The “Venice” Love: A Secret and Sublime Kind of Love

  When Marco Polo came to China, he told Kublai Khan what he had seen and heard along the way, and talked about many cities in the world. Kublai Khan then asked about Venice and why he never talked about his hometown. Marco Polo laughed and said that when he talked about other cities, he was actually talking about Venice, but he never dared to mention the word “Venice” for fear of losing it.
  Friends often ask me who my favorite actress is, and I say I like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anne Hathaway, and my friend says, “Oh, you like heroic women.” At this time, I always think of that The “Venice” that Marco Polo didn’t dare to talk about, I want to say that my favorite is actually a little-known but equally heroic actress——Hayley Atwell, who also wrote for her Send love from afar through ancient poems. But her name can’t be said casually. If the other party knows or even likes her, she will lose the private pleasure of covering her up. This kind of mentality is like… Girls don’t like to clash with others.
  Maybe this is called “Venice” love. Compared with people’s desire, admiration and delusion for the “dream lover”, it has more Platonic abstinence and distance. It looks abrupt. And it doesn’t have to be about puberty, it doesn’t have to be about pop idols. Professor C of the School of Liberal Arts of a certain university in Shanghai was shocked by Zhang Ailing’s works in the 1980s. One book after another related to Eileen Chang. In recent years, I still go to Eileen Chang’s former residence at No. 195 Changde Road from time to time. However, this love sometimes leads to bad things. The professor dug up an early immature novel by Zhang Ailing, which displeased the patriarch and grandma who was still alive at the time, and left a sentence: “There are people who do good things without me. I found out this thing and published it.” The professor was worried for several years, and finally tried his best to send a message through Zhang Ailing’s uncle, and finally obtained Zhang Ailing’s understanding, and was given a copy of “Comparison Notes” signed by her. , Now the professor was relieved and wrote a special essay to announce it. No wonder there are rumors in the world: Professor C is the least scandalous in Shanghai academic circles, because he is Eileen Chang’s boyfriend. Rao is that Professor C has such deep affection for Eileen Chang. During his study visit in the United States, when someone offered to introduce Eileen Eileen Chang, he thought twice and gave up.
  This is the “Venice” style of love, it is a gaze that keeps a little distance. There is a well-known female writer who has been in love with an old actor for many years. He has portrayed many heroic images. Finally, one day the female writer got the chance to interview “Venice Lover”. The female writer wrote: “Before I dialed the phone, my hands were shaking a little, hoping that he would not be at home. As a result, he was. He said: ‘Hello? ‘ That ‘hello’ made my heart stop. I tried to calm down and told him who I was and what the interview was about. He said, ‘There’s nothing to say. Forget it.’ Then he hung up. He was very He was cold, but I was not disappointed at all. This fits my image of his pride. I think this is him.” ”
  Venice” love is not an exercise, but a feast, the only low-key and reserved joy . In contrast, the “gods” and “goddesses” amidst the turmoil are superficial and superficial…