The Tragic Fate of Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand

  In December 2022, the reporter broke the news that the Princess Princess of Thailand was “brain-dead”. She just used various methods to maintain her life, but it was impossible to recover. Why do you want to do this? It turns out that the eldest princess is a strong contender for the heir to the throne of Thailand! But Thailand has never had a queen, the status of women is low, and her mother was abandoned by the king of Thailand. How did she win the affirmation of the king of Thailand and become the best successor in the palace battles? What about her accidental brain death?
  Political marriage gave birth to an excellent eldest princess
  On April Fool’s Day in 1977, when the current King Rama X of Thailand was still the crown prince, under the arrangement of his father King IX and mother Queen Sirikit, he married Sirikit’s niece Songsavali. Obviously, this is a political marriage. The Thai royal family pays attention to blood, and believes that the purer the royal blood, the better. Therefore, although Rama X was in a relationship with the daughter of a diplomat at the time, the relationship was doomed to fail and he was forced to marry his cousin.
  After marriage, the two did not develop a relationship. King Rama X even commented contemptuously on Songsavali in front of the guards: “This woman is plain and boring! If it weren’t for pleasing the domineering mother, I would never marry her.” After Songsavali became pregnant
  , King Rama X lived and flew with actress Yuwa Tida. So that in December 1978, when his daughter Phachala was born, King Rama X was not by his side. In the second year, Yuva Tida also gave birth to a son. A mother is more expensive than a child, so King Rama X immediately asked for a divorce from Songsavali and married Yuwa Tida.
  Although this request was strongly opposed by Queen Sirikit, King Rama X has completely abandoned Songsavali in action. Historically, women who have been outcast by the Thai royal family do not end well, and often both mother and child are placed under house arrest or exile. Fortunately, Songsavali is Sirikit’s niece. Even if her marriage to King Rama X is in name only, she and her daughter can still live peacefully in the royal family.
  Although her parents are in a political marriage and have no foundation of love, Princess Pachara is unexpectedly excellent. She didn’t understand why her father didn’t come back often and didn’t visit her, thinking that she was not good enough. So, she studied hard and achieved excellent results in every subject. Because she is a top student, King Rama X noticed her existence and happily took her to fly a helicopter.
  But such a happy time is still too little, because the mistress Yuva Tida is too favored, she gave birth to four sons and a daughter in a row outside, and the four sons are all beautiful, in front of everyone with King Rama X When unveiled, it looked quite royal. After 16 years of Yuva Tida being favored by King Rama X, she and her children were finally taken back to the royal family in 1994. After that, King Rama X officially divorced Songsavali and married Yuwa Tida.
  Until that moment, Phachara probably realized that he and his mother would never see the light of day. During that time, when the media photographed Pachara, she always had dull eyes and a listless look.
  However, Phachara is the eldest princess after all, with noble blood, so she was favored by King Thai IX and Queen Sirikit. Pachara likes music, and her grandparents sent her well-known records from all over the world. In this way, Pachara heard the songs of Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin and fell in love with his songs.
  When Phachara was 18 years old, it coincided with the 70th birthday of Thai King IX. He saw that his granddaughter liked to listen to Lin Zhiying’s songs, so he invited Lin Zhiying to the Thai royal family as a singing guest. When Pachara saw Jimmy Lin on the guest list, he was very pleasantly surprised. During an interview, he said excitedly: “That feeling is amazing, I will never forget it.” And
  when Pachara saw Jimmy Lin singing with his own eyes, he was even more I can’t even move my eyes. Some people said that she had been staring at Lin Zhiying, forgetting her noble status.
  On that day, Lin Zhiying on the stage completely captured the heart of the eldest princess. Phachara didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so he sent his attendants to send a message to Lin Zhiying, confessing generously, intending to recruit him as Thailand’s son-in-law. However, although Lin Zhiying felt that the eldest princess had an elegant temperament, being a son-in-law would mean losing his freedom, this was not the life he wanted.
  After thinking about it, Jimmy Lin gracefully put his autographed record on a tray. According to the etiquette of the Thai royal family, he knelt down on one knee, held up the tray, dedicated the autographed record to Princess Pachara, and politely rejected her confession.
  The relationship ended before it even started. Pachara felt extremely lost and felt that everything was not going her way. It was once rumored that she was suffering from depression and was depressed.
  At this moment, her fate ushered in a turning point.
  Standing out in the fierce palace battle
  King Rama X has a new love again. At this time, it has only been two years since he married Yuwa Tida. The new lover’s name is Sirami, and she is more beautiful than Yuva Tida. Thai people even describe her as “beautiful as a fairy”. In order to marry Sirami, King Rama X resolutely divorced Yuwa Tida.
  This is a good opportunity to suppress Yuwatida. Queen Sirikit, who values ​​blood, has never looked down on Yuwatida’s children. Taking advantage of the fact that King Rama X was tired of Yuwa Tida, he ordered his son to kill Yuwa Tida, published the information about his “adultery” with his assistant, and sent Yuwa Tida’s nude photos to the embassy and the media, and at the same time sent them to the Internet superior.
