and got off. It turns out that the cleaning was done so sloppily.
   Another time I was waiting for a flight in the VIP lounge of the airport. The service staff at the departure hall took out my boarding pass to check in, gently asked me whether I would like tea or coffee, and told me that I would be notified later to take a special channel to board the plane – this is usually the part I enjoy the most. But that time, after waiting for a long time, I suddenly discovered that the flight had been missed and she forgot to call me! I quickly went to the service staff to argue with them. They were very kind. They made a phone call and asked Brother Wang and Brother Li to help me change my ticket. Then they dragged my suitcase and ran with me, and stuffed me into the boarding plane. flight departure gate. From then on, I always found the boarding gate by myself, and I no longer acted like I had seen the world.
   When we started our business, we looked for companies to manufacture skin care products. We discussed the brand of skin care products for several months, mainly because we were afraid that we might accidentally become a century-old company. This start was very important. I bought a pair of shoes in the live broadcast room a few days ago. They were told that they were very good. When I got them, I wanted to take a look at the brand of the shoes and try to understand the product positioning from the subtlety of the words. After spending a long time spelling out the letters on the soles of the shoes, I found that they were Chinese pinyin: one pair per person. Nowadays, when everyone starts a business and makes products, do they do whatever they want? Complaints are complaints. I couldn’t find suitable shoes, so I took them out and wore them. They were good or bad.
   Another thing, I followed a public account last year, and they posted an article a few days ago. I thought it was very well written. When people reach middle age, this kind of chicken soup type article can always give them a reminder of life. I was about to forward it to a friend when I saw a note at the bottom of the article that it was created by AI.
   In this world, everything is really mixed. What you think is aloof may be very adaptable and approachable. Knowing this truth, we can lower our expectations of the world and ourselves.
   To the cardboard boxes in the corner of the high-end shopping mall, to the misaligned picture frames in the art exhibition, to the typos in the articles, to the dusty costumes, to the outdated roadside signs, to the over-edited photos, to the late You can let go of interview subjects, listless lovers, and those active or passive foolings of yourself.
   All imperfections that may be encountered in the future are also forgiven in advance.