The Solitary Road: Finding Meaning in the Inevitability of Loneliness

If you only read one book in your life, it must be “One Hundred Years of Solitude”;

If there is only one book on the shelf, it must be “One Hundred Years of Solitude”;

The old story that may still be circulated after a thousand years must be “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

It is a pinnacle work that you find obscure and difficult to understand when you read it for the first time, and lament the impermanence of the world when you read it again, and understand the essence of life after reading it several times.

Nothing lasts forever except loneliness. If you understand these 10 sentences in the book, you will understand life.

No matter where you go, you should remember that the past is false, and memories are an endless road.

Zhang Ailing said: “Memories are always melancholy! The happy ones make people feel that it is a pity that it is over; the unpleasant ones still make me sad when I think about it.”

A person’s life is a long process, with ups and downs, gains and losses are normal.

Before reaching the finish line, we will experience many things, meet many people, feel the unexpected joy that fell from the sky, and experience the heart-wrenching wounds.

However, everything will dissipate, and in the torrent of time, nothing is eternal.

The past is certainly worth remembering, but if you can’t get out of the memory, you will end up trapping yourself in a prison.

Life is short, and only by letting go of memories and walking the path steadily will we reach the desired future.

What saddens me the most is that we waste so much time.

A magazine once conducted a questionnaire survey on the elderly over 60 years old across the country:

The theme is “What do you regret the most?” The survey results show that 92% of people regret not working hard enough when they were young and leading to nothing.

How many people’s life is like this, stuck in games when they were young, indulged in pleasure when they were young, trapped in comfort in middle age, and suddenly woke up in old age, and began to lament that time flies, and they wanted to do something, but found that it was too late.

People are always like this, always thinking that “pies will fall from the sky”, always feel that “life is still long”, always comfort themselves that “everything is the best arrangement”, and always forget that “if you want to get what others can’t get, , you have to pay what others can’t pay”, always wait until “you don’t know how to cherish it until you lose it”.

Lin Hua thanked Chunhong too hastily, but the cold rain came in the morning and the wind came later.

Time waits for no one, don’t wait until the time has passed to regret that the years are gone.

We are going on this ancient journey of life, running through the ups and downs, nirvana in the setbacks, sorrows all over the body, and pain floating all over the place.

There is a classic dialogue written by the French writer Beauvoir:

Do you really love life?

Yes, I love life.

Have you ever been in pain?

There have been a few times. But pain itself is life.

We came into this world not to enjoy, but to hone.

No one can live an easy life. Behind the glamor is the feathers brought by life. We are tired, but we cannot stop; we are suffering, but we cannot escape.

Countless falls and climbs have taught us a truth: what doesn’t kill you will eventually make you stronger.

Even if there is a gust of wind, life will never give up.

Since suffering is unavoidable, choose to accept it and let it become the “nutrient” that nourishes us. In the thrashing of pain, I walked alone, against the wind.

The secret to a happy old age is nothing more than a dignified pact with loneliness.

There is such a legendary woman in Japan who went to work at the age of 71, fell out of love at the age of 96, and won the award at the age of 100. She is still creating miracles. She is the earliest female news report photographer in Japan-Koko Sasamoto.

In her later years, she experienced the death of her lover and returned to her life alone.

But she did not just stay silent, but reconciled with loneliness, adjusted her mentality, picked up the camera again, and embarked on the road of dream-seeking with the original heart of loving photography.

In this world, everyone is an isolated island, and all the joys and sorrows need to be experienced by one person, especially in old age, when the wife leaves and the children leave, the sense of loneliness becomes more and more obvious.

Even so, life still has to go on, and loneliness is inevitable, but we can learn to reconcile with it, enjoy loneliness, and enjoy the joy of being alone, so that we can live happily in the second half of life.

You hate those people so much, fight them for so long, and end up becoming like them.

In “The Simpsons”, there is this line: “If you are too competitive, you will never be happy.”

Life is a collection of all kinds of trivial matters. It is inevitable to have friction with others in the process. If you have to fight at this time, it will not only hurt the peace of both parties, but also escalate the battle during the quarrel, resulting in Can’t close.

Life is not a debate contest, there is no need to win or lose, why waste time for those unworthy people and things, if you get entangled too much, it will inevitably affect yourself and become the same person as them.

When you stare at the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you. No one wants to see the dragon-slaying boy turn into a dragon. Nothing in the world is worth such a sinking as the price.

The lies were told more and more sincerely, until at last even she found comfort in them.

Sometimes the purpose of people lying is not to deceive others, but to convince themselves.

Tell yourself when your grades are not good: “I just don’t want to study, otherwise I will definitely do better than them”;

When the job is not going well, comfort yourself: “I just didn’t look for it well, otherwise there will be a lot of jobs for me to choose”;

Admonish yourself when there is a conflict in marriage: “I am so good, but he is blind.”

The biggest lie in the world is to deceive yourself, and the deepest stupidity is to believe in these lies, rationalize your own faults, and attribute all unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory things to external factors.

But as the German poet Heine said: “It is impossible for life to bloom brilliant flowers from lies.”

A lie told a thousand times is just a lie, and it is impossible to change from fantasy to reality.

What is false is always false. When the lies are exposed and the truth is revealed, what should we do?

Even if you think your feelings are too dry to give, there will always be a moment and something that can touch the strings deep in your heart.

The world of adults is full of helplessness in life. The pressure of work and the burden of family make people breathless. They feel that they have lost the ability to perceive emotions, like a pool of stagnant water, calm and calm.

But life is long, and there are always certain moments, just like a stone accidentally dropped into the water, which inadvertently touches your heartstrings.

Recovery from a serious illness; reunion after a long absence; lost and found again; false alarm; heartbeat; unexpected encounter; arrival as promised; future can be expected…

Love and loneliness are like two sides of life, light and dark intertwined and accompanied by each other.

There are always some people and things that are worthy of your dedication, your nostalgia, and your rushing to it under the rising sun and under the stars all over the sky.

All the brilliance that has ever existed in life needs to be repaid by loneliness after all.

Life will not always be dark, but it will not always be bright, no one can be at the top for a lifetime.

Just like climbing a mountain, no matter how hard you have experienced and how hard you have climbed, when you reach the top and feel the brilliance of life, you will eventually go down.

After a short period of splendor, it returns to loneliness again.

Life has never existed independently of loneliness. Whether we are born, grow up, love each other, succeed or fail, until the end, loneliness exists in the corner of life like a shadow.

A big part of growing up is acceptance, accepting the impermanence of the world, accepting loneliness and setbacks, accepting the end of the flower, accepting the passing time.

Even so, you still have to be full of hope. Although you walk with loneliness, there is joy in life.

The writer Tian Wei once wrote in “Flower Field Half Acre”:

“Regret is common, loneliness is common, born to taste bitterness, born to see all the changes.”

Loneliness is the fate of man, neither love nor friendship can eradicate it.

Loneliness is also a human practice, it is the best time to talk to yourself.

Learning to be alone and enjoying loneliness is the only way for a person to mature.

When you understand loneliness, you also understand life.