  The abandoned Yuvatida had no chance to explain. She and her four sons were expelled from the country, leaving only her daughter, Princess Sirivan, who was not threatened with succession.
  With the great assistance of her grandma, Pachara finally cheered up, and she still has a chance to become the most valued child of her father. She began to work hard to enrich herself, learn to ride, try skydiving, and was admitted to the Law Department of Thammasat University in Thailand. Sure enough, she managed to attract the attention of Rama X again.
  Once, when King Rama X attended an event, a reporter asked him to describe his child in one sentence. When talking about the eldest princess, he showed a complacent expression and said with a smile: “I am quite satisfied with her, Father Tiger. No dog girl.”
  At Phachara’s graduation ceremony, King Rama X also turned down work to take time to attend. Pachara hasn’t smiled so much in a long time! When I was taking pictures freely, it happened that it was raining, and King Rama X took the initiative to hold an umbrella for his daughter. After the media filmed this scene, they said that King Rama X put down his royal status and became more like a loving father.
  However, Gongdou has always been tragic, and no one can sit on the Diaoyutai for a long time. Even though King Rama X, who likes to linger in flowers, had undergone a vasectomy and was infected with HIV, Sirami still tried his best to have children in order to stabilize his position. Following the advice of experts, she used the “sperm washing” technique to prevent the spread of the virus, and then successfully conceived through IVF.
  In April 2005, King Rama X’s youngest son Tibanggong was born. The mother is favored, the son is lovely, and the people once again thought that Princess Phachara was doomed to lose the trust and favor of her father. Once, when she attended a charity event, she obviously expressed helplessly: “As long as my father needs me and the royal family needs me, I am willing to serve. But you know, I am just a princess, and I cannot have extravagant expectations for power.”
  With As time passed, things happened to turn around again. After Tibanggong grew up, the little prince had obvious physical defects. For example, he couldn’t speak coherent sentences, and he would act frivolously on solemn occasions. Doctors diagnosed him as suffering from autism, physical and mental retardation, and epilepsy, and his condition was serious. Since then, he was sent to a special school in Munich, Germany for education.

  Not only that, Rama X fell in love with the stewardess Suthida when he was flying, and Sirami faced falling out of favor. At this critical moment, Sirami also made an outrageous behavior in order to please King Rama X: she was topless and danced to celebrate the birthday of King Rama X’s poodle.
  It didn’t take long for the video of Sirami’s sexy dance to go viral on the Internet, triggering Britain, Australia and other countries to criticize Thailand’s royal system. In order to settle this matter, King Rama X naturally chose to sacrifice the out-of-favor Sirami, blamed her, and publicly accused her of embarrassing the royal family.
  Sirami, who failed in the palace fight, has been under house arrest for a long time since then in a temple in central and western Thailand. While her father’s mistress was working hard in the palace battle, Princess Pachara quietly worked hard to become strong, and studied for a master’s degree and a doctorate in law at Cornell University in the United States, which made the royal family members shine and stood out in the tragic palace battle.
  King IX of Thailand saw that Princess Phachara was very motivated, and entrusted her with some royal affairs. Phachara never disappoints.
  Grandma Queen Sirikit even publicly praised and supported Pachara. She said: “Theoretically speaking, the Thai royal family must follow the Constitution when choosing an heir and designate a male heir, but in fact, the Thai king can also follow his own wishes. Amend the law. I think it is not impossible for an heiress to appear in the future.”
  At this point, the people of Thailand have understood that after Rama X, Princess Phachara is likely to inherit the throne. Even if the physically handicapped little prince Tibanggong succeeds to the throne, he can only be the king in name, with Pachara, the “regent”, in charge of the government.
  Just when everything was moving in a favorable direction, an accident happened again.
  The strongest heir accidentally “brain-dead”
  Yuva Tida’s four sons are about to “kill” and come back!
  After many years, the four brothers jointly published an open letter on the Internet, describing their situation in the United States and expressing their deep homesickness. Moreover, they have no complaints about being exiled overseas over the years, saying that they have always been loyal to the royal family and Thailand. Just miss Thailand so much and wish I could come back and be a normal citizen.
  What makes Pachara feel the crisis most is that these four younger brothers have all become elites in their respective fields without exception. The Thai people analyzed their specific situations one by one to see who is the best heir: the eldest brother has married an American wife and had children, and the Thai royal family values ​​blood, so he will definitely not be able to inherit the throne; the third brother is not interested in the throne and has publicly It is stated that he does not have any intention to play a political role; although the fourth brother is smart, he is weak and sick, and is not suitable for being a monarch. Only the second brother is likely to compete with Pachara for the throne. He is an elite lawyer, enthusiastic about public welfare and charity, and he is a man!
  Rama X is getting old, and he doesn’t want to pursue the past anymore. Besides, those four are his biological children after all. So he allowed his sons to return home.
  During those days, there were rumors about “who is the future heir” in Thailand, and when Pachara appeared in front of the camera, he also had a dignified face.
