Unveiling the 7 Levels of Cognition: Your Journey to Personal Mastery

Let’s first talk about level 0 of cognition

It was pure chaos, almost like animal instinct. At this stage, people are living in a fog and have no idea what consequences their words and deeds will have. To give a simple example, it’s like a child in a toy store who touches everything he sees without knowing what his behavior will make other children think or do.

People at this stage are completely guided by emotions and emotions, and are unaware of their own actions and thoughts. Their lives are in a mess, and their spirits are extremely anxious, painful, and even numb. To put it bluntly, it means living in your own little world and knowing nothing about the outside world.

However, we have to admit that people at this stage are actually the most real. They work hard to live a life that is not as they wish, but their hard work and authenticity deserve our respect. Because they are groping and looking for their own path.

Continue to the first level of cognition

This stage is relatively advanced. People begin to reflect on themselves, pay attention to the reasons behind each of their actions, and begin to understand the cause and effect of the world. They no longer complain about external people and things, but begin to reflect on themselves in all aspects.

At this stage, people begin to grasp the underlying logic of the world and begin to know the consequences of every action. They begin to understand why others like them and why they dislike them. People at this stage are beginning to see clearly the road in the fog. Although they have not completely walked on it, they have at least seen the direction.

However, people at this stage also have troubles. They know what to do, but often can’t. This is like Zhao Kuo, who talks on paper and is sound in theory, but unsatisfactory in practice.

second level of cognition

People at this stage can already be said to be beyond ordinary people. They have mastered all the secrets of human nature and are proficient in the underlying logic of the world. In life, they have been able to achieve quite good success, both financially and interpersonally, far beyond ordinary people.

However, people at this stage also have troubles. They have some execution capabilities, but not enough. Just like Wang Shi, his love story is a good example. He is already on track, but his skills are not enough. He can do well in some places but not in others.

How to break through this stage? The answer is to enter the third level of cognition

This is the emotional control stage. At this stage, people begin to truly take control of their emotions and are no longer controlled by them. They become rational and calm, and will not have any impact on all external interference, evaluation, and ridicule.

People at this stage begin to truly understand themselves, who they are, and what they should and should not do. They start to become charming and start to get real results in their work. They have achieved success that is envied by ordinary people, but they are not satisfied with this. They are still pursuing higher realms.

However, as we continue to climb to the fourth level of cognition

People here are already starting to do wonders. Through long-term self-awareness and reflection, their ability to act becomes stronger and stronger, and their mentality becomes more and more self-disciplined. They are like creators, able to influence the world with their thoughts and actions. At this stage, people achieve great success and become gods in the eyes of others. But even so, they still can’t conquer everyone because their influence has not been reached to the extreme.

When we continue to the fifth level of cognition

People here have mastered the underlying logic of the world and are able to skillfully control their subconscious. They are like masters, able to use their wisdom to create miracles. At this stage, people’s influence begins to reach its fullest and becomes the real focus of core attraction. They can attract everyone and make everyone like them. But even so, they still can’t please everyone because everyone has their own preferences and opinions.

Finally, when we come to the sixth and seventh levels of cognition

People here have reached a state of enlightenment and awakening. They find their mission and purpose in life and work hard for it throughout their lives. They are like saints who can illuminate the whole world with their wisdom and love. At this stage, people have transcended the limitations of themselves and the world and become true gods. Their influence is everywhere and can change the entire world.

In general, the cognitive ladder is like a spiritual journey, and everyone is constantly climbing and growing. In this process, we will encounter various difficulties and challenges, but as long as we persist and keep working hard, we will definitely be able to find our own end point.

Most people’s cognition is at level 0.

I really want to improve, but there is no way. I have learned a lot of things and I have no idea where to start. Everything is right, and it has nothing to do with me. When I reach this point, I am no longer good. Everything is right, but I don’t know why, I don’t know how to learn it, and I don’t know. How many specific steps are there, how to do each step specifically, and how to improve step by step, you can see it in one sentence, but you can’t touch it.

Why? Because these things are just things you learn, cognitive things. There are no specific learning and training steps, no processes, and no system, so you can’t learn them. You have to stand here and see clearly. I When I reach this stage of learning and cognition, how many steps do I have to go through, what exactly do I do at each step, what specific training do I do every day, every moment, what specific practices do I learn, and only then can I learn it, so we can only learn it. Only by finding such things can we truly improve our cognition. Otherwise, it all sounds very reasonable to you, but I’m sorry, it’s of no use to you.

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