The Secret to Growing Big, Plump Sunflowers

My friend and I have a secret garden, which is an ancient residential village in the suburbs. The ecology is excellent there, with large sunflowers planted, people can watch the sea of ​​flowers in summer and pick fruits in autumn. Not only do we like this place, but there is also a company that is very optimistic about it, investing a lot of money to build it into a rural cultural tourism park.

From spring to autumn, my friends and I have been witnessing the growth of sunflowers: in May, we saw the sunflowers scrambling to grow up; in June, we saw sunflowers blooming all over the ground, presenting a magnificent yellow sea of ​​flowers; 8 In October, sunflowers began to bear sunflower seeds; in October, the rural cultural tourism garden opened as scheduled, but we only picked sunflower plates with shriveled fruits in the big rural picking activities.

This makes me very puzzled. There is plenty of sunshine, good air, and good soil quality here, which fully meet the conditions for the growth of sunflowers, but why do sunflower plates with shriveled melon seeds grow? Is there any secret hidden in the growth of sunflowers?

It turns out that after the sunflower is planted, there is not enough light. After watering and fertilizing, there is no need to worry about it, waiting for it to bloom and bear fruit. If you want it to grow well, the flower disc will be big and the melon seeds will be full. There is a very critical link – when the sunflower grows to have 3 to 5 true leaves and is about 50 to 60 cm high, it must be transplanted. Keep the distance between each seedling plant, and do not plant too densely.

When sunflowers grow vigorously and need to absorb a lot of nutrients, you don’t leave enough distance, let the sunflowers squeeze together next to each other, they will grab nutrients from each other, the leaves block each other’s light, and the pollination is uneven, just like several people If you grab something, the resources will definitely be uneven. Some people get more, and some people get less.

When the sunflowers grow out of the sunflower fruit bowl, the dense distance makes the growth space of the fruit bowl limited and cannot be stretched. With limited growth space and uneven pollination, how can we produce plump melon seeds? This company just ignores the growth law of sunflowers and pursues the seemingly dense “harvest” effect, thinking that the more and denser the sunflowers are planted, the more fruits will be produced, and the yield will be greater, but the result is regrettable.

Keep enough distance and space, this is the survival law of Sunflower, and it is also the law of our self-development and life.

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