  Soon, with the death of King IX of Thailand, the only son Rama X came to the throne, and his fourth wife Sutida was naturally promoted to queen. The flamboyant King Rama X also broke the royal tradition and canonized one of his beloved mistresses, Sinina, as a noble concubine.
  After all, Pachara is a woman, and her mother is just an abandoned woman. The grandfather who loved her passed away, and her grandmother is also old. It was once rumored that Pachara fell out of favor and had no choice but to give up her ideal of being a queen.
  But then something happened that seemed to change Pachara’s mind and made her go further and further on the road to the queen. This incident is closely related to her mother, Somsavali.
  A few years ago, Songsavali’s physical condition began to deteriorate, with long-term edema all over her body. Recently, it has been getting worse and worse, almost losing the ability to act. Pachara and his mother depended on each other for life, and visited her whenever he was free. On one occasion, Somsawali’s condition was particularly serious and her life was in danger. At this critical juncture, she wanted to meet her former husband, King Rama X. Phachala immediately sent guards to invite King Rama X. But King Rama X said that he didn’t want to see the “disgusting old woman” and turned around to fly a plane with his mistress to have fun.
  Although Songsavali was rescued in the end, this incident stimulated Pachara and seemed to make her realize that only with supreme power can she get more, and her mother can be respected and valued. Besides, she’s not completely out of chance. Because although Sutida and Sinina are favored, Rama X is old, and the chances of them being pregnant and giving birth to a prince are extremely low. In addition, although the four sons of Yuva Tida were allowed to return to Thailand, Rama X never let them return to the royal family.
  Since then, Pacchara has been more engaged than ever in her work, trying to express herself.
  Due to her excellent work and extraordinary ability, she gradually became the right-hand man of King Rama X, was appointed as the Thai ambassador to Austria, and often attended international diplomatic activities on behalf of the royal family. After becoming well-known on the international political stage, she was appointed as a prosecutor and was active in Thailand’s political and legal circles. She joined the United Nations in 2017 and became a “Goodwill Ambassador for the Rule of Law in Southeast Asia”. In February 2021, Pachara was promoted again and was promoted to female general, only one step away from the throne. She had cut off her long hair, and she was full of vigor and majesty.
  In the eyes of royal family members, officials and the public, Phachala is already the strongest heir. The people have long despaired of the extravagant and romantic King Rama X, and some even suggested that King Rama X should abdicate early and that Phachala be enthroned early.
  However, the eldest princess, who has worked hard for many years, probably has no chance of sitting on the throne.
  In December 2022, a reporter from the British “Daily Mirror” who has been reporting on the news of the Thai royal family for a long time posted a heavy news on the Internet, saying that Princess Pachara was playing with a pet dog and suddenly suffered a heart attack while running with the dog. He suffered a seizure and was rushed to a nearby large hospital. After going to the hospital, the doctor performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for her for an hour without success, and her condition did not improve. She has no brain function.
  After the news came out, netizens said that the British reporter was spreading rumors. The eldest princess loves sports and has always been in good health. It is impossible for such a bad situation to suddenly appear!
  But before long, British reporters continued to report that Pachara was not as healthy as she seemed on the surface, and she had been suffering from brain aneurysms. In this activity with pet dogs, it caused massive subarachnoid hemorrhage, so the worst situation happened.
  As Pachara’s condition did not improve, she was quickly sent to a hospital in Bangkok by military helicopter for treatment. Subsequently, King Rama X rushed to the hospital overnight. Immediately afterwards, group after group of political officials prayed for the eldest princess. All this confirmed the truth of the British reporter’s report.
  Soon, a British reporter issued follow-up news, saying that Pachara had died, and the royal family was concealing it!
  Under the pressure of the media and the public, the Thai royal family finally issued a statement, but emphasized that the eldest princess is “brain dead”, not “dead”.
  But the British reporter said: “She was just kept alive artificially, and it was impossible to recover.” Because Pachara received “extracorporeal membrane oxygenation” treatment in Bangkok, which is to make people suffer when the heart and lung function cannot work normally. means of sustaining life. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation does what the heart and lungs should do, pumps blood through an extracorporeal machine, delivers oxygen to the blood, and then helps the body expel carbon dioxide.
  After the royal family’s statement and media reports came out, there were different opinions about the eldest princess. Some people say that this is caused by an accidental induction of the disease; some people say that this is because someone framed the eldest princess and does not want Thailand to welcome a queen.
  The media speculates that Pachara will be maintained by “extracorporeal membrane oxygenation” for several weeks to several months. The reason is: members of the Thai royal family passed away, there is a long period of mourning, and Pachara had an accident near New Year’s Day. Once she dies, various New Year celebrations will inevitably be canceled, seriously affecting economic growth and people’s mood. In addition, the public has long been disappointed with King Rama X and pinned their hopes on Phachala. Her sudden death has had a huge psychological impact on the public and requires a buffer period. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the support rate of the monarchy.
  For the Thai royal family, this may be the last value of Princess Pachara!

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