The Two Sides of Laziness: A Business Perspective

  He, a catering layman, spent 5 million yuan to buy the secret recipe from the “God of Food” in Hong Kong. He also used the popularity of various celebrities and influencers to gain the favor of capital and opened 8 restaurants in Beijing in one go. In his free time, he would publish his life experiences and secrets of success online when he has nothing to do.
  She was born into a catering family. She has only made one bowl of beef noodles for decades. She selects ingredients, prepares ingredients, cooks, and attracts customers, almost all by herself. She doesn’t understand marketing or hype. She only cares about the freshness of the beef every day and whether the customers are satisfied or not. She has been living in a small alley in Beijing for many years.
  If you were an investor, which one would you choose to invest in?
  Business does not choose the stream. The extension of the technology school, model school, and tool school has turned business into a Lego toy for entrepreneurs. With money, you can buy secret recipes, talents, channels, and even customers. With a little bit of combination, it’s a perfect business model. Technology and capital have lowered the business threshold and made us too lazy to compete for the market, technology, and strength.
  The market is also welcoming. Our lives have long been cut into pieces of a puzzle by business. Open your mouth for food, and stretch your hands for clothes. Business has become our vital organ, and all needs must be created with our own hands. It seems that without business, we will lose our basic ability to survive.
  The world has become a zoo fed by technology and gathered by lazy people.
  Laziness has become the biggest business in our world.
  Meituan helps us run errands, mobile phones help us communicate, and ChatGPT helps us make decisions. Human beings have become thinking trees, and all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation can be empowered and changed with technology. We work hard to make Party A a fool, and we work hard to turn everyone back into a swaddled baby.
  What’s hard to realize is that danger is creeping in too.
  The advancement of technology and the birth of tools are designed to help us improve efficiency and focus on what we are good at. What we see more often is that restaurant owners don’t pay attention to products, hoping that Meituan can bring them a steady stream of customers; products that become popular overnight don’t pay attention to brand accumulation, and hope that the platform will become an inexhaustible one for them. The flow pool; manufacturing bosses do not care about the future trend of the market, but rest on the current failures and remember the successes of the past.
  It’s like a climber with a trekking pole who throws away the trekking pole but forgets how to climb with only one of his legs.
  Laziness has also become our poison.
  Technology continues to advance, and tools that make people lazier are constantly emerging.
  For example, ChatGPT is like a librarian, hiding all human knowledge in its mind. Many people face it and spend their entire lives unable to write a decent prompt (artificial intelligence prompt word).
  When many people face it, they seem to see the whole universe.
  If you haven’t forgotten the two businesses we mentioned at the beginning. I might as well tell you that one is Diaoye Beef Brisket. After losing 200 million yuan in 10 years, it is in bankruptcy and liquidation. One is the Western MCA. More than 30 years later, it has now opened more than 40 stores in Beijing.
  We should have the ability to throw away our trekking poles and still be able to run.