The Search for the Best Agarwood

What is the best agarwood? It’s the answer he’s been seeking for decades.
  From the first contact with agarwood, he was out of control and obsessed with the enjoyment of this sense of smell. The first piece of agarwood was the eagle wood incense from Sumatra, Indonesia. It has a beautiful color, strong fragrance, unrestrained and unrestrained. He is very happy when he meets a friend, he must be excited to introduce him, and he is happy to buy a good incense for himself. At home or on the road, whenever he has free time, he will take out agarwood to enjoy it and experience the good fortune of the world.
  One day, I came into contact with a senior player, and after talking with him, I found out that agarwood is produced in different places and has different fragrances, such as honey, fruit, and medicine. The Sumatra agarwood in his hand is only a third-tier production area, not the best. Good incense, a few words planted seeds in his heart, he began to study and research, and after half a year, he finally distinguished the origin and fragrance of agarwood, so far, he began to look for different fragrances everywhere.
  The medicinal fragrance of Ambon Island, the frankincense of Ma Nilao, the milky fragrance of Brunei, and the floral fragrance of Malaysia have gone through all kinds of twists and turns, and found them one by one. In the following time, he will not miss Vietnam, a first-tier production area. From Nha Trang to Hue, and then to Phu Sen red soil, he finally realized what the taste of melon and honey is. The sweetness was like sugar water, and the beauty of the coolness in his throat made him feel that the agarwood he came into contact with earlier was not called agarwood at all. Slowly, he was destined to come into contact with the Cambodian Bodhisattva Shen, who he thought was the king of agarwood. Everyone in the circle knows that he is crazy. A collector took out wild Hainan agarwood from his family to taste with him. He was shocked and lamented that he only understood what incense is today.
  After several years and countless expenses, he has no regrets, just to obtain top-grade agarwood.
  Another friend said that even if it is agarwood from the same production area, because of the different years, the oil formation is different. I began to search around and spent countless sums of money until I saw Qinan agarwood, and then I realized the graceful charm of top-grade agarwood.
  Finally, he smelled all kinds of agarwood in the world, and there was no agarwood to be found in the world. He suddenly felt that his life was empty. He had been used to savoring incense at night for many years. Exercise.
  There is a breeze in the park, the grass exudes the smell of dew, the sun is fresh and natural, the nose is used to smelling the agarwood, and suddenly I feel that the air is very comfortable. In an instant, I finally understand that there is desire in the heart, it is not clean, how can it be fragrant? If the heart is fragrant, the world will be fragrant, and this natural taste is the top-grade fragrance.

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