Treat emptiness with devotion

  A tough film that can support the weight of an elephant with the tip of a pencil, this is the hottest graphene right now. In recent years, graphene has become very popular and has become a newly emerging concept. Stories around graphene are emerging one after another, capital is paying attention, the market is following suit, and the public is also watching flowers in the fog, which is very lively. Graphene batteries, graphene power banks, graphene jackets, graphene masks, and even graphene antibacterial underwear, market products are all close to this concept in order to sell at a good price.
  The market needs new concepts to stimulate consumption, which is the usual method when industry development encounters a bottleneck. The “nanotechnology” we have seen and the concept of “peptide” are all new concepts generated under the same demand. These concepts all have a sense of freshness and technology, and have a certain theoretical support foundation, which pines people’s hopes of opening up the market, but at the same time, it is also overestimated, and it is often quiet after a while. Could it be the same with graphene?
  Let’s take a look at the origin of graphene. It is made from graphite. It is not expensive in terms of material composition, but it is expensive in the difficulty of production. If we have a pencil at hand and draw on paper with a pen, graphene will be there, isn’t it simple? The problem is that 1mm thick graphene contains about 1.5 million layers of graphene, and how to peel them off completely is the biggest problem. The discoverer of graphene, the Nobel Prize winner in physics, Constantine also admitted that the graphene content in the currently industrially produced graphene samples is less than 10%, and even no sample has a graphene content of more than 50%. Graphene is called “black gold”, and 1g of graphene sells for nearly 1,000 yuan. However, when we look back at the descriptions of graphene products in the Chinese market, it is almost pervasive. It seems that what flows in the river is not water, but graphene. Just reach out and scoop.
  In related industries, graphene is recommended as the main concept. For example, in the battery industry, batteries with the concept of graphene are also much more expensive than ordinary batteries. Businesses also claim that cars equipped with graphene batteries can run for dozens of miles more. At the consumption level, people like these dazzling, new, and cool concepts, so how can they seriously think and analyze, when consumption and concepts are combined, the market will become popular, and things will sell for price.
  Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once expressed his views on this. He said that the threshold for graphene is much higher than we imagined, and achieving “ultra-long battery life and 1-hour fast charging” is a liar in terms of current technology.
  From a technical point of view, if it is named as a graphene battery, graphene should be the main electrode material in the battery, and the current graphene is obviously equivalent to an additive.
  Graphene is still only in the conceptual stage, there is still a long way to go, and it needs to be treated with caution.

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